Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Highway (Montenegro)

Highway Band Montenegro smallMontenegro – Another internal selection for the Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG and this year they have selected Highway. The band will be performing their song “The Real Thing” in the first semi final on May 10th. Montenegro have made it to the final the past two years. Can they make it a third?

Song: “The Real Thing”
Music By: Skansi, Luka Vojvodić, Maro Market
Lyrics By: Srdjan Sekulovic Skansi

About Highway:
Highway consist on three members… Petar Tosic (Lead vocal), Luka Vojvodic (guitar and vocal) and Marko Pesic (guitar and vocal). The three piece took part on the 2nd season of the X Factor Adria where they made the live shows under the mentorship of Tonči Huljić. They eventually made it to the end in 4th place.
For Eurovision the group have joined up with Bojan Jovovic (keyboards and vocal) and the four piece now hope to make it a 3rd year in a row for Montenegro in the Grand Final.


Highway are different from any other act Montenegro have sent in the past. Usually more successful with pop ballads like that of Knez (2015) and Sergej Ćetković (2014)  this year they have gone for Alternative Rock. Things aren’t looking too favorable with the bookies with Highway being 250/1 odds on winning.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Inside you take me little closer,
inside you ‘cus you got
Spinning shadows on the walls
I see you, Inside me..

Feel it I’m the real thing yeah
Feel it I’m the real thing yeah

I’m gonna fight for your love
Gonna run, gonna feel good
I’m gonna feel what my body knows

I’m gonna fight for your love
Gonna run, gonna feel good
I’m gonna feel

Highway on Social Media:
Facebook: Highway
Twitter: @Highway__Band

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37 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Highway (Montenegro)

  1. There wasn’t much I could find on these guys at all… pity as they are one of my faves this year

  2. Montenegro will most probably fail this year and we are bound to get another Balkan ballad in 2017

  3. Montenegro really seemed to have found its way the last couple of years even if their entries were just ok. This year they are off again. Nothing against these guys but…they do not actually sing.
    I have learned to kind of tolerate the verses but that chorus is pure noise and there is an unappealing macho attitude in the whole thing.

    Overall an embarassing entry that I hope its failure brings Montenegro back on track next year. My 2nd to last and one of the very few well below average entries this year.

    Good luck !

  4. MNE on my list:

    2005 7/12 (9/12 in studio version)
    2007 4/12
    2008 4/12
    2009 5/12
    2012 7/12
    2013 9/12
    2014 7/12
    2015 8/12
    2016 7/12 (preliminary)

  5. My #2 for this year.
    Good luck.

    Happy Easter!

  6. Meanwhile somewhere in Chios earlier tonight: :P

  7. Battle of the day: Songs about personal empowerement:

  8. This is the opening act of the first semifinal in 10 days from now:

  9. Montenegro:

    2007: 2/12
    2008: 4/12
    2009: 5/12
    2012: 8/12
    2013: 5/12
    2014: 9/12
    2015: 7/12
    2016: 8/12

  10. Happy Easter to ET’s marvelous Greek mafia 😃

  11. They could not care less about ESC standards and went for what is real as far as they are concerned. Good for them and for us! :)

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