Eurovision Song Contest 2019

ET Premath 2019

It is time for our “Premath” contest! Every year we share our views on the acts from The Eurovision Song Contest! However before, we really didn’t really have a platform to share our combined personal views on the matter, but now we have thanks to our “Premath/Aftermath” contests. The idea is simple, we vote before […]

London Eurovision Party: Acts Announced to Date

London Eurovision Party – It will soon be the start of the preview party season, and this year’s London Party has announced several guests to date. The London Eurovision Party is back for its 12th year, returning to the iconic Café de Paris on Sunday 14th April.

Eurovision 2019: Israel Drawn 14th

Israel – As delegations meet in Tel Aviv to prepare the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the host country drew its spot in the final in order to keep fairness, since the producers of the show get to do the draw now. “Home” performed by Kobi Marimi will perform 14th in the final!

Eurovision 2019: Betting odds on all 41 songs

Eurovision 2019 – All 41 songs that will compete in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest 2019 are now known. The betting odds have The Netherlands in the lead, followed by Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy.

Armenia: Song Revealed

Armenia – The national broadcaster, AMPTV, has revealed today the song that they’ve internally selected to represent them: “Walking Out“, which will be performed by the Srbuk at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. 

Malta: Song Revealed

Malta – The national broadcaster, PBS, has revealed today the song that they’ve internally selected to represent them: “Chameleon“, performed by the X-factor winner Michela Pace and written by Symphonix, the team being Bulgaria 2017 or Austria 2018!

Israel: Demo of ‘Home’ Leaks Online

Israel – A little ahead of schedule today,  a demo of the Israeli entry ‘Home‘, sung by the songwriter Ohad Shragai seems to have leaked online. Kobi Marimi will perform it in Tel Aviv and his version will be revealed later today.