Belgium: Witloof Bay – With Love Baby

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Eurovision wins: (1986)

Number of appearances: 56

Debut: 1956

Worst result: Last (1961,1962,1965,1973,1979,1985, 1993,2000)

Best voting buddy: Netherlands


2011 Entry: Witloof Bay – With Love Baby

Semi-final: Will be drawn for one of the semis.


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The Artist:

Witloof Bay is a Belgian a capella group. The six singers and musicians decided to start a new musical project in 2005. As they love jazz and pop a capella music, their style is centered around these musical genres. Their repertoire mostly consists of cover versions of popular franco- and anglophone hits. In 2008 they released their first album. The band consists of members from all parts of Belgium and thus represent a unified country.



The Video:

This is their reprise in the Belgian final:


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One thought on “Belgium: Witloof Bay – With Love Baby

  1. I do like this one but…

    (a) the women’s voices spoil it


    (b) acapella-style do not go down well at Eurovision

    Not getting out of the Semi I’m afraid…

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