Albania: Aurela Gaçe – Kënga ime

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appearances: 7

Best result: 7 (2004)

Worst result: 17 in the semifinal (2007)


Best voting buddy: FYR Macedonia

2011 Entry: Aurela Gaçe – Kënga ime

Semi-final: Will be drawn for one of the semis.

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The Artist

Aurela has already won the Festival i Kenges in 1999 and 2001 (back then Albania did not participate in Eurovision) and has achieved more second and third places than any other artists. She was born in a little village in Southern Albania and has entered several music competitions and festivals already at a very young age. She emigrated to New York a few years back, where she performs mainly for the Albanian diaspora. Seen as one of Albania’s most versatile artists, she sings many different genres ranging from pop music to traditional folk and soul. This summer she had a big hit in Albania with her song “Origjinale”.

The Video:

Her performance in the Albanian national final:

The Lyrics + Translation:

translation by Arden from albavision.tk

Kënga ime

Zemër, ti mos më ler pa fjale
dua t’ia them e dua t’ia marrë
sa herë vij edhe shkoj
si frymë të kerkoj
në gjak më je futur, pa ty s’mund të rroj

Më bëhesh det e më bëhesh valë
Më tharë një lotë edhe më ndez një mall
sa herë vij edhe shkoj
si frymë të kerkoj
në gjak të kam, kënga ime, moj (eheheej)

E të pasur jam, se ty të kam
nuk jam në tokë e asgjë s’më ndal

Zot, që këngën ma ke falë
Më lerë të ndarë
Nuk ka ngjyrë e nuk ka fjalë
Muret s’e mbajnë
Tokën e qiellin e bënë bashkë
Harron e fal
Oh se më theh e më bën gjall
Asgjë s’më ndal (eheheej)

Sa herë për ty etja të më marr
do vij, do të pi
e buzën do ta lag
sa herë vij edhe shkoj
si frymë të kerkoj
jeton ti edhe un jetoj (eheheheej)

E pasur jam, se ty të kam
nuk jam në tokë e asgjë s’më ndal

Refrain 2x


My song

My heart, don’t leave me without words
I want to tell them the words and take them their words (leave them [=people] speechless)
Everytime i come and go
I look out for you like for breath (gasp for breath)
You passed into my blood, without you I cannot live.

You become the sea and the waves for me
You dry me a tear and arouse a longing in me.
Everytime i come and go
I look out for you like for breath (gasp for breath)
I’ve got you in my blood, my song (eheheej)

And I’m rich, because I have you.
I’m not on earth (/on the ground) and nothing can stop me.

God, (you) who have given me the song
Let me share it
It has no colour and no word
Walls cannot hold it.
You make the earth and the sky one
You forgive and forget
Oh, because you me break and make me alive
Nothing stops me (eheheej)

Whenever the thirst for you overcomes me
I’ll come, I’ll drink you
and I will make wet your lips
Everytime i come and go
I look out for you like for breath (gasp for breath)
You live and I live, too. (eheheej)

And I’m rich, because I have you.
I’m not on earth (/on the ground) and nothing can stop me

Refrain 2x

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33 comments on “Albania: Aurela Gaçe – Kënga ime

  1. I like it :D

  2. Actually I thing a song like this one could very good in french, just a wish of course!!!! ok tastes differ, what is good for you is maybe hatefil for me

    • very true… i only like the intro and then she starts singing… also no melody at all, you just can’t sing along with it, or recognize it at all : i remember how awully hard to follow NL 72 is for the same reasons, too many good ideas and then a “fake” song

  3. Actually, I’m pretty sure till May I will have heard it often enough to be able to sing along with it :) And then I might even start to like it…

  4. Hi Roselil! I agree, a version in French would be amazing!

  5. I love this song, its different because Albania has presented some pretty dissoppointing songs in a couple of years, but i really thing this one is going to set a record. :)

  6. I actually prefered the electro dance style songs they send in last two years… but this one isn’t utterly bad either. It will probably grow on me.

    And as others said… it has french vibe. I wonder if they are making English of it as usual.

    • i hope they dont make it into the english version it dosent have the same feel or emotion, but french it would be kinda good or keep it albanian;)

  7. i agree they should keep it albanian or turn it to french because in english the song dosent sound the same….

  8. On Albania 11: I find it shouty and unpleasant at times, but at the same time I am drawn to Aurela’s energy. She’s great on stage and I love watching her perform this song live (her semifinal look was very good). I sincerely believe that this song will lose a substantial part of its charm if it is translated into whichever language. Let her stand on a stage alone and she will shine.

  9. I agree they should just keep it albanian itll be more interesting;)

  10. It grows on you – second time of listening it sounds quite good…

    It’s whether she’ll get the chance to sing it more than once!

  11. boring and kind of flat… don’t like it AT ALL.

  12. what a mess. her make-up, her hair…the song is a mess as well.

  13. I like very very much the song of Aurela ,; its so powerful , different from the others songs ;.,I think this song is one of the best songs of this edition ,;and I think the Aurela s song will be the favorite song of many europians .;;
    On Sunday , we will see this song performed in english and video clip .;
    You will FEEL THE PASSION ;;; :D

  14. check out my new eurovision blog! http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com dont forget to vote, comment and follow!

  15. this song is so much better than many of the other songs that is in eurovision, if you litsen the text you will see how wonderful this son is!

    I looooooolveeeeeeeeeeee this song!

  16. I am totally go crazy for this song…

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