About Us

The Eurovision Times is an indepentent and completely non-profitable fan blog about the Eurovision Song Contest. We are online since June 1st 2010 just a few days after Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. It is a daily updated fan blog about the Eurovision Song Contest and the whole world that surrounds it. It features daily news, interviews, editorials, analysis, updates on former participants and when the time comes, information on the upcoming contest (tickets, dates, videos). The blog focuses a lot on national finals and the contest’s history. Rumors and gossips are discussed at length, as any good fan site, but this is a place with a sense of community, where people’s opinions are valued and where conversation and debate are welcomed most of all!

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Our team:

  • Eurovisiontimes, Creator and retired-Administrator, Location: Germany (Retired)
  • Hulluna, Administrator, Editor-in-chief, Location: United-Kingdom
  • Sekhmet Morgan, Administrator, Editor-in-chief 2,  Location: France
  • Jade, Contributor and Poll Creator, Location: UK

2 thoughts on “About Us

    • IRENA ŽVINKLEVICIENE – RUTERUT. Inspiration Idea – leitmotif WONDER . LISBON EUROVISION CONTEST – 2018 to 4 : navigation, sea , ships, maps. THERE ARE two -Remembrance / Portugal history / and today NEED world FREEDOM HUMAN SCENE MUSIC RENAISSANCE. Scene design Ok – BLUE coler. Key mystic , poetry blue. AND CHANCE FOR scene performers to do Song -SOUL- SOL with effect of Music,s only one WONDERFUL purpose with 3 : ELATION, ELEGANCE, EXALTATION. Will be together. My wishes .

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