BoNF 2010


Best of National Finals 2010

2010′s edition was the sixth I did; it was held the spring of 2010, between April and May, as explained in the rules here. I was getting in a good rhythm with BoNF now with this sixth edition in a row and the fifth on the regular basis since 2006. To this day (in 2013), BoNF 2010 remains my favorite edition of BoNF ever, with 14 of 15 songs probably in my personal top 15 of the year; agreeing with my friends also meant I finally had found the perfect pattern for my contest. 39 countries took part in the 2010 Eurovisiong Song Contest. 33 of them used some sort of national finals in which 544 songs  were performed. I wrote down a list of 100 songs I liked and then came up with these top 30:

Albania | “Përtej kohës” Rovena Dilo
Belgium | “Me and my guitar” Tom Dice
Bosnia & Herzegovina | “Munja i grom” Vukašin Brajić
Croatia | “Blagdani holidays” Žiga & ŽVS Druge
Denmark | “Gloria” Jens Marni
Estonia | “Astronaut” Iiris Vesik
Estonia | “Oota mind veel” Marten Kuningas & Mahavok
Estonia | “Poolel teel” 3 Pead
Estonia | “Siren” Robin Juhkental
Finland | “Anastacia” Amadeus Lindberg
Finland | “Annankadun kulmassa” Heli Kajo
Germany | “Satellite” Lena Meyer-Landrut
Israel | “Le’an Harel Skaat
Latvia | “Rišti rašti” Kristine Karkla-Purina
Lithuania | “Nirvana” Eden
FYR Macedonia | “Se sto cekame” Jova Radevska
Norway | “Synk eller svøm” Gaute Ormåsen
Norway | “The Dragontower” Keep of Kalessin
Norway | “Yes man” Bjørn Johan Muri
Romania | “Around around” Catalin Josan
Serbia | “Ovo je balkan” Milan Stanković
Slovakia | “Kocka pána rubika” Matej Koren
Slovakia | “Na strechách domov” Tomáš Bezdeda
Spain | “Algo pequeñito” Daniel Diges
Sweden | “7 nocí” Komajota
Sweden | “Human frontier” Neo
Sweden | “Manboy” Eric Saade
Sweden | “Sucker for love” Pauline Kamusewu
Sweden | “You’re out of my life” Darin
Turkey | “We could be the same Manga


My friends recieved the mp3 of these 30 songs and they have graded each of them with a 1 (awful) through 5 (great) system. For the second time after 2008, I saved the full results of the semifinal. And so we have from 30th to 16th:

30  Slovakia | “Na strechách domov” Tomáš Bezdeda (20pts)
29 FYR Macedonia | “Se sto cekame” Jova Radevska (21pts)
28 Spain | “Algo pequeñito” Daniel Diges (23pts)
27 Bosnia & Herzegovina | “Munja i grom” Vukašin Brajić (25pts)
26 Estonia | “Oota mind veel” Marten Kuningas & Mahavok (27pts)
25 Sweden | “You’re out of my life” Darin (27pts)
24  Denmark | “Gloria” Jens Marni (28pts)
23 Albania |“Përtej kohës” Rovena Dilo (28pts)
22  Finland | “Anastacia” Amadeus Lindberg (28pts)
21 Slovakia | “Kocka pána rubika” Matej Koren (29pts)
20 Germany | “Satellite” Lena Meyer-Landrut (29pts)
19 Romania | “Around around” Catalin Josan (29pts)
18 Croatia | “Blagdani holidays” Žiga & ŽVS Druge (32pts)
17 Estonia | “Poolel teel” 3 Pead (34pts)
16  Lithuania | “Nirvana” Eden (35pts)

Finalists scored: 36, 38, 39, 42, 42, 43, 44, 45, 45, 47, 47, 49, 49, 50, 50.


So now I had all 15 finalists! For the first time in BoNF’s history I also managed to get the songwriter and the composer down for each of them, something I’ll do for every edition afterwards. I used a computer “random playlist” to get the running order for the final:

01 - Serbia - Milan Stankovic - Ovo je balkan01
“Ovo je balkan”
Milan Stanković
(Goran Bregović)

02 - Estonia - Iiris Vesik - Astronaut02
Iiris Vesik
(Iiris Vesik & Ago Teppand)

03 - Norway - Bjørn Johan Muri - Yes man03
“Yes man”
Bjørn Johan Muri
(Bjørn Johan Muri, Simen Eriksrud & Simone Larsen)

04 - Sweden - Neo - Human Frontier04
“Human frontier”
(Tobias Jonsson & Anneli Axelsson)

05 - Norway - Keep Of Kalessin - The Dragontower05
“The Dragontower”
Keep of Kalessin
(Robin Isaksen, Vegar Larsen, Torbjørn Sche & Arnt Grønbech)

06 - Sweden - Pauline Kamusewu - Sucker for love06
“Sucker for love”
Pauline Kamusewu
(Fredrik Ödesjö, Andreas Levander & Johan Wetterberg)

07 - Sweden - Eric Saade - Manboy07
Eric Saade
(Fredrik Kempe & Peter Boström)

08 - Israel - Harel Skaat - Le'an08
Harel Skaat
(Sahar Hagay & Eyal Shahar)

09 - Finland - Heli Kajo - Annankadun Kulmassa09
Annankadun kulmassa”
Heli Kajo
(Heli Kajo)

10 - Turkey - Manga - We could be the same10
“We could be the same
(Ferman Akgül)

11 - Norway - Gaute Ormåsen - Synk eller svøm11
“Synk eller svøm”
Gaute Ormåsen
(Kim Bergseth, Laila Samuelsen & Gaute Ormåsen)

12 - Belgium - Tom Dice - Me and my guitar12
“Me and my guitar”
Tom Dice
(Ashley Hicklin, Tom Eeckhout & Jeroen Swinnen)

13 - Sweden - Salem Al Fakir - Keep on walking13
“Keep on walking”
Salem Al Fakir
(Salem Al Fakir)

14 - Latvia - Kristine Karkla-Purina - Risti Rasti14
“Rišti rašti”
Kristine Karkla-Purina
(Valts Ernštreits & Raimonds Tiguls)

15 - Estonia - Robin Juhkental - Siren15
Robin Juhkental
(Robin Juhkental)


2010If you don’t remember those songs, you can check BoNF’s youtube page or this recap video:

8 thoughts on “BoNF 2010

  1. 12 The dragontower – Keep of Kalessin
    10 Me and my guitar – Tom Dice
    08 Siren – Malcolm Lincoln
    07 Keep on walking – Salem al Fakir
    06 Le’an – Harel Skaat
    05 Ovo je Balkan – Milan Stanković
    04 Synk eller svøm – Gaute Ormåsen
    03 Rišti rašti – Kristine Karkla-Purina
    02 Annankadun kulmassa – Heli Kajo
    01 Astronaut – Iiris Visek

    Judging my votes, it was the guys year. It was first now when I compared the songs that I realised how similiar Milan’s and Gaute’s songs are. :P

    Heli Kajo had a good and a pretty song, but unfortunately a quite underwhelming performance imo. And I’ll just stay to the fact that I will never understand either MaNga or Bjørn Johan Muri.

    Finally, a little comment about Neo. I attended the rehearsal in Malmö Arena that year and Neo’s song was the huge audience favourite. Anna Bergendahl’s passed almost unnoticed. Since that year, the Malmö audience are well known for being unreliable when it comes to MF betting. :P

          • So it got a solid 3 in ranking from your friends and didn’t make it into the final (nor did Orelipoiss’ “Valss”, what the hell! ;) ).

            You didn’t have any Maltese songs for this year. I remember MSfE 2010 being the first Maltese year I really followed (and then I mean follow every pre-selection heat which didn’t have any real impact since the jury already had decided their finalists). I remember that Lawrence Gray’s “Stories” was my big favourite all the way until the final night. There he turned up dressed as a penguin, joined by a ballerina who just ran around on stage, not following the music. But well, Thea could have a huge, scary manbird (not manboy) wobbling behind her and that didn’t stop her from winning the whole shit. But I digress…

    • Thanks for that. I was actually searching for this song-Rišti rašti-some weeks ago asking people here if they could help me find it.I got the year and everything right but somehow i believed it was competing at the Estonian semi.Maybe,the fact that it would suit better in Eesti laul than in a Latvian semifinal made me mix things up. :)

      • well it’s been on my youtube page since 2010 but indeed back then i made the recap video so people putting “risti rasti” on youtube wouldnt find it! i must make individual videos for all the bonf finalists, as I did for 2013 ;)

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