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We’ve often heard people asking for a good off-topic page and so it’s finally here! As we say in our editorial, The Eurovision Times is a blog about the Eurovision Song Contest that values the sense of community most of all. It’s fine if you’re just reading us for the news and we’re glad we can provide it (most of the times, we’re not really the first up to date for the people working on this do it on their free time and are very busy in general). A few times, we provide games and contests (TEKO and Fridas) that are original and fun and have helped build a sense of community. Most of all, comments by regular readers who became regular commentators on Eurovision articles made us recognize one another, value and respect each other.

So, naturally, we often went offtopic here and there, just because we enjoy chatting with each other. A lot of people have recently asked us for an offtopic page. Here it is! You can talk about anything here except… Eurovision! That’s right, Eurovision is still the main topic about this blog, so any offtopic news or talk for Eurovision can still go on the news articles. On the other hand, sports, politics, culture… are all welcomed on this new page. The regular rules for the blog remain: only English so that we can all understand one another, no personal insults, nothing too graphic on violence and sex. We trust you to be respectful!

Now comment away, and let’s see when we’ll reach 50 comments, 100 comments, our new record 1000 comments soon?

138 thoughts on “The Community

  1. BBC now have a remix/club anthem version of “Children of the universe” it sounds epic, we should send this instead.

  2. I wrote this analysis on Wiwibloggs because I was so annoyed that they trashed “Something Better” without seeming to have tried to understand the song.

    If the lyrics confuse you, please let me help you. They’re admittedly confusing but there’s a poeticism to them that makes them difficult, even for native English speakers.

    “‘Even human bound, people rolling dice.
    Image on the ground, such a novel life.’ he thought,
    While knowing nothing at all.”
    So we’re starting out with this guy who thinks he has the world figured out, that taking any risk is a superhuman trait and that everyone’s life path is set out. He has a poor attitude toward everything and has probably had his dreams crushed, either by himself or other people.

    “‘Every option noted or tendency made,
    They will carry on until the perfect date.’ she said,
    While knowing nothing at all.”
    Know what Topi has said about the song, this is the daughter of the elderly couple (the guy is the brother) talking about her mother. She’s clearly more optimistic and patient and has observed her husband’s negative traits and has tried (and will fail) to convince him to look on the brighter side.

    “All the rules well-known, they mean nothing to me.
    Everything I’m used to seems to be
    Fine misshapen made-up fantasy.
    Should let go, we should let go.”
    Now we’ve transitioned to the elderly man who’s demonstrating a part of his negative attitude here. He’s obviously unsure of what his life’s purpose is and if this is what’s meant for him. His envisioned life appeals to him more but…

    “But we found something better,
    plain answer, however,
    for I’ll not surrender.
    We found something better.”
    …the life that’s played out for him has been better than he imagined. And despite his cynicism, he wouldn’t trade it for anything, because he knows that he has it and has had it good.

    “‘Vis-à-vis estranged and we too got close.
    Trust full of lies, sure how it goes,’ they told,
    While knowing nothing at all.”
    Back to the kids, who have been under the impression that their parents weren’t as in love as they actually were. It’s evident at this point that the children have inherited their father’s nasty outlook on life, assuming the worst of any situation that hasn’t made itself obviously excellent.

    “Talking loud’ bout future in our hands,
    Exchanging dreams and how they’ll last, no no,
    Still knowing nothing at all.”
    Now the father’s sort of mocking his ignorant kids, as they make plans about what will happen when their parents “inevitably” split. Their lack of inhibitions make it clear that these siblings are close to one another but not to their parents.


    “All these words, reflected back to me.
    All these words I’m buying. Why?
    All these words, the life’s grand mystery.
    All these words, a sweet white lie.”
    Here’s the best part of the song, IMO, the revelation. The kids are reminding the father of himself and he flashes between his past and present selves. Like any actual revelation, it’s quick and bracing, hitting someone without warning. As such, the pounding music syncs up perfectly with this lyrical development.

    “All these words, she meant to say to me.
    All these words against my faith.
    All these words, before she passed away.
    All these words, will never ever ever change.”
    Now we’re talking about different words, from the man’s late wife. The positive attitude that she tried to instil in her husband was, in fact, a futile attempt, but her efforts were not forgotten. It turns out that her passing brought about this realization in her bone-headed husband.

    “We found x8”
    This is important because it brings the whole story of the song full circle.

    Basically, the song is a warning from a life-hardened father to his children to let go of their preconceived notions of the world and seek “something better” for themselves. Because that’s not what the father did. He didn’t value his wife when she was there. He didn’t take her advice. He didn’t enjoy life with her, as he was too busy fantatsizing about what could’ve been. He only realized it in her death, when it was too late to get what could’ve been. It’s also, on a more personal level, a revelation about the actual relationship between him and his wife, which wasn’t too bad.

    Now on a meta level, here’s why the lyrics make perfect sense (and are the best of the year, IMO). The relationship between parents is complicated in the eyes of children. It’s somewhat confusing and unclear. What else about this song is unclear? Taking that into account, the cryptic lyrics are actually a reflection of what it’s like for parents to explain things to children. And how when you search for what’s underneath, you’ll find “something better.” And after reading this, I hope you were inspired to see “something better” in this song.

    …Is it obvious this is my favorite song this year? :P I hope this helped you. And GOOOO FINLAND!

    • it doesnt help he has very poor english pronounciations, but the lyrics are great and so is his singing, so I support it (melody wise it’s definitely one of the two best of the year)

      • No, the accent doesn’t help but if you’re going to review a song and it’s obvious that the singer has a pronunciation problem, why wouldn’t you read the lyrics and ascertain their meaning that way? IDK I guess I was just annoyed that they didn’t review the song with the detail that I expect. :P

        • I thought we all agreed here that wiwi was garbage anyway? I mean, I respect their voice and taste absolutely 100% they’re very entitled to their opinion, but they moment they insulted us without even trying to create a dialogue, why would I even bother? garbage journalism and blo won’t get any of my consideration: I don’t want my esc experience spoiled…

  3. It’s Maundy Thursday today and according to Swedish folklore, this is the day when all the witches are flying to Bald Mountain, to celebrate the death of Jesus Christ together with the Devil.

    So I consider this to be a good opportunity to show some clips from the old, bizarre and disturbing drama documentary “Häxan” (“The Witch”) from 1922 by Benjamin Christensen; a groundbreaking and bold experiment in the Scandinavian history of film making.

      • Really? That’s cool. :)

        I find it fascinating that a film institute that banned films like “Metropolis” and “Dr. Frankenstein” for being disturbing allowed a film like this to be made, where we can see naked women kiss the Devil’s ass.

  4. Can we just talk about how Game of Thrones is the best series that has ever existed really ? I am so obsessed I want to talk about it on every possible occasion !

  5. It’s been our King’s birthday today, so I’d like to celebrate that with a clip of him getting intimate with Paparizou’s rear…

  6. Morgan, I’m watching right now at TV5Monde live a rugby match: Toulouse vs Racing Metro. Is it a final of a tournament? the french cup maybe? :)

  7. We celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow, unlike many other countries in Europe. So both celebrating mom and vote for the European Parliament is on my list for tomorrow.

    I suppose this would be the place to put Axel Hirsoux’s singing, but I’ll give my tribute in another way :P . I dedicate this tale to all mothers around the world.

  8. Maybe it’s time to try and bring this community page to life again. I’m planning to post some movie reviews (Eurovision related, maybe?) from time to time here in the nearest future. But we’ll see how (and if) that will be.

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