Poland: Magdalena Tul – Jestem

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appearances: 16

Debut: 1994

Best result: 2. (1994)

Worst result: 24. (2008)

Best voting buddy: Germany


2011 Entry: Magdalena Tul – Jestem

Semi-final: Will perform in the first semi-final. .

Webmaster rating:  ???

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The Artist:

Magdalena Tul was born in Danzig in 1980. She is a profesionnal singer since 2001. She started her career under the alias Lady Tullo. In 2004 she concluded her studies of pedagogy and psychology at the Academy of Bydgoszcz and released her first English album “V.H.O – The victory of heart”. Her song “Jestem” will probably be translated into English.

The Videos:

This is her performance in the Polish national final:

This is the official video of the song:



Have your say:

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10 thoughts on “Poland: Magdalena Tul – Jestem

  1. This is the best song YET announced for the eurovision 2011.. this song is SOO cool and beautiful that makes people sing along and dance to it!!!

  2. Agree with the previous comments – one of the best so far.

    Catchy, sung by an attractive woman who can sing live – if she can hook it together twice, we could be in Warsaw in 2012!

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