Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Gabriela Gunčíková (Czech Republic)

Gabriela GunčíkováCzech Republic – For today’s spotlight we will be focusing on Gabriela Gunčíková who will be representing the Czech Republic with her song “I Stand”. She will be performing in the first Semi Final of the contest on 10th May. She was internally selected by ČT in March.

The Song: “I Stand”
Music By: Christian Schneider, Sara Biglert
Lyrics By: Aidan O’Connor, Sara Biglert

About Gabriela Gunčíková:
Born in 1993 in Kroměříž in the Czech Republic, Gabriela found fame in 2011 on Česko Slovenská SuperStar which is a home version of the popular Talent Show Pop Idol. She finished the show in second place and signed to Universal Music releasing her debut album “Dvojí tvář” in 2011 also. The album got her Best New Artist at the Český slavík Awards which is the country’s biggest music accolade much like the American Grammy Awards.
In 2013 her second album “Celkem jiná” dropped and she went to the USA to work with vocal coach Ken Tamplin. Following her Vocal training in 2014, Gabriela joined the progressive-rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra who she toured with for a year.

Gabriela Gunčíková

Gabriela was internally chosen to represent the Czech Republic and she was announced in March. In the betting odds she is currently 19th favourite to win the contest in May.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

I’ve worn the path
I’ve hit the wall
I’m the one who rose and fall
I’ve played my heart
When I played the part
But it got me through the rain
I have felt the strain
I’ve made mistakes
With the monsters in my head
But in the end
You’re standing there
You’re the one who always cares

Cause I stand
I stand
I am standing here
Just because of you
Every part of me is a part of you
I stand

I’m standing tall
I can hold it all
Now I see where I belong
The choice I made
Helped me understand
Now this life is mine to play
I am thanking you, you made me
You are my air
I’ll always care!

I stand…

You never lose hold of me
You always trust and you see
I stand
I stand.

Gabriela Gunčíková on Social Media:
Facebook: Gabriela Gunčíková
Twitter: @GabinaGuncikova

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