BoNF 2015


Best of National Finals 2015

2015′s edition is the eleventh BoNF, a contest that survived 10 editions between 2005 and 2015! A very simple and stylish logo without the usual “BoNF 2015” on it was chosen. The contest is being held during the spring of 2015, between March and April, as explained in the rules here. It’s the last to date but definitely not going to be the last ever as I have, since 2013, become a full administrator on ET helping me make BoNF more noticed. For the 2013 edition, a few of my closed friends on ET got to follow each step of the way, even helping me select the original top 30 songs; it was repeated in 2014 and exploded bigger than ever in 2015, so a big thanks to Dennis, Ivan, Niclas, Nick, Marc, Luke, Patrick! And also a big thanks to my usual ET friends who have been commenting the songs along the year with me, and disagreed a lot with me, Toggie, Shevek, Oxi, Lynn, Jade, Anders…

2015 is the second time after last year’s edition for which I write this before the contest is over. I can’t yet discuss results or patterns, but what striked me most was the huge number of alternative and electro songs this year, in the middle of the many ballads actually picked for the contest. Sadly, the contest is getting less countries in this year, even if Azerbaijan secures its presence for the second year in a row. The Nordic and Baltic countries have secured most positions, while the Balkan countries, with fewer actually participating in the contest (contest darling Bosnia & Herzegovina, two times winner, isn’t participating for the third year in a row, also missing are Croatia, Bulgaria or Turkey). Likewise, Italy’s internally chosen song misses for the first time since the country’s return in 2011 after making it to the actual BoNF final for 4 years in a row. Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Germany confirm their excellencies while Finland dropped back to its worst UMK edition ever, and probably one of the worst Finnish NF ever as well (Euroviisut was a strong arena for BoNF after all). Latvia and even Lithuania have been better than they’ve been in a long time! As usual, there were a few songs I hesitated with, so sorry to Siru (Finland), Regína Ósk (Iceland), Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden), Karl-Erik Taukar (Estonia), Fahrenhaidt (Germany) and Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila (Lithuania) who were just outside my top 30.

I continued to work harder on getting a good logo, personalized pics for the finalists and for the third time I will try posting all individual videos of the finalists on youtube (Germany now being an almost certain country in the final makes it hard since they’re extremely protective of their online material). 40 countries will take part in the 2015 Eurovisiong Song Contest. 26 of them used some sort of national finals (just like last year) in which 377 songs  were performed, which is 31 more than last year but still far from the late naughties figures, with a peak at 650 songs in 2009. I wrote down a list of 75 songs I liked and then came up with this top 30:

Albania | Enver Petrovci, Të vranë bukuri
Austria | The Makemakes, Big bang
Austria | Zoë, Quel filou
Azerbaijan | Elnur Huseynov, Hour of the wolf
Belgium | Loic Nottet, Rhythm inside
Denmark | Cecilie Alexandra, Hotel A
Estonia | Elephants From Neptune, Unriddle me
Estonia | Elina Born & Stig Rästa, Goodbye to yesterday
Estonia | Kali Briis Band, Idiot
Estonia | Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers, Troubles
Finland | Järjestyshäiriö, Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla
Germany | Laing, Zeig deine muskeln
Germany | Laing, Wechselt die beleuchtung
Germany | Ann Sophie, Jump the gun
Hungary | Passed, Mesmerize
Hungary | Balázs Farkas-Jenser, Liar
Iceland | Sunday, Fjaðrir
Iceland | Hinemoa, Þú leitar líka að mér
Iceland | Elín Sif, Í kvöld
Iceland | Bjarni Lárus Hall, Brotid gler
Latvia | Mntha, Nefelibata
Latvia | Aminata Savadogo, Love injected
Latvia | Framest, Ziema
Norway | Karin Park, Human beings
Norway | Jenny Langlo, Next to you
Slovenia | Maraaya, Here for you
Sweden | Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen, Nonetheless
Sweden | Caroline Wennergren, Black swan
Sweden | Kristin Amparo, I see you
Sweden | Emelie Irewald, Där och då med dig


My friends recieved the mp3 of these 30 songs and they have graded each of them with a 1 (awful) through 5 (great) system. You can also download all 30 songs on this page! For the seventh year, I saved the full results of the semifinal. And so we have from 30th to 16th:

30 Hungary | Balázs Farkas-Jenser, Liar (26pts)
29 Estonia | Kali Briis Band, Idiot (27pts)
28 Iceland | Bjarni Lárus Hall, Brotid gler (28pts)
27 Austria | The Makemakes, Big bang (30pts)
26 Latvia | Framest, Ziema (30pts)
25 Sweden | Emelie Irewald, Där och då med dig (31pts)
24 Sweden | Kristin Amparo, I see you (32pts)
23 Iceland | Elín Sif, Í kvöld (33pts)
22  Finland | Järjestyshäiriö, Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla (33pts)
21 Germany | Ann Sophie, Jump the gun (34pts)
20 Estonia | Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers, Troubles (35pts)
19 Hungary | Passed, Mesmerize (35pts)
18 Albania | Enver Petrovci, Të vranë bukuri (35pts)
17 Azerbaijan | Elnur Huseynov, Hour of the wolf (36pts)
16 Germany | Laing, Wechselt die beleuchtung (36pts)

Finalists scored: 37, 38, 40, 40, 41, 41, 43, 43, 44, 44, 47, 47, 48, 49, 49. So no songs got a total of 50 for once!


So now I had all 15 finalists! As usual by now, I also managed to get the songwriter and the composer down for each of them. A quick analysis first: as usual in bonf, a lot of them are self penned which is good, females win this year… by a huge margin! Never before was a BoNF final so female heavy! 12.5 songs are sung by females (counting Elina as only half) and so Loïc, Elephants from Neptune and Stig are the only male singers! It results in having what MF is dreaming about: a majority of songs written by female authors! Even though almost every song is written by more than one person, 9 songs out of 15 have a female authors officially credited! Native languages have sunk however, probably related to the heavy electro turn for BoNF this year, which is a genre very keen on English lyrics, German is not new to BoNF as a language but was before used by Austria not Germany… wheras Austria is singing in French! Icelandic has two songs in, thanks to a national final that forces songs to first be sung in Icelandic (and then it’s free for the final there). After last year’s debut entries for Netherlands and Armenia, this year sees no debut entries: Azerbaijan came close, for the second year I have them in the top 30 but missed by 1pt! It was, imo, a good year but thanks to a very small number of countries: only 14 different countries in the top 30! But for once, no country has 3 songs (whereas it was the case last year with Germany, or in 2013 with Sweden, 2012 and 2011 for Estonia, 2010 for Sweden…) Yes the contest is very nordic, with 4 baltic entries and 7 nordic songs from 4 different countries! But more shocking, BoNF 2015 is very… BoNF 2011! No less than 11 entries share the same country between these two years (2 Sweden, 2 Norway, 2 Estonia, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium); the four differences being: Bosnia is out, Slovenia is in, France and Italy are out and latvia gets 2 songs, Estonia loses one (from 3 entries to 2) and Iceland gains one (from 1 to 2). So will BoNF 2015 ends like 2011 (meaning Stig finishing only 2nd ahah!)

Now, I used a computer “random playlist” to get the running order for the final. I will upload them all individually on youtube, so you’ll be able to just click on the song titles to watch each song and I also made a playlist which you can watch here.

Aminata Savadogo
Love injected

(Aminata Savadogo & Kaspars Ansons)

Quel filou

(Zoe Straub & Christof Straub)

Zeig deine muskeln

(Michael Vajna & Nicola Rost)

Here for you

(Raay & Marjetka Vovk ;
Raay & Charlie Mason)

Elephants From Neptune
Unriddle me

(Jon-Arnold Mikiver, Robert Linna,
Rain Joona & Markko Reinberg)

Jenny Langlo
Next to you

(Jenny Langlo, Niklas Olovson &
Robin Mortensen Lynch)

Caroline Wennergren
Black swan

(Nicklas Eklund, Joel DeLuna & Aimee Bobruk)


(Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir & Guðfinnur Sveinsson)

Loïc Nottet
Rhythm inside

(Loïc Nottet, Luuk Cox & Shameboy ;
Beverly Jo Scott)

 10 Norway - Karin Park - Human beings10
Karin Park
Human beings

(Karin Park & Guy Chambers)

11 Sweden - Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen - Nonetheless11
Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen

(Andreas Stone Johansson & Allison Kaplan)

12 Estonia - Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye to yesterday12
Elina Born & Stig Rästa
Goodbye to yesterday

(Stig Rästa)

13 Iceland - Hinemoa - Þú leitar líka að mér13
Þú leitar líka að mér

(Ásta Björg Björgvinsdóttir ; Bergrún Íris Sævarsdóttir)

14 Latvia - Mntha - Nefelibata14

(Marija Mickevica)

15 Denmark - Cecilie Alexandra - Hotel A15
Cecilie Alexandra
Hotel A

(Marcos Ubeda, Bobby Ljunggren & Kristian Lagerström)

I guess now we’re off to check the results, this time in Eurovision style!


Vote 1 ; Vote 2 ; Vote 3 ; Vote 4 ; Vote 5 ; Vote 6 ; Vote 7 ; Vote 8 ; Vote 9 ; Vote 10


46 thoughts on “BoNF 2015

  1. This is a very northern line-up which is probably due to the Northern taste of Morgan and the friends who helped him putting this list together. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good line-up but the musical styles and genres are rather limited. But then, just like all these votings and polls, it is personal taste that decides in the end. There were other very strong songs on offer, which were in the wrong style or genre to make the cut, and I would have liked to see one or two of them in the line-up replacing one or two of the many (admittedly strong) electro songs there. (Please note that electro is my absolute darling.)

    To be precise: I think that the following 3 songs should be on this list:

    Alexa Feser – Das Gold von Morgen
    Tamara Todevska – Brod što tone (as a package this was even stronger than my favourite NF song of the season)
    Simone de Oliveira – À espera das canções

    As I have said, it is a vers strong line-up but of interest only to people who categorically prefer certain music styles and genres to others.

    • I still love a lot of the Balkan and folksy-trad, but sadly these have been missing a lot lately and BoNF has been more and more nordic and electro… I loved Simone but definitely not the song which was very old fashion. Tamara was nice but not great and I never warmed up to Alexa. It was still hard to narrow it to 30 and I have emailed you the 72 songs I considered before narrowing it down

      • I have been very busy … and thus haven’t checked my ESC e-mail for some time. :(
        Anyway, I have absolutely no problem with disagreeing … I just wish that BoNF 2015 would be more diverse … because I have loved BoNF for many years now. Alas, this year’s line-up seems even more uniform than ESC 2015 imo. :(
        But as I have said before, it is still a solid line.up.

        • I agree. But both ESC and BoNF this year suffer from quite a huge bias in the year after last year’s all ballady top 5 and the emergence of nordic electro beating all the traditional music. In the end, there are still songs like Enver’s around, but the very good ones are so little (I had huge hopes on Serbia returning and listen to their three craps…) In the end, the big ballad bias the year has and the very few good traditional music pushed me to seek the better ones and the better ones for me, who does have an electro bias, went with this. If “quel filou”, “unriddle me” and Enver all make it to the final top 15, BoNF will be very diverse after all, no?

          • Still, some of the masterpieces (imo) don’t even get the chance to get anywhere. Unfortunately, by limiting the diversity in BoNF, you limit the contest’s appeal to a wider audience too. I for example don’t feel inclined to come up with a ranking of BoNF 2015 because I miss what I would call opennness. I would love to learn what ET’s music expert thinks of this. Where are you, Anders???!!!

            • I dont really care for people ranking BoNF: the whole point is to get my friends (yes only MY friends, it’s true BoNF is very Morganesque) who don’t follow NF to rank them!

              I’d rather you, like Dennis (who already did), Niclas, Patrick, Ivan, Shevek and others put their own list ;)

      • Simone’s song wasn’t old-fashioned imo. It was traditional (there is a difference) and very touching … at least to me. Alexa’s song is a masterpiece imo, but perhaps one can only perceive of it as a masterpiece if you are familiar with contemporary German music. :)

  2. I don’t agree with all of these, but then again, it’s not my list. Speaking of which…

    1. MNTHA – “Nefelibata”
    2. Aminata – “Love Injected”
    3. Laing – “Wechselt die Beleuchtung”
    4. Sunday – “Fjaðrir”
    5. Elephants From Neptune – “Unriddle Me”
    6. Framest – “Ziemā”
    7. Jenny Langlo – “Next To You”
    8. Karin Park – “Human Beings”
    9. Nimmerschmidt – “Kellega ma tutvusin?”
    10. Kali Briis Band – “Idiot”
    11. Laing – “Zeig deine Muskeln”
    12. Molly Pettersson Hammar – “I’ll Be Fine”
    13. Maraaya – “Here For You”
    14. Passed – “Mesmerize”
    15. Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen – “Nonetheless”

    “Hotel A”, “High Heels” and “Brotið gler” all came close. “Brod što tone” lost out in the end because of the lyrics.

  3. There’s always a lot of problem to pick the best songs of the season. But I think I managed to do it in the end. Song no 1 is a (12/12), song 2 – 12 are (10/12) and the remaining ones on my Top 15 are thus (9/12).

    1. Të vranë bukuri – Enver Petrovci
    2. À espera das canções – Simone de Oliveira
    3. Nefelibata – MNTHA
    4. Fjaðrir – Sunday
    5. Där och då med dig – Emelie Irewald
    6. Nonetheless – Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen
    7. Brod što tone – Tamara Tadevska
    8. Sundance – Elektrofolk
    9. Ziemā – Framest
    10. Kicsi a világ, de nagy világ – Pankastic!
    11. Wechselt die Beleuchtung – Laing
    12. Kështjella – Besiana Mehmeti & Shkodran Tolaj
    13. Goodbye to yesterday – Stig Rästa & Elina Born
    14. Outra vez primavera – Yola Dinis
    15. Hotel A – Cecilie Alexandra

  4. I have finally found the time to get to this article. Seeveral of these 30 songs would not make a list made by me whereas several others would. :)

    I haven’t ranked all the 2015 songs and I doubt I ever will. These are 15 songs that truly impressed me for various reasons:

    1. ‘Ziema’ – Framest
    2. ‘Skestu’ – Monika Linkytè
    3. ‘Nonetheless’ – Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen
    4. ‘Troubles’ – Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers
    5. ‘Nefelibata’ – MNTHA
    6. ‘Kicsi a világ, de nagy világ’ – Pankastic!
    7. ‘Zeig deine muskeln’ – Laing
    8. ‘Quel filou’ – Zoë
    9. ‘A tukor elott’ – Gergo Olah
    10. ‘Outra vez primavera’ – Yola Dinis
    11. ‘Të vranë bukuric’ – Enver Petrovci
    12. ‘Í kvöld’ – Elín Sif Halldórsdóttir
    13. ‘Mesmerize’ – Passed
    14. ‘Hazad hazam lehet’ – Ildiko Keresztes
    15. ‘Milljón augnablik’ – Haukur Heiðar Hauksson

  5. The list makes complete sense to Morgan’s taste – some of his taste leaves me completely empty (Slovenia, the Danish song, Finnish song etc.). I’ve come to expect this now.

    The songs are I certainly agree on as highlights are as follows:
    Albania | Enver Petrovci, Të vranë bukuri
    Germany | Laing, Zeig deine muskeln
    Germany | Laing, Wechselt die beleuchtung
    Iceland | Sunday, Fjaðrir (audio only)
    Latvia | Mntha, Nefelibata
    Sweden | Emelie Irewald, Där och då med dig

    The songs that are missing that are my highlights are:
    Hungary – Panktastic!, Kicsi A Világ, De Nagy Világ
    Albania – Mersela Çibukaj, S’Muj
    Portugal – Yola Dinis, Outra Vez Primavera
    Italy – Malika Ayane, Adesso E Qui (if it’s allowed, I wouldn’t have discovered this without ESC connection at least)

    If I were to rank these it would go something like this:
    1. Hungary – Panktastic!, Kicsi A Világ, De Nagy Világ
    2. Germany | Laing, Wechselt die beleuchtung
    3. Latvia | Mntha, Nefelibata
    4. Sweden | Emelie Irewald, Där och då med dig
    5. Germany | Laing, Zeig deine muskeln
    6. Iceland | Sunday, Fjaðri
    7. Italy – Malika Ayane, Adesso E Qui
    8. Albania – Mersela Çibukaj, S’Muj
    9. Albania | Enver Petrovci, Të vranë bukuri
    10. Portugal – Yola Dinis, Outra Vez Primavera

    It all depends on my mood, of course. I’m sure there’s a few others I really liked and missed.

    • I totally accept the “morgan quirks” criticism and never hid that, in the end, it was down to me to make the last choices but your examples are not that great. I was influenced by a few (Dennis, Ivan, Niclas) to put the Danish song in actually and Slovenia is leading by quite a lot the current ET poll hosted by Anders for esc 2015, having gotten pts from everyone but one person (you?) so it’s not really a Morgan quirk. The Finnish choice, maybe. As for San Remo, I don’t really consider it a NF as RAI choses more or less anyone they want from it (though they did say this year the winner would get priority, so if that’s confirmed for every year, maybe it should be).

  6. A bit different than the list of 30 songs I ended up chosing for BoNF, here’s my personal top 15 songs of the season, both songs and entries:

    01 Belgium – Loic Nottet – Rhythm inside (benefit of the doubt without the live, but the only song in the actual contest I really love)

    02 Germany – Laing – Zeig deine muskeln (best “entry” between song and performance)

    03 Iceland – Sunday – Fjaðrir (best song of the season, stupid dancer)

    04 Sweden – Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen – Nonetheless (amazing in its simpleness, and just a great song all throughout)

    05 Norway – Karin Park – Human beings (not absolutely perfect live, but besides that, great nonetheless as the gals would say)

    06 Latvia – Mntha – Nefelibata (the character annoys me a little but the song was an instant love and the live fitted well but right now, by the end of the season, i feel it could have been more)

    07 Estonia – Elephants From Neptune – Unriddle me (a pure genuinely great song and a good enough live to deliver, and one of the biggest upset to see them miss the final by 1 jury point and 6 televotes!)

    08 Estonia – Elina Born & Stig Rästa – Goodbye to yesterday (i had a slight preference to EfN but they’re great, the song feels too perfect to some, but to me such ease in its 3mn runs while being top notch at everything just makes me admire it more)

    09 Latvia – Aminata Savadogo – Love injected (unique in its own genre but definitely a better live than song imo)

    10 Sweden – Caroline Wennergren – Black swan (i love singing it in the shower, and caroline vocals are among the best ones this year)

    11 Germany – Laing – Wechselt die beleuchtung (the second laing song was great as well, i do like the lamps but not so the b&w and the red reveal? felt a bit croatia 98)

    12 Albania – Enver Petrovci – Të vranë bukuri (the first song i cared for this season, though the fact it never got a real mp3 was annoying, enver owned it though)

    13 Austria – The Makemakes – Big bang (a strong americana piece by a great group that i love enough to carry on the flame to their subpar esc entry)

    14 Finland – Järjestyshäiriö – Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla (the best mainstreamy of the year, and the guys are great and managed to qualify in the insane umk final by doing nothing but singing, phew)

    15 Finland – Siru – Mustelmat (oh look, morgan in his own personal list went with the finnish bias, the composition of this one is great and i just love listening to the song… too bad it had a meh live but it was between this and Passed for 15th and Passed didn’t do better live)

  7. A few surprises (Elin and Emelie out, Jenny and Maraaya in) but mostly these results were as expected.

    I would rank the finalists like this

    1. MNTHA – “Nefelibata”
    2. Aminata – “Love Injected”
    3. Sunday – “Fjaðrir”
    4. Elephants From Neptune – “Unriddle Me”
    5. Jenny Langlo – “Next To You”
    6. Karin Park – “Human Beings”
    7. Laing – “Zeig deine Muskeln”
    8. Maraaya – “Here For You”
    9. Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen – “Nonetheless”
    10. Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A”

    11. Caroline Wennergren – “Black Swan”
    12. Loïc Nottet – “Rhythm Inside”
    13. Elina Born & Stig Rästa – “Goodbye To Yesterday”
    14. Hinemoa – “Þú leitar líka að mér”
    15. Zoë – “Quel filou”

  8. Trying to rank the 15 who are left.

    1. MNTHA
    2. Sunday
    3. Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen
    4. Stig Rästa & Elina Born
    5. Cecilie Alexandra
    6. Laing
    7. Caroline Wennergren
    8. Elephants from Neptune
    9. Zoë
    10. Loïc Nottet
    11. Marayaa
    12. Karin Park
    13. Aminata
    14. Hinemoa
    15. Jenny Langlo (the only finalist I don’t like)

  9. I finally found the time to rank the remaining fifteen finalists in BoNF, and here’s how I would rank them.

    1. Aminata Savadogo – “Love Injected”
    2. Jenny Langlo – “Next to You”
    3. Laing – “Zeig deine Muskeln”
    4. Loïc Nottet – “Rhythm Inside”
    5. MNTHA – “Nefelibata”
    6. Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A”
    7. Sunday – “Fjaðrir”
    8. Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen – “Nonetheless”
    9. Zoë – “Quel filou”
    10. Karin Park – “Human Beings”

    11. HINEMOA – “Þú Leitar Líka Að Mér”
    12. Maraaya – “Here for You”
    13. Caroline Wennergren – “Black Swan”
    14. Elephants for Neptune – “Unriddle Me”
    15. Elina Born & Stig Rästa – “Goodbye to Yesterday”

  10. My ranking of the 2015 finalists

    1. MNTHA – “Nefelibata”
    2. Sunday – “Fjaðrir”
    3. Elina Born & Stig Rästa – “Goodbye to Yesterday”
    4. Maraaya – “Here for You”
    5. Aminata Savadogo – “Love Injected”
    6. Laing – “Zeig deine Muskeln”
    7. HINEMOA – “Þú Leitar Líka Að Mér”
    8. Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen – “Nonetheless”
    9. Zoë – “Quel filou”
    10. Karin Park – “Human Beings
    11. Jenny Langlo – “Next to You”
    12. Elephants for Neptune – “Unriddle Me”
    13. Caroline Wennergren – “Black Swan”
    14. Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A”
    15. Loïc Nottet – “Rhythm Inside”

  11. My own picks for BONF 2015
    Tamara Todevska – Brod sto tone (FYROM)
    Karen Debattista – 12, Baker street (MALTA)
    Lawrence Gray – The one that you love (MALTA)
    Agim Poshka – Në rrugën tonë (ALB)
    Enver Petrovci – Të vranë bukuri (ALB)
    Gjergj Leka – Himn (ALB)
    Elhaida Dani – I’m alive (ALB)
    Charis & Nearchos – Deila den agapo (CYPRUS)
    Anne Gadegaard – Suitcase (DENMARK)
    Sunday – Fjaðrir (ICE)
    Bjarni Lárus Hall – Brotið gler (ICE)
    Hinemoa – Þú leitar líka að mér (ICE)
    Il Volo – Grande amore (ITALY)
    Serena Brancale – Calleggiare (ITALY)
    Malika Ayane – Adesso è qui (ITALY)
    Amara – Credo (ITALY)
    Elina & Stig – Goodbye to yesterday (EST)
    The Blurry Lane – Exceptional (EST)
    Wilhelm – Light up your mind (EST)
    Miina Rikka – Kohvitassi lugu (EST)
    Liis Lemsalu & Egert Milder – Hold on (EST)
    MNTHA – Nefelibata (LATVIA)
    Aminata – Love injected (LATVIA)
    Molly Sterling – Playing with numbers (IRELAND)
    Maraaya – Here for you (SLO)
    Tóth Vera – Gyémánt (HUNGARY)
    Laing – Wechselt die Beleuchtung (GERMANY)
    Laing – Zeig deine Muskeln (GERMANY)
    Andreas Kümmert – Home is in my hands (GERMANY)
    Simone de Oliveira – À espera das canções (PORT)
    Zoe – Quel filou (AUSTRIA)
    Emelie Irewald – Där och då med dig (SWE)
    Mariette – Don’t stop believing (SWE)
    Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen – Nonetheless (SWE)
    Molly Pettersson Hammar – I’ll be fine (SWE)
    Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – A monster like me (NOR)
    Karin Park – Human beings (NOR)
    Guy Sebastian – Tonight again (AUSTRALIA)

  12. I am so disappointed for Loic! It’s the first time ever a winner doesn’t get the most number of 12s (since there are only 10 voters it’s hard to recover from a lot of 12 points): 4 went to Loic and only 2 to Karin… but she’s the winner (by default?) for never having lower than a 7pt…

    Third year in a row my fave doesn’t win BoNF after Ja-Jay in 2013 and Moi in 2014 (and now Loic!)

    In other interesting stats: second time (out of 3 entries!) that a Danish song ends with only 5pts. First time ever all top 5 went one after another, and also first time ever the winner went as #10. First win for Norway, third win (out of 11) for a female artist but the second in a row. Also second in a row that a song won written by a female composer (or at least partly). Best results ever for Norway (1st), Belgium (2nd), Iceland (3rd), Slovenia (11th). And the most bizarre one: this is the second time an Austrian song with a French title ends 14th!

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