Romania: Hotel FM – Change

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appearances: 12

Debut: 1994

Best result: 3 (2005,2010)

Worst result: 22 (1998)


Best voting buddy: Spain

2011 Entry:Hotel FM – Change

Semi-final: Will be drawn for one of the semis.


Webmaster rating

User rating:


The Artist:

Hotel FM is a Romanian pop band formed in 2005. Their lead singer David Bryan was born in Newton Aycliffe in the United Kingdom. He came to Romania on a charity mission to rebuilt an orphanage. He fell in love with the country and decided to stay. His vocal abilities were soon discovered in an ordinary karaoke night and in 2008 he became part of the band. Hotel FM had already participated in the national final 2010 and came 4th with their song “Come as one”. This year 13 songs competed for the right to represent Romania. The final outcome was decided by 50% of a juryvote and 50% of a televote. Part of the jury were Eurovision winners Johnny Logan and Niamh Kavanagh as well as 3-time Maltese participant Chiara. Although Hotel FM only came second in the televote, the jury favoured them and thus they won the competition.

Official website


The Song:

‘Change’ was written by Gabriel Băruţă (composer,lyrics) and Alexandra Ivan (lyrics)


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6 thoughts on “Romania: Hotel FM – Change

  1. Really like this – compared to most of the others, it’s got an instant hook, it’s lively, it’s got a chorus that implants itself in your brain…

    And apart from the annoying warbling at the end, it’s my fav so far!

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