Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on ManuElla (Slovenia)

ManuEllaSlovenia – After the success of Maraaya last year, Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO again decided to let the public decide on their representative. The public chose ManuElla who will be performing her song “Blue & Red” in semi final two. Slovenia have qualified the past two years, can ManuElla do the same?

Song: “Blue & Red
Music By: Manuella Brechko, Marjan Hvala
Lyrics By: Leon Oblak

About ManuElla:
Twenty Seven year old Manuela Brečko was born in Celje, Slovenia. She has been playing music from as young as six when she started learning to play the accordion of all things. She can also play the guitar and did so when she played in a band when she was thirteen years old. The band disbanded when ManuElla turned sixteen after the members decided to part ways due to musical differences.
ManuElla went to University graduating when she was 22 years old becoming a music producer afterwards. In 2012 she was invited to take part in the TV Show Misija Evrovizija which was the platform to help chose Slovenia’s Eurovison Singer. She made it up to the fifth Semi Final 5. Eva Boto would go onto win and represent Slovenia with “Verjamem”.


ManuElla won EMA 2016 beating off competition from nine other acts including runner up Raiven who she competed against in the shows Super Final. She won with her song “Blue & Red” and will be performing her song with an acrobat on stage with her. She will be performing 11th in semi final two but things are not looking good with the bookies. Oddschecker has her with odds of winning at 1000/1

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)


Blue and red
Like I’m watching you and me
Every little thing you’ve said
Led me to fall in love with you

Then you tried to fix me and I wasn’t strong
But you are not a composer, I am not your song
Strange chords, different worlds

How can I mix red and blue together
Beautiful days and stormy weather


‘Cause blue is blue and red is red
Our past is spinning in my head
But now the colour doesn’t matter
You feel blue and I am better

Now I’m changed
Now I’m stronger than before
Ain’t never touching me no more
I’m okay, I’ll find my way

How can I mix red and blue together
Beautiful days and stormy weather


‘Cause blue is blue and red is red
Our past is spinning in my head
But now the colour doesn’t matter
You feel blue and I am better

Blue is blue and red is red
Now the colour doesn’t matter


ManuElla on Social Media:
Facebook: ManuElla
Website: http://www.manuella.eu

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10 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on ManuElla (Slovenia)

  1. A fine, harmless melody, that goes unnoticed constantly in the esc universe this year. Very underrated.

  2. Harmless indeed, perhaps a bit too much. ManuElla is a competent live singer.

  3. Boring song, boring singer, very old fashion esc performance, all pointless really

  4. This is the personification of lameness.

  5. Not a particularly interesting song, but there is nothing “wrong” musically. Just a bit anonymous.

    In the national final she looked a bit like Taylor Swift.

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