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Best Of National FinalsBest of National Finals

This section is dedicated to the Best of National Finals (BoNF) contest which I host every year from April to May, between the moment we have heard all songs in every participating country and before the actual rehearsal week starts. It features every song that is trying to get to the Eurovision Song Contest, so as to be an alternative contest.

I have been following national finals for the first time in 2002 and very closely since 2004 but in 2005 for the first time I downloaded, sometimes purchased on DVD, every national final of the year and of course, followed them live to begin with. In 2006 with an American friend, we said “hey, what if the contest was filled with the better songs we heard this year, regardless of where they were from” and this is how we got to create the BoNF contest.

This is a very private contest in the sense that I get to pretty much orchestrate most everything about it. Since there are between 400 and 700 songs per year, no need for everyone to go through it all and I’m the one who does a preselection. After each national final, I write down the names of all songs that I thought were good and when all songs were heard, I finally select the top 30. Yes, just me. But it’s the last time I have a say on the results! After that, I send the 30 songs in mp3 audio format to 10 of my friends who do not follow the contest. They have to grade the songs between 1 and 5, 1 being awful, 5 being great (just like the Eurovision in 1971-1973). That way the result I get is more about if they liked the songs then them having to rank them. And since it’s only audio, this is really about songs. The 15 finalists are them put “in random” thanks to the computer and I then send the videos (from national finals or official presentation from internally selected songs) and this time my same ten friends vote 1 through 12 for their favorites, which gives us a ranking of the best songs of the year!

I started in 2006 onward. In 2007, considering that I had all of 2005, I also did 2005 in “retrospect”: as of today, it’s the only year I didn’t do in the regular April-May period and I will not do it anymore. So the contest officially starts in 2005. I use the same ten friends for a season but they can change between years depending how willing they are to do it. Some every year ask me how it’s going and are quite into it even if they’re not crazy about the songs, some are hard to convince to go through it. Which means we get a fairly “non-conventional” results, at least not by esc standards.

Here, you’ll find a page for each BoNF edition giving you the 30 selected entries, the 15 finalits, the final rankings. If you’re interested in videos, I created a youtube channel for BoNF: http://www.youtube.com/user/SekhmetMorgan?feature=g-high-s

And so far, all BoNF winners:

2005 Montenegro Montenegro | “Zauvijek moja” No Name
2006 Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina | “Lejla” Hari Mata Hari
2007 Finland Finland | “Anyone anymore” Lovex
2008 Sweden Sweden | “Lay your love on me” Bodies Without Organs
2009 France France | “Et s’il fallait le faire” Patricia Kaas
2010 Estonia Estonia | “Siren” Robin Juhkental
2011 Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina | “Love in rewind” Dino Merlin
2012 Estonia Estonia | “Oblivion” Tenfold Rabbit
2013 Germany Germany | “The Righteous ones” Ben Ivory
2014 Germany Germany | “Cotton candy hurricane” MarieMarie
2015 Norway Norway | “Human beings” Karin Park
2016 Latvia Latvia | “Heartbeat” Justs Sirmais

All Winners Pictures (2005-2016)

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  1. My own winners every year:

    2016 Estonia, Mick Pedaja “Seis” (BoNF 2nd)
    2015 Belgium, Loïc Nottet “Rhythm inside” (BoNF 2nd)
    2014 Norway, Moi “Bensin” (BoNF 4th)
    2013 Sweden, Jay-Jay Johanson “Paris” (BoNF 7th)
    2012 Albania, Rona Nishliu “Suus” (BoNF 2nd)
    2011 Denmark, Stine Kinck “Hvad hjertet lever af” (BoNF 3rd)
    2010 Estonia, Malcolm Lincoln “Siren” (BoNF 1st)
    2009 France, Patricia Kaas “Et s’il fallait le faire” (BoNF 1st)
    2008 Sweden, Bodies Without Organs “Lay your love on me” (BoNF 1st)
    2007 Finland, Lovex “Anyone anymore” (BoNF 1st)
    2006 Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hari Mata Hari “Lejla” (BoNF 1st)
    2005 Sweden, Nanne Grönvall “Håll om mig” (BoNF 4th)

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