Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Samra (Azerbaijan)

samraAzerbaijan – Azerbaijan haven’t been bothering the top ten in the past two years so will this years internal selection of Samra turn the tides? Samra will be performing the song “Miracle” in the first semi final on May 10th.
Will we see the country back in the Top 3?

Song: “Miracle”
Music By: Amir Aly, Jakke “T.I Jakke” Erixson, Henrik Wikström
Lyrics By: Amir Aly, Jakke “T.I Jakke” Erixson, Henrik Wikström

About Samra:
Samra Rahimli was born in Baku, Azerbaijan has wanted to take part in the contest since she was a young child. She took part in the 2012 national selection coming third in the first heat of the contest but failing to make the selections grand final.
She took part in the Turkish edition of The Voice in 2015 reaching the quarter finals and after she took part in the Azerbaijan version of The Voice where she did better making the finals.
Her inspirations included Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Beyoncé.


Samra was internally selected by the Azerbaijani Broadcaster İctimai and her song “Miracle” was written by a song writing team from Sweden who have individually written songs for the likes of Danny Saucedo, NuAngels, Elena Paparizou, Robin Stjernberg and Sanna Nielsen. They are currently 18th favourite to win the contest in May

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

You got in my head, boy, like a song
That I kept on singing, all along
But the radio stopped to play us long ago, long ago

Guess I’ve had enough, boy, guess I’m done
Like a burning fire, now it’s gone
Thought I saw myself in you
I made a mistake,
there’s nothing to say
I’m walking away

Gonna take a miracle, oh oh
Gonna take a miracle to heal this love
Baby I won’t stay another night
This time I say good bye, I’m letting you go

Gonna take a miracle, oh oh

It was a one way road for you and I
Yeah, we built this castle based on lies
And now we have hit the point of no return
We crash and we burn, you live and you learn

Gonna take a miracle, oh oh
Gonna take a miracle to heal this love
Baby I won’t stay another night
This time I say good bye, I’m letting you go

Gonna take a miracle, oh oh
Gonna take a miracle to save us now
And I won’t pretend to be alright
my heart is on the line, our end is my start

Gonna take a miracle, oh oh
Gonna take a miracle to save us now

Gonna take a miracle, oh oh
Gonna take a miracle to save us now

Samra on Social Media:
Facebook: Samra Rahimli
Twitter: @SamraEurovision
Instagram: @samraeurovision

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28 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Samra (Azerbaijan)

  1. Among my top10 atm.

  2. wow those are coming in quick now..!

    The more I listen to this entry the more I am convinced Azerbaijan may be in 2014-like trouble this year. In a year with many uptempo entries I feel like this one fails to stand out big time – the chorus gets annoying quickly and Samra is decent vocally but lacks that spark that will make her stand out on stage – It will qualify but I can see it on the right side of the scoreboard on the big Saturday.

  3. Off-topic, Amir sings live on camera “Poso mou lipis”, a popular greek hit by skiladiko legend Sotis Volanis and talks about how much he loves greek music! . Ths song has been a hit in many other languages, including hebrew, turkish and a bulgarian version by Azis!


  4. This one is as sterile as an operating theatre. I hope that Samra can bring it to life live. :)

  5. This years has seen the first…

    1 – I like the Azerbaijan song
    2 – I like it more than the Armenian song (One of my fave ESC Countries)
    3 – An Azerbaijan song is in my Top 5

    On top of that it is written by a bunch of Swedish Songwriters

  6. Samra and her mira, mira, ooooh, ooooh song. How very contemporary some will say! Shiny plastic and not much else, imo. Good luck.

    P.S. – it’ll do very well, of course.

  7. I think Samra will do better than Dilara and Elnur…
    She looks stunning and delivers well,the song is catchy and easy to sing along so I don’t have any concerns 😉

    Good luck mermaid haired girl ,Please keep your curls and don’t dare to straighten them on the big night 😎

  8. I like it ! It’s a solid pop song.
    A top 15 in the Final is almost there.
    Good luck !

  9. I forgot to mention she is stunningly beautiful. Caucasus rocks this year :)

  10. I liked this first quite a lot, but then all of a sudden it started to annoy me quite a lot. Let’s see if it makes a comeback when live.

  11. I really like the song and she delivers it very well IMO. But I just cannott stop thinking that this is already our 7th swedish song for Eurovision in 9 years. LOL! :(

    Good luck Samra.

  12. I don’t mind it, I find it vry well polished and it has good verses. Ok the chorus is annoying, but I dunno, I kinda like her too. Let’s wait to see how it turns out live.

  13. The chorus annoys me heavily. Cheap and boring. For me the worst song Azerbaijan has send to esc. I hope it doesn’t qualify but I know it’s whisfull thinking…..

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