The Eurovision Knockout 2013

Eurovision Knockout 2013 – “TEKO 2013“. You will  be able to vote for your favourite in a knockout format (similar to the World Cup). Firstly there will be 13 heats, with three acts per heat. One act qualifies directly for the 2nd round. 9 songs will get a second chance.

In the 2nd round the remaining 2013 entries will compete in duels until we will have 2 songs in the big final. Here you can see how this game works. Please check the front page of this blog for up-to-date information.


The Rules:

In polls you will have about 3-4 days to vote for your favourite in each Heat or Duel. You may vote for your own country. You may vote in each Heat/Duel.

First Round: The Heats

One country from each heat will qualify for the second phase of Eurovision Knockout. The countries have been allocated to one of the heats by random draw on July 31, 2012 by the site owner.

Heat 1
Heat 2
Heat 3
Heat 4
Heat 5
Heat 6
Heat 7
Heat 8
Heat 9
Heat 10
Heat 11
Heat 12
Heat 13
Heat 14 *Azerbaijschan *Cyprus *Germany
Heat 15 *Russia *sanmarino *montenegro
Heat 16 *Serbia *Moldova *Finland

* The three countries which came second in their heat with the highest percentage.

Second Round: The Duels

The Winners of the respective heats will compete in duels. The winner of each duel will proceed to the 3rd round.

Duel 1: Winner Heat 1 vs. Winner Heat 9

Duel 2: Winner Heat 2 vs. Winner Heat 10

Duel 3Winner Heat 3 vs. Winner Heat 11

Duel 4Winner Heat 4 vs. Winner Heat 12

Duel 5: Winner Heat 5 vs. Winner Heat 13

Duel 6: Winner Heat 6 vs. Winner Heat 14

Duel 7: Winner Heat 7 vs. Winner Heat 15

Duel 8: Winner Heat 8 vs. Winner Heat 16


Third Round: The Quarter-Finals:

Quarter-final 1: Winner Duel 1 vs. Winner Duel 2

Quarter-final 2Winner Duel 3 vs. Winner Duel 4

Quarter-final 3: Winner Duel 5 vs. Winner Duel 6

Quarter-final 4: Winner Duel 7 vs.  Winner Duel 8


Fourth Round: The Semi-Finals:

Semi-Final 1: Winner Quarter-Final 1 vs Winner Quarter-Final 3

Semi-Final 2: Winner Quarter-Final 2 vs Winner Quarter-Final 4


Final Round:

Final: Winner Semi-Final 1 vs. Winner Semi-Final 2


–> WINNER of Eurovision Knockout 2013

6 thoughts on “The Eurovision Knockout 2013

  1. i got bored with nothing to do so i did my own knockout final thing using the system you’re doing. to get my results i just used a random number Generator, so it doesn’t represent the actual views of the people who will vote. Also the game was not rigged in anyway, after all it doesn’t mean anything and it would stupid and pretty pathetic to rig the results on it haha. so anyway my results are:
    1- United Kingdom
    2- Netherlands
    4- Croatia
    10-FYR Macedonia
    11- Hungary
    12- Israel
    13- Azerbaijan
    14- Greece
    17- Bulgaria
    18- Slovenia
    19- Sweden
    20- Armenia
    21- Finland
    22- Romania
    23- Belgium
    24- Estonia
    25- Spain
    26- Italy

    you will notice the complementary big 5 in the bottom 5 haha, the irony that the UK is first despite its recent places. Also thank you for the creator of this knockout thing, it passed about an hour of my time! haha.

  2. My qualifiers:

    Heat 1: Montenegro
    Heat 2: Serbia
    Heat 3: Israel
    Heat 4: Iceland
    Heat 5: San Marino
    Heat 6: Denmark
    Heat 7: Sweden
    Heat 8: Ukraine
    Heat 9: Slovenia
    Heat 10: Azerbaijan
    Heat 11: Georgia
    Heat 12: Austria
    Heat 13: Belarus


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