Belarus: Anastasia Vinnikova – I Love Belarus

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appearances: 7

Debut: 2004

Best Result: 6. (2007)

Worst result: 22. in semi-final (2006)

Best voting buddy: Georgia


2011 Entry: Anastasia Vinnikova – I Love Belarus

Semi-final: Belarus will compete in the second semi-final on May 12.

Webmaster rating:  ???

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The Artist:

Anastasia Vinnikova (Анастасия Винникова) is a singer from Belarus.




The Song:

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7 thoughts on “Belarus: Anastasia Vinnikova – I Love Belarus

  1. Sorry to anyone from Belarus on this forum but if this was the best of your selection, I hate to think what the worst one was like!

    Definitely not getting out of the semi it’s in!

  2. I disagree with all the previous posters so far. I think it’s a good entry! Tuney and infectious. However, I’ll give you this… only nationalists will vote for a nationalistic song.

  3. What’s with all this song-changing? This “song-improving” after some presentations shouldn’t be allowed. Once written and out the song should stay that way. No translation or changes afterwards!

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