Serbia: Listen to the Songs Online

Serbia – The national broadcaster of Serbia, RTS, has today released the 24 songs taking part in Beovizija 2019. You can listen to them all online. The Beovizija 2019 semi-final 1 will be held on 27th February and semi-final 2 the day after. The grand final will take place on 3rd of March.

The 24 semi-finalists:

  • Aleksandra Sekulić – “Tugo”
  • Ana Popović – “Lutaš”
  • Dunja Vujadinović – “7”
  • Dženan Lončarević – “Nema suza”
  • Džipsikord – “Boje
  • Eleonora – “Samo lagano
  • Extra Nena – “Još ti čujem glas
  • Funked Up – “Zašto da se ne desi
  • Goga Stanić – “Ti znaš da ne znaš me
  • Ivan Kurtić – “Bela
  • Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings – “Moja bol
  • Jana Šušteršić – “Viktorija
  • Lana & Aldo – “Pogledaj u nebo
  • Lord – “Radnički sin
  • Majdan – “Budim te
  • Mr DOO – “Do 100
  • Nataša & Una – “Slobodna
  • Nevena Božović – “Kruna
  • Osvajači – “Vatra i plamen
  • Sanja Rio – “Ljubimo se
  • Saška Janks – “Da li čuješ moj glas
  • Sofija Perić – “Aritmija
  • Tamara Milanović – “Reči nisu dovoljne
  • Tina & Lola Amvon – “Tvoje oči

Listen to the songs here.

Source: RTS

208 comments on “Serbia: Listen to the Songs Online

  1. Jana Šušteršić – “Viktorija”: It becomes a bit too dramatic for it’s own good towards the end but another credible entry imo. 6/12

  2. Lana & Aldo – “Pogledaj u nebo”: I did not like them last year and this year, it is the same. Sounds like sth YUG could have sent in the late 80s. 4/12

  3. Ohh again song about parents! :P
    At least not only about father, but about both mother and father! :D
    It is Saska Janx’s entry but i like the composition.. :)

    Not bad line up.. :)

  4. Lord – “Radnički sin”: I don’t like it as much as ‘Samo nek se okreće’ last year but it is another good entry by Lord. 7/12

    • Lyrics are much better this time though.. :D Witty and very up to situation in Serbia,..it says smth about “reality stars”, “cprruption’ etc etc.. :D

      • I saw on the German news that you have anti-corruption demonstrations atm. It is good to see that in some places in the world people are still demonstrating for good things. :)

  5. Majdan – “Budim te”: Right up my alley. <3 <3 <3 9/12

  6. Mr DOO – “Do 100”: There hasn’t been a bad song so far. Songs that aren’t for me, yes … but nothing bad by objective standards as far as I can tell. This one is pleasant (like parts of the instrumentation) but there are too many ‘nananas’. 6/12

  7. Nataša & Una – “Slobodna”: A powerful song. 7/12

  8. Ok, I love our selection, it is not that current, but who cares! :D
    One more i Love – Tina & Lola Amvon “Tvoje oči”, so old fashioned, could represent Yugoslavia.. :D
    I think this selection will be quite good for Shevek lol

  9. Nevena Božović – “Kruna”: I loved it for the first 30 seconds. It has a beautiful melody in the verses but the chorus is too shouty. The English bit is rediculous, but the instrumental break is great. I’d say there are pros and cons. LOL Hmmmmm … 6/12

  10. Osvajači – “Vatra i plamen”: I like the lead singer’s voice but the song is rather forgettable. Sth with the rock/classic mix rubs me the wrong way. Still not awful. 5/12

  11. Saska Janx will be great on stage! :D

  12. “Aritmija” by Sofija Perić, written by Vladimir Grajic is sooo catchy! LOL
    She reminds me of Amy Diamond ahahaha :P

  13. Sanja Rio – “Ljubimo se”: Love it to bits because it reminds me of music I loved back in the 80s. :) Does anyone remember Spanish artist Alaska? 9/12

    • Alaska? Sure, she’s still around, that lovely fag hag :)

      • She is my icon of the good old Movida days when Spain was probably the most interesting pop culture country in Europe. :)

        • Long time ago, wasn’t it? :P

          You’re right. Spain had Mecano or Almodóvar at his peak, but nowadays?

          • It has certainly been some years …
            I don’t really know but there doesn’t seem to be much interesting Spanish music atm. I used to love Radio Tarifa but they split in 2006 and their lead singer has died since. :( Amparanoia ended their career in 2008. I don’t remember anything really exciting after that. :(

            • I liked the Spanish song from ETSC 10, but that’s about it I guess. But who are we as Germans to judge? Our music scene isn’t that great either.
              I prefer Spanish artists from the 1980s/90s like Mecano (if you click on my name, you’ll see) or Héroes del Silencio.

            • Don’t get me started on German music. If you ask me for my favourite German singer, I’d still have to say Grönemeyer. LOL
              But then I am a VfL fan. :)

            • I’ll never get used to Grönemeyer’s singing voice. But I’d rather listen to his full discography than to one Forster, Poisel or Oerding song.
              Not VfB? How come you’re a Bochum fan?

            • I don’t know. I guess it’s a bit like love, it just happens and there is no use trying to explain or make sense of it.
              And I agree, German Jammerlappenpop is the worst!

            • Fair enough. We aren’t rocket scientists after all.
              Jammerlappenpop :D That’s a good description!

  14. Saška Janks – “Da li čuješ moj glas”: Saška was my Beovizija winner last year but this song is only just above okey. 7/12

  15. Sofija Perić – “Aritmija”: Catchy but rather dull. 4/12

  16. Tamara Milanović – “Reči nisu dovoljne”: A pleasant and relaxing song with some nice ideas in the instrumentation. 7/12

  17. Tina & Lola Amvon – “Tvoje oči”: Anthemic and nostalgic. Once again I have flashbacks to ESC in the 80s. 5/12

  18. I only miss Maja Nikolic in this lineup! :D hahah

  19. Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings – “Moja bol”: The chorus is insanely memorable imo. I also like the strings. It is a bit on the kitsch side but sometimes I enjoy a bit of kitsch too. 7/12

  20. And thanks for the great playlist, Beovizija. I wish other NFs did that too instead of forcing you to click onto (or even search for) every clip individually. :) <3

  21. Hello, Serbia! I’ll take my time. :)

  22. ‘Nema suza’ – :)

  23. ‘Snežana Berić’ – :)

  24. ‘Zašto da se ne desi’ – :)

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