Finland: Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam

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Eurovision wins: (2005)

Number of appearances: 44

Debut: 1961

Worst result: Last (1963, 1965, 1968, 1980, 1982, 1990, 1992, 1996, 2009)

Best voting buddy: Sweden


2011 Entry: Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam

Semi-final: Will be drawn for one of the semis.


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The Artist:

. Paradise Oskar (alias Axel Ehnström) is a Finnish singer-songwriter. The name Paradise Oskar comes from the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren’s childrens book “Rasmus and the Vagabond”, where Paradise Oskar is a vagabond who plays the accordion. Paradise Oskar has won the super final of the Finnish selection “Euroviisut 2011” with 47 % of the votes. 

The Video:

This is his performance in the Finnish national final “Euroviisut 2011”



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9 thoughts on “Finland: Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam

    • I so hope it will. The lyrics are dumn but I still like them especially the parts “king and parliament” and how the words “Went out into the world” are in a flow…

      Finland is my favourite till now I think

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