Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Eneda Tarifa (Albania)

Eneda TarifaAlbania – This year Albania were the first to select their Eurovision Song in December of last year. After a National Selection it was Eneda Tarifa who triumphed with her song “Fairytale” which she will sing in Semi Final Two. Albania usually struggle to qualify but succeeded in 2015.

Song: “Fairytale”
Music By: Olsa Toqi
Lyrics By: Olsa Toqi

About Eneda Tarifa:
Born in Tirana, Albania, Eneda is a successful singer and actress in her home country. She has tried on two other occasions to represent Albania in Eurovision taking part in Festival i Kenges in both 2002 and 2007.
She has been singing since 2002 taking part in other song contests in Albania including Kënga Magjike. Her acting and TV presenting career began in 2011 when she joined the cast of the successful TV Show Portokalli (think America’s Saturday Night Live).
Eneda is married to musician Erjon Zaloshnja and has three year old Daughter.

Eneda Tarifa

Eneda won the 54th Edition of Festival i Kenges in December 2015 beating off competition from 21 other acts including 3rd place Flaka Krelani and 2nd place Aslajdon Zaimaj. Eneda originally sang her song in her native Albanian language but the song “Përrallë” became “Fairytale” when it was decided he song would be sung in English. Albania currently have odds of 250/1 to win in May

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

This tale of love,
larger than dreams,
it may take a lifetime,
To understand what it means.
Many the tears,
cos all the craziness and rage,
Tale of love, the massage is Love can bring change.

Cos it’s you…only you
you I feel,
And I …oh I
I know in my soul this it’s real


And that’s why I love you..oh I
Yes I love you u..u..
And I’d fight for you
give my life for you
my heart

But comes a day when it’s not enough
and what you have the time is up
but it’s hard to turn a new page
In the tale, sweet tale of love
you will find the peace of heart that you crave

Eneda Tarifa on Social Media:
Facebook: Eneda Tarifa
Twitter: @enedaofficial
Website: http://enedatarifa.com

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13 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Spotlight on Eneda Tarifa (Albania)

  1. The revamp was not as horrendous as I esxpected it to be after all. That’s why it slided only 10 places on my list.

  2. Eneda is a very good live singer, but not quite at the Juliana Pasha level, perhaps.

  3. I genuinely hate it. It waas boring in FiK, but it had that Albanian raw aspect, as every year in FiK which saved it from disaster. The revamp is awful, lost all energy. And she isnt as strong as plenty of former Albanian esc artists.

  4. What Morgan said.
    This revamp is almost hateable! Pity.

  5. I really liked the FiK version, and it was one of my favs in this dull FiK edition. Typical Albanian electric guitars are always welcome in Eurovision, lol. But the revamp is a hollow balloon of nothingness. Zzzz.

  6. The Albanian version would’ve been in my top five, but when I first heard the revamp she dropped to like my bottom 25, but now (I may be biased) it’s grown on me so much and in my top twenty. I don’t know what happened, but Eneda is a really talented and hilarious lady and the song reminds me of a mid-90s guilty pleasure pop song.

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