Cyprus: Christos Mylordou – San Aggelos S’Agapisa

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appereances: 28

Best result: 5. (1982, 1997, 2004)

Worst result: Last (1986)

Best voting buddy: Greece


2011 Entry: Christos MylordouSan Aggelos S’Agapisa

Semi-final: will be drawn for one of the semi-finals

Webmaster assessment: ???

User assessment: Vote in the poll below!


The Artist

Christos Mylordou who had previously won the casting show “Performance” and thus the right to represent Cyprus in Düsseldorf has recorded the song “San Aggelos S’Agapisa” which was chosen out of 20 submissions to be the Cypriot entry in 2011.



The Song


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7 thoughts on “Cyprus: Christos Mylordou – San Aggelos S’Agapisa

  1. Okay but it’s not very memorable and will get swamped by other entries in its Semi. I think it’s unlikely that we’ll be hearing it more than once…

  2. I love this song very much !! It’s so beautiful !! I will vote for it and I hope it will go to the final !! Good Luck Cyprus !!

  3. Hi. I am from Bulgaria and as person from there I was watchin the ESC last night to see if our song will go to the final, she didnt so nvrm ! I want to write about the Cyprus song by Christos Mylordou… So I was watching Eurovision last night to hear the songs and vote for some of it, and in one moment I was suprised or actualy I was shocked when the Cyprus song starts (hear this song from 13th second and you will find out why ). I tried to connect with someone from ESC team but I didn’t find the right way I thing ! Its true that I am not proffesional composer or song writer but the song from the link is created on March 16 and posted on SoundCloud on March 29, 2010…More than year before the contest and Yes by me ! Tell me if you find something between the 2 songs and tell me what to do if you do! I like that guy and his performance was nice, but who was the one who composed already existing song !?! I don’t look for fame or someone to like my songs, but I just cant stay and do nothing. This contest is for new and creative sound, not for old covers ! Still nice one Christos, I enjoyed your performance !

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