ESC 2013

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will be the 58th annual ESC. It will be the 5th to be held in Sweden and the second to be held in the city of Malmö at the Southern tip of Sweden. The venue will be the Malmö Arena. The Eurovision Song Contest will be held on May 14,16 (semi-finals) and 18 (final). Find out more about the participants, the venue, the host city, the hosts, tickets and more!

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20 thoughts on “ESC 2013

  1. Wishing my time away, cant wait for Malmo.
    Lets hope the BBC(UK) gets their act together but I very much doubt it.

  2. This means that all Northern countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) have won Eurovision between 2000 and 2012!

  3. Hope Loreen will enter for Sweden again like Lena did! :D She is amazing. Most people I know have heard it and don’t even watch Eurovision! :D :D :D

    • You know that in Colombia (south america) I put the radio and there she is, singing Euphoria! She is known all over the world!

      I hope she comes back to ESC this year, or in a near future!! :D :D :D

  4. I can’t wait to go to Malmo next year! First of all, I need money. But I bet it’s going to be a great show, and I am really excited about the UK entry. Hopefully, the BBC or the British public, whoever it may be, will chose a good act with a good song, worthy enough of winning. :P It would be great to see the UKw in Eurovision again! :)

  5. I would’nt expect a big effort by the B.B.C in picking the UK’s song this year.If they have a national final it will be on a Sunday about 4 P.M. and all be over within 45 minutes then all forgotten with not much promotion leading up to the E.S.C.
    The British public don’t have that much interest in a national final and this is the B.B.C’s fault.Last years internal selection was a disaster and could be seen coming so really us U.K. Eurovision followers don’t have a good deal.
    Thank god for the internet and the a national finals around Europe and beyond.
    After E.S.C. the bad results of the U.K.are always moaned about but why should E.S.C. voters vote for crap U.K.songs but the people who moan never do anything about it

  6. Steve

    Are you me in disguise! I agree with every word! When we have been given the choice, the UK National finals have had to be both seen and heard to be believed. Who can forget the lack of competition both Scooch and Josh Dubovie faced? It was car crash TV!

    When compared with the likes of the Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian, (amongst others) national finals I don’t know about you but I want to weep!!

    Did I imagine it or did Loreen and Englebert Humperdinck really compete against each other in the same year?

  7. Europhil,
    I think last year was a Twilight Zone thing when the past and 2012 came together.
    The BBC stuck in the past with the rest of Europe galloping into the future.

  8. 7 songs already and nothing to get excited about,32 to go.
    I live in hope for that one good stand out song- PLEASE

  9. Well, Denmark is among my favorite and definitely to win the ESC 2013 during the pre-event period. Yet, after witnessing all of the entries during the semi-finals. I’d changed my mind and I’d go for Azerbaijan, Belgium, Moldova and Iceland yet I still love the entry of Denmark. After the grand final. oh. wth that I didn’t like the entry from Hungary; now I’m raping the replay button on Youtube of the song from Hungary by ByeAlex.

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