Opinions: Your Eurovision 2011

My Take On Eurovision 2011 – On this page of “The Eurovision Times” you can read the assessments of the 2011 Eurovision entries by our contributors and readers. If you want your own opinion about the songs to appear here, just send them to eurovisiontimes@live.com A big thank you goes to everyone who has already submitted an article:

By Paschalis from Greece

Once again, like every March, esc-fans are busy trying to predict the winner, reading all kind of news in eurovision related websites and voting in polls most of the time. What a jolly period! :)
A first overall view of the year is that it’s a bit inferior compared to 2010 (in my opinion always) but still better than other bad years like 2008 and 2009. Once again, we have everything this year: ballads, pop, dance, schlager, rock, opera, african, even some rap. What makes this year so special is that it’s hard to predict the winner, since there aren’t obvious early favorites like Greece 2005, Serbia 2007, Russia 2008, Norway 2009, Germany 2010…

The favorites

Let’s take a look at the fan favorites this year. According to most polls, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and UK seem to lead in fans’ preferences. But would any of those songs be a winner this year? My opinion is that France really has no chances to win (we had operatic songs in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 already and none of them even made the top 10) Hungary seems a nice dance song, but will it convince people and juries performed live? Or will it be a total mess like Finland 2009? Germany is very different to the winner “Satellite” of 2010, but will people eagerly vote for Lena again for a second year in a row? Sweden already seems like a favorite to win the televoting. A young, cute singer is likely to appeal to teenage girls (and boys too) as well as older people. With an instantly catchy chorus and a memorable beat (Boney M – Nightflight to Venus?) it’s likely to gather lots of points from all around Europe. I only wonder if he is able to deliver this live so that the juries are also convinced. Still, a top 5 result is guaranteed I think. UK now seems to have everything to win the jury vote. A very radio friendly song, a known band, another catchy chorus… So could UK win again for the first time after 1997? And as for Estonia… it really doesn’t convince me and I don’t see the big deal about it this year. I think it’s just an ok pop song, nothing special at all. But then again Iceland 2009 was nothing special either and managed to finish second.

The dark horses

Some other songs to watch out for are Azerbaijan, Denmark, Norway and Russia. Azerbaijan may not be a winner, but a top 10 result is guaranteed. Denmark sounds like a modern peace anthem with easy lyrics for everyone in Europe to understand, so it can earn lots of points just by this. Norway is something “original” to the contest and considering the popularity of african tunes lately I can also see points for it. Russia is in my opinion the worst song they’ve ever sent. It sounds like an entry for JESC, but come on, it’s Russia and the song is so awfully mainstream that it will gather some points from non-neighbors too.

The ones who will crash
Like every year, there are fan favorite songs that crash and burn in the contest. (see Hungary and Iceland 2005, Belgium 2006, Cyprus 2007, Sweden and Switzerland 2008, Spain and Finland 2009, Croatia and Slovakia 2010). So who will it be this year? I would bet on Hungary, Poland and even France. Don’t ask me why, I just have a feeling it will be this way, since I don’t think this kind of music goes anywhere.

The surprises
And of course there are the surprises every year, songs no one thought would do well, yet they did. Examples are Latvia 2005, Lithuania and Ukraine 2006, Hungary 2007, Azerbaijan and Bosnia 2008, Armenia 2009, Georgia and Ukraine 2010) Considering the juries have returned to the contest, at least 2 songs should do the surprise this year. My bets for 2011 are Georgia and Switzerland.

So it’s hard to predict a winner, who will do well, who will crash… or isn’t it? One thing’s for sure, ESC2011 will be a year full of surprises and it will be very exciting to watch the envelopes open and the points during the final night!

By ChocolateGun from Romania

“So, this year we’ve got 43 countries fighting for the big prize. I thought of creating a few categories and divide all the songs into them so maybe I can see which one of the songs really stand a chance.
Firstly, I decided to make a category for the ballads of the year. There are not so many, but still enough to make a decent contest: Austria, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Finland, France, Lithuania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine. From all these songs, I think France and Azerbaijan have the biggest chances. Why? France is impressive, they sent a memorable song which is really a contender, you can’t rule it out. It’s too good and Amaury’s voice is amazing. And Azerbaijan sent a memorable pop ballad, with cheesy lyrics and a nice rhythm so they’re definitely making it to the final. Plus, they’re Azerbaijan, they’re in the first semi which isn’t as hard as the second one and they are performing 18th. I don’t see any better recipe for getting a spot in the big final. In rest, San Marino have a nice song and Cyprus is good as well, but they’re not memorable and I’m afraid they will get lost among all those pop songs.
Talking about the pop song, here is the next category. It includes almost all the songs from this year. Here are the countries who sent pop songs: Armenia, Croatia, Estonia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK.
Knowing that Poland and Norway are performing one after another, I’m afraid they will somehow cancel each other. I still think they have chances for the final, but not very high, I’m afraid. And the best one of these will clearly stand out and gather more votes. Also, Russia doesn’t need to worry about qualifying: even if their song isn’t very good, they are RUSSIA and they can send anyone (see Russia 2010) and get a good place in the end, maybe in the top 10. If Russia is going to get many points just for being Russia, UK will get points because of the huge popularity of those guys. Even Lena will vote for them and that says something. Plus, their entry is very nice, they sing very well and I’m considering Cardiff 2012 as a huge possibility. From all these pop songs, the ‘catchiest’ is Sweden. Even if the lyrics are not that great(“I will be popular….my body wants you girl”… oh really?!), the song is memorable, instant and it has a great spot in the semi so I think it’s a qualifier. In the same semi there is Estonia, another good pop act and with the great draw, Estonia will sure make it to the final. Also, Ireland has a good draw and I think there are crazy girls out there to vote for them. Who knows, if their show is impressive, they might sail into the final with no problems.
The next category contains ‘rock’ songs and a few rap. These songs come from these countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Denmark, The Netherlands, Turkey. All these songs are at least a little bit good, I think all of these(except Bulgaria) will go into the final. Turkey and Georgia have the friendly neighbors, Greece ALWAYS makes it to the final, also Denmark…and the Ned have a good song this year so why not?
Next category contains nice songs which tend to be a little bit of ‘evergreens’ in my opinion. Like, songs you will remember even a few years after the ESC. These songs are from Belgium(a capella), Bosnia, Iceland, Italy, Serbia, Switzerland. Clearly, the best one out of these is Bosnia, with Dino Merlin. The guy is great on stage, the song creates a gorgeous atmosphere and I wanna sing along…what could be better? I am considering a Sarajevo 2012, lol. Also, Serbia has a good song this year, Nina is a great singer. Italy is nice too, but performing right after the impressive French entry might destroy their chances.
And the last category contains the ‘original’ songs of the year. I mean, songs you don’t hear day by day….These songs come from Albania, Belarus(I’ve never seen a song which goes “I love Belarus I love Belarus I love Belarus”), Germany, Moldova(are they singing or shouting?), Portugal. From all these, Germany clearly stands out: Lena is good on stage, her singing is not weak and she has a great song. I think this is a contender and with a lot of luck we might see a Berlin 2012. Also, seems like Portugal have a lot of fans, but the song isn’t that good and I don’t even think they deserve to be in the final with so many other good songs around theirs. Albania is really weird, but if she’s cool on stage she might qualify. Moldova and Belarus are contenders for the last place in the semi, lol. ”

I hope you guys didn’t get bored with my looong comment. I do not mean to offend anyone with this, I’m just showing my opinions on this amazing contest. With that being said, I cannot wait for the contest in May because right now I do not have a clear winner myself so I’m very curious.

More articles to be added!

36 thoughts on “Opinions: Your Eurovision 2011

    • Oooo, angry person here. I suggest you leave your nasty vocabulary home when visiting because I don’t remember anybody insulting you. Anyway, if you are unrespectful, that doesn’t mean I’m uneducated too, lol. So, I won’t answer your unpolite words because it’s meaningless. And I don’t know why are you talking about my country’s entry when I didn’t even talk about it. Romania isn’t very good either, it’s just average and I don’t think it stands a chance in ESC. But people loooove talking even without knowing what’s the subject about, lol.
      Why Bulgaria shouldn’t qualify? Because it’s not enough for ESC final, lol. She is not memorable on stage, the song is complicated, it will only qualify with a lot of luck and jury help, otherwise I can’t see it doing well.

  1. I enjoyed reading your comment, CG. :) You show you know what you are talking about and I can see why you wrote the things that you have written. Thanks.

  2. For the most part, I agree with you. Not sure about Bulgaria, but everything else you say makes sense.
    What annoys me is that for Moldova, Z&Z were chosen just because they’d won previously for Moldova, and not because their song was any good… If Pasha had won, we might have seen Chisinau hosting in 2012!
    Not sure I like Germany, though… I’m a native English speaker and don’t understand what she’s singing about :P
    Poor Belarus XD

    • Nice one too, Paschalis. (there is some confusion with the empty ‘favourites’ category and in the ‘dark horses’ category though. And where is Bosnia?)

      “and it will be very exciting to watch the envelopes open and the points during the final night!”

      Let’s hope so. It’s been a while. The last time we had a close voting was in 2003 and 2004!

      • there has been some mistake here. normally it should have been

        The favorites:
        Let’s take a look at the fan favorites this year… But then again Iceland 2009 was nothing special either and managed to finish second.

        But it has been put in the dark horses by mistake here.

  3. Another interesting take on ESC 11, Paschalis. Personally, I think that France and the UK will be duking it out, but I am probably wrong. Anyway, I am bracing myself for the success of terrible entries such as Sweden and Russia 11. I do hope that the juries will see through all the glitter.

  4. @ Paschalis

    I think you’re seriously underestimating the impact the french entry is likely to have.

    This is hardly opera, it mostly resembles sth taken out of “Les Misérables”. It has an epic and heroic feel to it that makes it immediately stand out and take away the audience with it. This has nothing to do with previous attempts at “pop opera” which I should remind you, were mostly performed by women. Besides, Lordi won with a hard-rock entry in 2006, when Norway with a different song from the same genre only came 9th in 2005!

    I admit I was a little cautious whan I first listened to “Sognu”. However the reaction of people who are not die-hard eurofans to the song has convinced me otherwise. They immediately take note and warm to the song, and I think they are the best gauge of the final result.

    And even though I initally thought it would be a walk in the park for Sweden this year, my prediction at this point is that it will likely be a battle between France and Sweden. In any case I think this will be a “male” year.

  5. Thanks to ChokolateGun and Paschalis i enjoyed reading your thoughts for the esc
    I personale think denmark is underrated this year but let us see but with the draw 18 in 2.nd semi right before jedwards then hopefully they will blow jedwards back to ireland! And get the final :D
    But what i think is sad is that it looks like people like the swedish song o_O the cathcy song with awful awful awful lyrics and in very bad english
    Cant see why people like it that much for me its really nothing special
    Its okay cause og the lyrics its just okay but looks like europe dont care about lyric anyway im looking forward to the shows (:

    • theres some amount of rubbish in the esc this year and its the songs that didnt once appeal to me that are favourites.. hopefully on the night everything changes

  6. 1= Aut, 2= Hun, 3=Azerb, 4= Smr, 5= Den, 6= Spa, 7= Uk, 8= Swz, 9=Ger, 10 =Fra.
    Bottom 3= 41=Mace, 42=Gre, Last = Port.
    Big favs
    Swe (36) Bos-H (28 ) Ita ( 30 )
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  7. every year i listen to each song more than once, it surprises me which songs have been made favourites,, Are these songs just favourites because they have there neighbours voting? For example i listened to azerbaijan and sweden, i was bored within a minute,, 3 songs ive not got bored of and truely love are serbia,switzerland, and netherlands,,, come on people dont vote for your neighbour,or the best lookin, vote for the song you love

  8. I think the hungarian song is the winner. It is a great song, a big hit, beautiful voice. Not even a question it is the best song of the competition. Plus everyone is singing it already in the world…People will remember this song even 20 years.

  9. We, here in Hungary have a clear oppinion about what in Dusseldorf happened last week.
    Yes . The azeri song was not bad. But! I would be really very curios about the winner if there are no post-soviet countries!
    If you check last 10 years when these countries (Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belorus, Azer, etc.), tey are voting only for each other. Why? It is easy, during the soviest resim in these territories the population has mixed as much as they could . So in every country there are huge number of minorities, and of course they vote for homeland!!! I think it is still a shame that they don’t care how good a song is, they only see where this song comes from. Why is that there are always some “favourite” song before the festival and they never win!!! Think about it. This is the same way with balkan countries as well. Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia are always voting for each other. Is there any solution???

    • But then the problem is what if they really like the song from the neighboring country the best, just for the song. You’ve forbidden them from voting for their favorite. It also places far more restrictions on certain countries that are surrounded by more countries than it does those that have few neighbors.
      The system never would work.

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