France: Amaury Vassili – Sognu

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Eurovision wins: 5 (1958, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1977)

Number of appearances: 53

Debut: 1956

Worst result: 24. (1998)

Best voting buddy: Switzerland


2011 Entry: Amaury Vassili – Sognu

Semi-final: As a Big5 country, France is automatically qualified for the final on May 14.

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The Artist:

Amaury Vassili (born 8 June 1989 in Rouen, Upper Normandy) is a French singer and the youngest professional tenor in the world. His debut album Vincero from 2009 went double platinum in France, and he got international success with releases in Canada, South Africa and South Korea. He was selected internally to represent the French Republic in Düsseldorf.

The Song:

The young tenor will sing a song entitled “Sonniu” which is Corsican for “Dream”. “Sonniu” was composed by Daniel Moyne and Quentin Bachelet and written by Jean-Pierre Marcellesi. The song is a Bolero that goes crescendo and is said to perfectly suit the voice of Vassili. Even tough a French version exists, the song will be performed in the Italian dialect spoken on Corsica. The song was recorded a few weeks ago and is not part of Amaury’s latest album.

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43 thoughts on “France: Amaury Vassili – Sognu

    • Thanks my dear be friendly.. :) btw how fun I was seeing a guy from Paris last year!
      ESC: France deserved the victory in 1979 and 1991 imho. France is one of my fav. countries in ESC

      • i have france the most often country in top 5 and i have us 9 times winner (60, 62, 68, 69, 77, 90, 91, 02, 09) but surprisingly my 5 highest ranked french songs are not all my winners (68, 90, 91, 75, 96)

        • “Dansevise” is the danish masterpiece, I wonder if we sent something like that again.. and if we did will it do well again??

            • true, but id like if anyone can come and tell me one of these 9 songs are not amazing… i don’t even have Natacha who is also number 1 in many lists (and only 4th in mine) and both 75 and 96 are in my all time top 20 but not my winners! i think france is lucky to be “good” when no one else is and that helps us being high in many lists

          • well it wasn’t just “modern” for its time, it’s an all time masterpiece and any country can at any time surprise us with such an entry imo “Lejla” and “Siren” are imo the latest to date (to me Patricia sung a masterpiece, but an evergreen maybe not)… Let’s hope Roselil, btw now i adoooooooore Stine Kinck!

            • Patricia Kaas, she was amazing.. as for Stine Kinck, I think she has lots of potential for making nice music.. she was singing with my favorite singer here : Anisette Koppel and Thomas Koppel(very leftminded people and rebellic)..but I knew a Friend in London/Copenhagen would do much better in ESC

            • she’s so cool, vocally perfect, the live in MGP 11 was neat to the bare essential, lots of charisma and the song is just stuck in my head and in my bf’s head now lol and we can’t speak danish at all we just go “HEJA” whenever the song goes like it lol

              yeah AFIL are really good too, maybe not the most modern but truly one for the top imo

            • 1st places for France on my list: 1962, 1969, 1975, 1979, 1991, 2002, 2003 and 2009. Definitely my favourite ESC country!

              1st place for Denmark: 1963 only … 2nd in 1959, and 3rd in 1957 and 1960. Stine Kinck would have been in my top 5 this year!

            • it’s the ONE great song of modern times from Dk, it’s outstanding and amazing, but too bad it got against Sweden and Norway which the same year were as impressive (though i like Dk more than Sweden, i still hold “Nocturne” as one of the 20 best of all time)

            • 8 instead of 9 and only because Isabelle Aubret is only ONCE your winner! and you have Anne-Marie instead of Marie-Myriam which is fine by me… Louisa instead of Joëlle, i understand that… all in all, it’s very similar to mine since i said 75 was in my all time top (but i do have Turkey even higher)

              I love Dk 57 and quite less Dk 59! I love the 78-82 songs though, a great come back for Dk then it’s a downfall imo (i dont like hot eyes i hate the 89 overrated song etc.) and Olsen Brothers represent something for sure (you can win televote without being young and shakin it + the nordic will battle the east having won 99, 00, 06, 09)

            • Oh my God, how can you remember all these entries and years, is it already listed on your notebooks and then you just copy and paste! I already forgot what I ate this morning lol

            • All the songs you have mentioned are in my top 3 of the respective years. When I watched ESC live in 1977, I had Marie Myriam in 1st place but these days I like the Dutch song a bit more (if I forget about the dress …) Both songs have an identical score on my list though. Isabelle didn’t win for me in 1968 because she was up against my favourite ESC song (Belgium) until Patricia went onto stage in Moscow. But ‘La source’ is a 12/12 anyway. And finally, in 1990 once more Belgium prevented France from being number 1 on my list. I love gentle and unpretentious ‘MacédoMienne’ …

            • If I expected one person in this world to agree with me on Luxemburg 77, I knew that it would be you. That disco song was sooooo ahead of its time …

  1. HI! I am from Portugal and I invite you to vote Portugal HOMENS DA LUTA “Luta é Alegria” or “Struggle is joy”

  2. Truly great SINGER. He has superior control of his voice. Just pure!! listening to him, make you feel alive..

    What a voice!!….

  3. I gotta admit that France did the right choice ( for once) by choosing Amaury BUT I don’t think he’ll win !

    good luck though

  4. Blimey, totally different to everything else this year – sounds as though it should be in Les Miserables!

    Excellently sung – if the performance matches that and Europe decides that they want something alternative to pop, it could be a winner!

  5. Nice song, but I think that It’s not good enough that he win… I thing this year winner will be Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany or UK!

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