Armenia: Emmy – Boom Boom

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appereances: 5

Best result: 4th (2008)

Worst result: 10th (2009)

Best voting buddy: Russia


2011 Entry: Emmy – Boom Boom

Semi-final: will be drawn for one of the semi-finals

Webmaster assessment: ?/5 stars

Visitor’s assessment: Vote in the poll below!


The Artist

Emmy is a quite popular singer in Armenia. She just closely failed to represent Armenia in Oslo this year with her duet partner Mihran. Emmy’s mother had claimed the voting had been falsified to send Eva Rivas to the contest instead of her daughter. Emmy is considered to be one of Armenia’s most popular and influential singers, being labelled as a “pop princess” and “Armenian pop icon”.



The Song

In a televised selection programme a jury and the Armenian public chose the song “Boom Boom” for the internally selected Emmy.

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93 thoughts on “Armenia: Emmy – Boom Boom

  1. Just listened to this for the first time and I like it!

    Catchy, good performance, lots of energy – should have no probs going through to the final…

    A winner? Not sure – needs a good draw on the night but it’s memorable enough.

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!! (0 pionts from sweden!) I hope she die in a car crash before may!!!

    • What a disgusting comment. You might not like her song, but her father died not too long ago and you want her to die too? Can’t wait for Manuel to delete this and ban you.

    • Emmy is the best and Armenia will be 2011 Eurovision winner!!!!!!! We will BOOM BOOM to everyone that doesn’t like Armenia and doesn’t like our EMMY!!!! We are with our country and we. believe that Emmy will win and next year Eurovision will be in Armenia. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO ARMENIA!!!!!!!!!

    • Dont write such a bad things….what did she do for u????
      Hope u will die…i do not know who are u just to say”fuck u”…

  3. EMMY your the best and your song is the best. I know our country will be the champ!!! All Armenians are with you and we all love you sooo much.GOOD LUCK to you and our country.BOOM BOOM to everyone how doesn’t like us!

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