Malta: Glen Vella – One life

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appearances: 23

Debut: 1971

Best result: 2. (2002,2005)

Worst result: Last (1971,1972,2006)

Best voting buddy: Ireland,UK


2011 Entry: Glen Vella – One life

Semi-final: Will perform in the first second semi-final

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The Artist:

Glen Vella is a Maltese singer.




The Video:

This is his performance in the Maltese national final:


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5 thoughts on “Malta: Glen Vella – One life

  1. I still like the song. It’s still in my top 5.
    Maybe that means I have bad taste, but successive listenings have not changed my opinion on his song.

    On the up-side:
    He’s a good singer, and while some people are complaining about the accent, it seems unwarranted. I can easily understand everything he is saying, and I think the small bit of accent that comes through in his song is charming.

    On the down-side:
    It’s old-fashioned pop. It probably will be quickly forgotten after ESC 2011 by those that don’t keep it on playlists. The song does not develop, and if you like it in the beginning, you’ll still like it at the end. If you dislike the beginning, you’ll dislike it in the end.

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