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The Eurovision Times is an independent and completely non-profitable fan blog about the Eurovision Song Contest run by Eurovision fan(atic)s. We went online on June 1, 2010 just a few days after Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

It is a daily updated fan blog about the Eurovision Song Contest and the whole world that surrounds it. It features daily news, interviews, editorials, analysis, updates on former participants and when the time comes, information on the upcoming contest (tickets, dates, videos). The blog focuses a lot on national finals and the contest’s history. Rumors and gossips are discussed at length, as any good fan site, but this is a place with a sense of community, where people’s opinions are valued and where conversation and debate are welcomed most of all! Help us, by promoting,  bookmarking and visiting our site! Thank you for your support!

This is our main team:

  • Eurovisiontimes, Creator and retired-Administrator, Location: Germany
  • Hulluna, Administrator and Editor-in-chief, Location: United-Kingdom
  • Sekhmet Morgan, Editor-in-chief,  Location: France
  • jadeukesc, Contributor, Location: United-Kingdom
  • NickP, Contributor, Location: United-Kingdom
  • Jane, Contributor & zPhotographer, Location: United Kingdom

All these people have contributed to at least one article in the past and we thank them:

  • escbelgium, Author, Location:Belgium
  • ddegrodt, Author, Location: United-Kingdom
  • isabelabueno, Contributor, Location: Brazil
  • escadele, Contributor, Location: Australia
  • luludrops, ContributorLocation: United-States
  • eurovisionjack, Contributor, Location: United-Kingdom
  • reviloadams, Contributor, Location: United-Kingdom
  • existentiallyme, Analysis of statistics, Location: United-States
  • Noelinho, Statistics, Location: United-Kingdom
  • pyretka1989, Research, Location: Spain
  • hikarufreeman, Podcasts, Location: Australia
  • vervesofeurope, Radio, Location: United-Kingdom
  • sjay Contributor Photos & videos, Location: United-Kingdom

Everyone is welcomed to take part in the writing gang, even and especially for just an editorial or a single post to reflect on anything concerning the contests: you have feedback, news, comments, videos e.t.c that you want to share with the other readers or would like to tell us about your story with the Eurovision Song Contest? Well, send us a message then (information to do so can be found on the “contact” page),

Thank you,

The Eurovision Times Main Team

5 comments on “The Team

  1. I’d like to thank you for developing this blog! I never found it easy to get information about ESC and their competitors until a few weeks before the competition starts. I’m going to follow yours posts constantly and always checking about gossips and reliable news!


  2. I agree with Ramon, this is a very good and interesting blog ! Good Job !
    Keep up the good work ;)

  3. Hi you guys at Eurovision! I’m really delighted that you’ve started this blog. I think it’s a great idea to promote Europe and Germany. Keep up the good work. Music makes the world go round.Es lebe die Musik! I like singing too but am confined to the Männergesangverein kappel “Liederkranz” where we sing Broadway musicals and traditional German songs…

  4. Hi,

    My name is Nevra and I work with Yüksek Sadakat from Turkey.

    I read the news today;

    Thank you for that.
    But, the photos are really old. 2 members changed 2 years ago…
    I want to send to you new photos.
    Can you give me an any contact please,

    Best regards,

  5. Just one minor quibble folks. Could you try and update your news a bit quicker at all? I know it may be difficult as you all have other things going on but it would mean so much if it could be done on a par with some of the other less desirable sites which so many people are getting fed up with visiting. It may result in more members joining this otherwise great site. I am championing Eurovision Times whenever and wherever I can, it really is lovely and I hope this is okay? Cheers. Keep up the great work. Best Wishes for the future.

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