Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Argo (Greece)

ArgoGreece – This year the Greek Broadcaster ERT selected their Eurovison representative internally and that act was Hip Hop group Argo. Argo will be performing their song “Utopian Land” in the first semi final.
Read on to find out more about the Greek Act. 

Song: “Utopian Land”
Music By: Vladimiros Sofianides
Lyrics By: Vladimiros Sofianides

About Argo:
Originating in Thessaloniki, Argo consist of six band members… Vladimiros Sofianides, Christina Lachana, Konstantinos Topouzis, Alekos Papadopoulos, Maria Elbrus and Elias Kesides. Originally called Europond the group got together in 2006 and specialise in a mixture of folk and hip-hop. Here is a small bit on each of the bands members:
Vladimiros Sofianides: Born in Georgia, 31 year old Sofianides moved to Greece in 1991. He is a Hip-Hop Artist and song writer who writes for the band including their Eurovision Song.
Christina Lachana: Also of Georgian descent Lachana has studied hairdressing and aesthetics, and has attended English and Information Technology classes. She is married with two children.
Konstantinos Topouzis: Topouzis is a musician specialising in the Pontic Lyra instrument. His styles of music includes ska, punk rock, hiphop and jazz.
Alekos Papadopoulos: Papadopoulos has played in orchestras all around the world including Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Cyprus, and Egypt. He is also an Argentinian Tango Instructor.
Ilias Kesides: Also from Georgia Kesides moved to Greece when he was eight with his Grandparents. Working as a technician he is married and a father of one. Hobbies include Tennis and Football
Maria Elbrus: Elbrus is a singer of many music styles including funk, soul, bossa nova, pop, swing, trip hop electro and rock. She is classically trained in Piano and also has a history in dance being part of a Lindy Hop dance troupe. She is currently studying Physics and Material Engineering.


Argo were internally selected by ERT to the surprise of many fans. The band were unknown before their selection and will perform their song “Utopian Land” in the first semi final on May 10th.  They are currently 34th favourite to win in May.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

We are the rise in the rising sun
dance with us and have some fun
We are the rise in the rising sun
join with us for a Utopian Land

Planitis Ghi 2016 –
oti ki an kanoun
i genia mas tha t’ anteksei
tin prosfigia tin ezisa mikros
kitazo piso ma prochorao empros.
Skoume to proi – tsateuo ta pedia.
Peram’ apsimon ke achpastame sin Utopian
Sa outon kosmon k’ evrame sterea
pame chalanoume ekes s’ enan merean

We are the rise in the rising sun
dance with us and have some fun
We are the rise in the rising sun
join with us for a Utopian Land

Hop Hop
temeteron hip hop
perame isitiria
ke pame sto aeroport
dyo oras anamenoume to airbahal
bgalo ta stipa ke o Kotson pa ebgalen to boukal
hop salout parakatha ke potia
pinoume votkas ki i giagia m’ gavourevi chapsia
st’ aeroplano esevame me t’ achpaston
ada nichton ki aki pou pame ksimeron

We are the rise in the rising sun
dance with us and have some fun
We are the rise in the rising sun
fight with us for a Utopian Land

Ada nichton ki aki pou pame ksimeron
Ada nichton ki aki pou pame ksimeron
Ki aki, ki aki kia aki p,
ki aki pou pame ksimeron

We are the rise in the rising sun
dance with us and have some fun
We are the rise in the rising sun
join with us for a Utopian Land
We are the rise in the rising sun
dance with us and have some fun
We are the rise in the rising sun
join with us for a Utopian Land.

Argo on Social Media:
Facebook: Argo

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203 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Argo (Greece)

  1. Sweden will be the song that will enrage the esc fandom with how well it will do. IMO its a dead certain top 5 and very probable top 3.

    • Sweden will do very well and will be massively supported by the juries, imo.

    • I think that the juries will support it but I am not very confident when it comes to the televote … unless older people watching fall for Frans’ puppy looks. Personally, I’d rank it around 10th place but all that can change once I have seen the live performances. I have seen entries rise or drop 10+ places in my rankings depending on the live performance. :)

      • Sweden is not among my big favorites but i believe if it was a music producer choosing the coolest,more chart-appropriate song they would choose this.

        • That’s the reason I said that I expect the juries to support it. When we had our preview party last week, everyone related to the music industry said: “Finally someone who has listened to the radio in the last five years” when Sweden came on.

          • Yes, finally someone who listened to the radio and had Matt Simons’ “Catch and release” copied for the benefit of those ESC fans who live in caves without radio. How cynical they are.

        • Cool music producers might find it quite lame and cynical take on Ed Sheeran penned hits of last couple of years. It’s trying hard, but it’s really not there.

          • But it’s the only esc song of the season till now to make it to MTV’s playlist

            • I totally forgot that. Sorry! Even though MTV’s programming has shifted from music to reality tv long time ago and it’s not considered major taste maker in music as it used to be, it’s still achievement. I wouldn’t gave forgotten if he was in BBC1’s play list 😃

      • What about top 5 with juries and #18 with televoting ? :P

      • I think esc has accumulated a good amount of younger fans to give Frans the necessary boost. And in general I think it is a song that can exist perfectly fine outside esc and appeal to people outside esc.

  2. I believe France could be top-3 in Greece with the Greek voting this year.

  3. And they all loved Spain too.

  4. They seemed to love all the 3 finalists which is appropriate imo. I dont think it is too optimistic to say I expect 3 big 5 countries + Sweden in the top 10.

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