Germany: Lena Meyer Landrut – Taken by a Stranger

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Eurovision wins: (1982,2010)

Number of appearances: 55  (Record) 

Worst result: Last (1964, 1965, 1974, 1995, 2005)


Best Voting Buddy: Spain

2011 Entry: Lena-Meyer Landrut – Taken by a stranger

Semi-final: As Big 5 member and Host Germany is directly qualified for the final.

The Artist

Lena – The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, Lena Meyer Landrut, has announced she wants to defend her title in 2011. In a casting show to find the German representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 called “Unser Star für Oslo” Lena was discovered and won the show. Her entry “Satellite” became a number 1 hit in Germany before the contest. At the Eurovision Song Contest Lena enchanted both the European televoters and the juries and won the contest. In the winner’s press conference Stefan Raab, Lena’s mentor and mastermind behind the casting show concept, announced for the first time that Lena would try to defend her title as the Eurovision Song Contest was the “European Championship in Singing”. In early 2011 Lena performed all 12 songs of her album “Good news” in the semi-finals of the German song selection. In the end Germany chose the song “Taken by a stranger” to be their entry on home ground.

The Song:

Written by: Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier, Monica Birkenes. According to Gus Seyffert the song is about situations where you see a stranger and immediately feel attracted to him/her without any apparent explanation.

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15 thoughts on “Germany: Lena Meyer Landrut – Taken by a Stranger

  1. HA!!! From “Our song for Oslo” to “Our song for Lena”!!! SHOW SOME EFF-ING ORIGINALITY!!! Anyway, good luck Lena, but I don’t think Germany can win back to back.

  2. Hmm, don’t like that – different but not a Eurovision song, too downbeat.

    Pretty sure that this won’t be Germany’s 3rd win…

  3. Well… since you cant say “a esc song is […]”, everything might fit. But as 2. entry in a row you cant choose the same type aof song twice. It have to be completely different from anything that might appear in Dusseldorf. And thats that. TBAS is a great song with excellent chances imho.

  4. Hi I am from Portugal and I invite you guys to vote Portugal HOMENS DA LUTA “Luta é Alegria” or “Struggle is joy”


  5. Es tut mir leid Lena aber du hast shon den Titel in 2010. Dieses Jahr es gibt andere teilnehmer die stärker als du sind!!!

  6. Lena for me you are the best I love all your songs,your videos. I think you should win the esc 2011 but you know c’est la vie what ever you are the best I love you and good luck!

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