Belarus: Anastasia Vinnikova – I Love Belarus

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appearances: 7

Debut: 2004

Best Result: 6. (2007)

Worst result: 22. in semi-final (2006)

Best voting buddy: Georgia


2011 Entry: Anastasia Vinnikova – I Love Belarus

Semi-final: Belarus will compete in the second semi-final on May 12.

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The Artist:

Anastasia Vinnikova (Анастасия Винникова) is a singer from Belarus.




The Song:

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7 comments on “Belarus: Anastasia Vinnikova – I Love Belarus

  1. Sorry to anyone from Belarus on this forum but if this was the best of your selection, I hate to think what the worst one was like!

    Definitely not getting out of the semi it’s in!

  2. The girl CANNOT sing!!! How did they allow this to happen???

  3. For now, I think this isn’t so a so bad music :) I already listen worse

  4. I disagree with all the previous posters so far. I think it’s a good entry! Tuney and infectious. However, I’ll give you this… only nationalists will vote for a nationalistic song.

  5. What’s with all this song-changing? This “song-improving” after some presentations shouldn’t be allowed. Once written and out the song should stay that way. No translation or changes afterwards!

  6. hey all, visit my eurovision blog http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com dont forget to vote, comment and follow!

  7. Stay at home Anastacia, you have no chance!!!!

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