ESC 2012

Under construction!


More information on the host country, city, the venue and more coming soon!

26 thoughts on “ESC 2012

  1. Lys Assia in E.S.C. 2012 ?
    If Luxembourg had sent 2 of their own jury member to the 1956 contest and not asked Switzerland to provide 2 jury members on their behalf do people think Lys Assia would have been the first winner of the contest in 1956?

  2. 11111111111..11111111111111111….1111111111111111…..11111111111111111111111.

  3. Rona Nishliu ( ALBANIA & KOSOVO ) have the best song for this year .
    But …… All other singer ( countries ) will have votes from their neighbors ( German – France , Rusi – Ucraina ect ) .
    Pls think , be realistic , WHO WILL VOTE FOR RONA ( ALBANIA – KOSOVO ) ?
    ( greece ? serbia ? macedonia ? montenegro ? )

  4. Deffinitly Rona Nishliu with Suus has the best song in Eurovision . She is not going to win it because of the politic but that song rocks !

  5. It’s great that Sweden won,a great song and performance on the night. Sad that Spain and Italy did’nt come 2nd and 3rd and horror that Russia came 2nd and bigger horror that Serbia came 3rd but cheered Russia for taking 2nd from Serbia.
    When the BBC(UK) picked ” The Hump ” to sing for the UK I said that this was a publicity stunt that would go wrong and I was right.
    The final was ok but the presenters were terrible and I think 3 hosts are too much.The interval act would have been ok if it were not for the so called singer related to the president.
    E.S.C. 2013 in Sweden is great news and next years presenters have got to be better that the 3 muppets we had this year.
    BBC (UK) learn fron Sweden/Spain/Italy and a few other countries and get a more modern approach to the contest.In the UK we did not have a choice on who would sing for us but selecting a singer internally is ok but when this is done at least let us select the song. Belgium internally selected a singer but did give it’s public the chance to pick the song even if it was only between 2 songs but they at least had a vote on the song but in the UK we did’nt get that chance.

  6. Ato shtete te cilat e shohin qe nje shtet ka nje kengetare superiore dhe nuk i ja japin vendin e par kjo esht tmerr spese Rona Nishliu vertet e ka merituar mirpo prap se prap kjo nuk mvaret prejt ne po prej shteteve qe i ja kan zili shtetit shqiptar te gjitha shtetet sllave jan te njejta asnjera nuk e don shtetin ton po nuk e di pse rusia perfundoj ne vendin e dyt nuk e di pse serbia perfundoj ne vendin e 3-t ku rona nishliu shum shum perfomanc ma te bukur ka ber se keto dy shtetet slllave.

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