Sweden: Eric Saade – Popular

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Eurovision wins: 4 (1974,1984,1991,1999)

Number of appearances: 50

Debut: 1958

Worst result: LAST (1963, 1977)

Best voting buddy: Norway


2011 Entry: Eric Saade – Popular

Semi-final: Sweden will compete in the second semi-final on May 12.

Webmaster rating

“A boring, uninspired pop song. He’s very handsome and the dance moves are impressive, but the lyrics of this song are just too stupid to be overheard. Sorry Sweden, you will probably qualify and do well, but I don’t like it at all”

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The Artist:

Eric Saade (20) is a popular Swedish musician. Last year he competed in Melodifestivalen with his song “Manboy” and came second to Anna Bergendhal. Saade grew up in Kattarp outside Helsingborg to a Lebanese father and Swedish mother. Football had been Saade’s number one interest up until he signed his first music contract at 15, which resulted in one album and three singles. None of them charted. He also came to prominence after his win on the Swedish music contest Joker

The Song:

Popular, written by Frederik Kempe

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11 thoughts on “Sweden: Eric Saade – Popular

  1. thumbs up for the webmaster
    bad bad baaaaad song he cant sing english ánd the lyric is awful
    maybe sweden wil be in the final but not a top-runner … i hope
    sorry but no vote from me in denmark

    • well, i know the lyric suck , but other song that he sing is so much better , and he is ssooooooo cuuuuuuteeeeeeeeee

  2. Not the best Swedish entry ever but it’s not that bad…

    It’s not that good either but it’ll be in the final.

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