Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Iveta Mukuchyan (Armenia)

Iveta MukuchyanArmenia – Armenian broadcaster AMPTV have again selected internally and they have picked Iveta Mukuchyan. Iveta will be performing in tonight’s first semi final and will be singing her song “LoveWave”. One of this years favourites, could Iveta Mukuchyan give Armenia their first win?

Song: “LoveWave”
Music By: Lilith Navasardyan, Levon Navasardyan
Lyrics By: Iveta Mukuchyan, Stephanie Crutchfield

About Iveta:
Iveta was born Yerevan, Armenia in 1986 but moved to Germany when she was five years old. She studied to become a linguist before moving back to Armenia in 2009 when she started studying jazz music at the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory.
In 2009 Iveta took part in the Armenian version of the TV show Pop Idol placing fifth in the show. In 2012 she tried TV again taking part in The Voice of Germany where she was chosen to be in the team of Xavier Naidoo.
Iveta is also a model and actress.

Iveta Mukyuchan

Iveta Mukuchyan  was internally selected by AMPTV and shortly after an open call was released inviting song writers to submit songs for her to sing. “LoveWave” was the song chosen and was written by Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan. Lilith was also the composer of the country’s 2015 Junior Eurovision entry “Love” sung by Michael Varosyan coming second

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Hey it’s me.
Look, I know it might sound strange but suddenly I’m not the same I used to be.
It’s like I’ve stepped out of space and time and come alive… Guess this is what it’s all about cause…

1. …when it touched me the world went silent,
Calm before the storm reaches me.
The ground in motion set off all sirens,
You took over my heartbeat… beat… beat… beat…
It’s taking over me.

Shook my life like an earthquake now I’m waking up,
Gave me faith now I can break every single wall,
Prove we can do it all when all is out of love,
You (oh like a lovewave)
Spread a lovewave ´n my heart goes ba-ba-da-bu-who-oh-oh.

2. Caught in a downward spiral,
I lost my soul in my dreams.
I would give up and lose all trials,
When one moment changed everything.

Without even a single warning,
I’m not who I was before.
A chain reaction with no returning,
Now watch me craving for more.

It’s taking over me.
It’s taking, it’s taking over me.

You(oh like a lovewave)
Shook my life like an earthquake now I’m waking up

Iveta on Social Media:
Facebook: Iveta Mukuchyan
Twitter: @IvetaMukuchyan
Instagram: @iveta.mukuchyan
Website: http://www.ivetamukuchyan.com/

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15 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Iveta Mukuchyan (Armenia)

  1. I was hoping you’d do one on Ovidiu as well :P I mean, sure he’s not in the contest anymore but I guess he deserves a bit of ‘spotlight’ after the effort he’s put in :)

  2. Also lilit was the coauthor of “Not alone” Armenia 2014 and made its instrumental arrangement

  3. Great job from Armenia this year and a MUCH stronger package than 2014…
    Go Iveta!!!

  4. To me this is the best Armenian entry ever, imo Ukraine and Armenia have the best ballads so it is all Armenia to me this year since Jamala also has a Armenian mother. My top 3 is

    • Please ignore my previous post on this page I have changed my opinion yesterday after what Iveta did in the contest. I wasn’t planing to vote for Ukraine because of the historical-political lyrics of the song although it has a magical music and Susana Jamaladynova is the best female singer of the contest but i was tolerating Iveta and supporting her song despite she was trying so hard to give political messages in every available way (Her twitter,Instagram,interviews…etc) but watching that ”flag” thing and her propaganda after the semi finals i don’t support Armenia anymore ,Hopefully we are gonna see her on the political arena not on the eurovision stage anymore, makeup can change your face and can make you to look more beautiful but unfortunately there is no makeup for the soul to hide its ugliness. And please Ebu ban all the songs and singers that try use the esc stage as their national parliament , eurovision must unite people and it must be all about music!
      So till the final it is all France to me! After watching the final performances on Saturday, along with France another country can get my votes. Waiting for the big night!

      • The flag she waved in the green room? What was that?

        • I also don’t know about the details and don’t care about their political problems because eurovision must be about music but i read that the flag Iveta was waving is Nagorno-Karabakh’s flag which is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan so this is pure provocation by her. Skip everything since we don’t know what is going on between them how come a eurovison singer can show up with a flag that EBU has banned!!! The mistake was EBU let the Armenian song last year and this year we have the Ukrainian song which is similar to it and now this political attitude of the Armenian singer, what is gonna be next? Are we gonna hear WW1 and WW2 stories of every country? Are the singers gonna talk and act like the politicians instead of trying to deliver their music, is it gonna be european council instead of eurovision song contest. Anyway i don’t take any sides i am just against everyone who try to use the eurovison stage for their political aims, if the singers want to gain the appreciation of their government instead of us (esc fans) then they can simply go for their national parliaments because i don’t wanna hear or watch their ”political shows” in esc.

  5. Iveta makes this average song soar live.

  6. Sorry, I genuinely hate it :$

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