Denmark: A Friend In London – New Tomorrow

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Eurovision wins: 2 (1963,2000)

Number of appearances: 39

Debut: 1957

Worst result: Last (2002)

Best voting buddy: Norway

2011 Entry: A Friend in London – New Tomorrow

Semi-final: Denmark will compete in the second semi-final on May 12.

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The Artist:

A Friend In London is a Danish Indie-pop band. The band consists of four male members: Tim Schou (vocal/guitar), Sebastian Vinther (guitar/vocal), Aske Damm Bramming (bass/vocal) and Esben Svane (drums/vocal). The band formed in 2005 when all four guys met at a boarding school in Vostrup, Denmark.


The Song:

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17 comments on “Denmark: A Friend In London – New Tomorrow

  1. BRILLIANT!!!! Top 5 in the final.

  2. Good song! The lyrics are a bit meeeh but musically the song is cool!

  3. this IS my cup of tea :)

  4. Wasn’t sure about this one when listening to it the first time but as I’m typing this up, the tune and even some of the lyrics are in my head!

    I suspect it might pick up quite a few 7’s and 8’s which could give it an outside chance of winning the whole Contest!

  5. Going by the other entries in this year’s Eurovision – I would say that Denmark has a great chance of winning 2011.

  6. love it… hope it will end in the better end

  7. I like it, Denmark is one of the best ESC countries and this song is good, catchy and the lyrics are not silly, I like singing along. Please, send this one in the top 10 Europe ;;)

  8. They sing in Danish?

  9. This is absolutely the best…

    1. Denmark
    2. Turkey
    3. Netherlands´—

    must be :P

  10. I like it :* !!!!!!!

    Come on boys come on girls
    In this crazy crazy world
    You’re the diamonds you’re the pearls
    Let’s make a new tomorrow

    We can change it all today!!! :)

  11. can24 close to mine ;D

    1 – Denmark

    2 – Netherlands

    3 – turkey


    100% must be … its the 3 best songs in the contest … way better then the other songs
    just sad netherland is singing english in the esc i liked it more on dutch but its still in my top 3 :P

  12. Alexandre no they sing english (;

  13. I’m really surprised because they couldn’t win Heat 4. It’s really good song. Lyrics are so nice. one of my faves. germany,estonia and denmark…

  14. hey all, visit my new eurovision blog! http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com don’t forget to vote, comment and follow! thanks !!

  15. Like this but just wanna show the Real winner of last years Danish final
    It got the highest votes from the Danish people but lowest votes from the jury … The only reason why this song didnt won
    My opinion … Kick ass song http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=oDPKGmIbsbw

  16. This is such a rip off, really embarrassing

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