Estonia: Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street

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Eurovision wins: 1 (2001)

Number of appearances: 16

Debut: 1994

Worst result: 24. (1994)


Best voting buddy: Sweden

2011 Entry: Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street

Semi-final: Estonia will compete in the second semi-final on May 12

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The Artist:

Getter Jaani was born in 1993 in Tallinn and came to fame through the Estonian version of Pop Idol.



The Song:

The title “Rockefeller Street” was written by Sven Lõhmus who has also written the Estonian entries in 2005 “Let’s get loud” and 2009 “Rändajad”

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10 comments on “Estonia: Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street

  1. randajad was my favourite in 2009 esc.

  2. Bit of a let down – a bit like Turkey’s in that the intro made me think it was going to be great but as the song went on, I just got bored with it!

    Probably good enough to get through the Semi but I don’t think we’ll be going to Tallinn in 2012…

  3. No Tallinn 2012, but I think it’s good enough for a top 10.

  4. sweden calling… …12pts goes to… …Estonia!!!!!

  5. This song is better than Randajad…….Estonia winner!

  6. Soooo boring 1273 hahhaha, crappy :P

  7. Soooo boring 1273 hahhaha, crappy :P

  8. I think, she’ll be in the top 03 (maybe she even win) – Jaani, very nice song!

  9. Nice song from Estonia this year. It gives me a happy feeling !! I wish them Good Luck !!

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