TEKO: First Four Qualifiers Announced

TEKO: The Results of the First Round Heats are in! One country from each heat has now qualified for the second phase of The Eurovision Knockout 2012. Check out if the acts you thought would get through, made it to the next round! Three acts get a second chance. Find out who qualified from the first four heats now.

Heat 1:

Netherlands  80%

Austria 20%

Congratulations to The Netherlands who proceed to the 2nd round!

Heat 2:

Denmark 48%

Azerbaijan 33%

Hungary 19%

Well done Denmark who also proceed to the 2nd round!

Heat 3:

Estonia 18%

Italy 56%

Romania 26%

So our third act successfully into the next round is Italy!

Heat 4:

Montenegro 19%

Spain 67%

Belgium 13%

So our final qualifier in the first four heats is… Spain!

Was anyone surprised with any of the results, or the size of the victories?

Three entries that came second in their Heat with the highest number of votes (except Heats 1, 14 and 15) will get a second chance in Heat 16, which will be announced in the next 24 hours.

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