Georgia: Eldrine – One More Day

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appearances: 3

Debut: 2007

Worst result: 12. (2007)

Best result: 9. (2010)

Best voting buddy: Greece

2011 Entry: Lucía Pérez – Que me quiten lo bailao

Semi-final: As a Big 5 country Spain is directly qualified for the final on May 14.

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The Artist:

Eldrine is a Georgian rock band. Eldrine consists of six musicians: Tamar Vadachkoria (vocals), Mikheil Chelidze, Irakli Bibilashvili, David Changoshvili, Tamar Shekiladze and Beso Tsikhelashvili. The band’s official website tells an obscure story about how the band and the lead singer came together. The band was looking for a singer and discovered Tamar, but she did not want to be part of the band. One day she  lost her memory and then the band members deceived her, telling her day in and day out that she was a member of the band. When she discovered this deceit, once her memory was restored, she wanted to leave the band, but when she discovered that the band had realized many of her dreams she decided to stay and now she enters a different world each time she performs.. (errhm yeah) On March 1, the management of the band had announced that Tako Vadachkoria, who was the band’s lead singer at the Georgian national final, would no longer be the most recognizable face of the band as she would be replaced by Sopho Toroshelidze. Sopho had been one of the backing singers in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest for  Sophia Nizharadze. She has also participated in the casting show “Star Academy”. She graduated from the Ivane Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire and is said to have a brilliant voice.

The Song:

One more day

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8 thoughts on “Georgia: Eldrine – One More Day

  1. When I heard the recorded version of this, it sounded like a potential winner but now I’ve heard a live version, I definitely feel it’ll go out at the semi if they sing like that!

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