Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Switzerland: New National Selection Process

Switzerland – Switzerland’s broadcaster has announced that it will not be using Die Entscheidungsshow to choose its representative for Israel due to cost cutting. Instead, an audience panel and an international jury will be used to select the entry internally. 

Eurovision 2019: National Selections Underway Already!

Eurovision 2019 – Some countries are making an early start on their preparations for Israel 2019! France has announced that it will once again use the selection programme  Destination Eurovision after last year’s success, and has already opened submissions.  

Is Kosovo Closer to Entering Eurovision 2019?

Eurovision 2019 – Last week saw the EBU president, Jean-Paul-Philippot meet with RTK’s general director, Mentor Shala, ahead of this week’s EBU general assembly.  The TV station RTK has been independently licensed to broadcast EBU programming since the UN administration was established in Kosovo.

Eurovision 2019: Is the EBU Considering Moving the Contest from Israel?

Eurovision 2019 – An Israeli commercial TV channel, Reshet 13, is today reporting that the EBU may move the 2019 from Israel. The Israeli news report says that an EBU insider has suggested that the EBU is considering moving the contest to Austria. 

Eurovision 2019: France Confirms Participation!

Eurovision 2019 – In an interview given only a day after the 2018 edition was over, the President of French TV has declared that France will participate in the upcoming contest and that it’ll use Destination Eurovision again!

Will Liechtenstein Make its Eurovision Debut?

Liechtenstein – Local newspaper, Vaterland, has claimed that  editor-in-chief Peter Kölbel of 1FLTV has confirmed he is in negotiations with the EBU for the country to join the eBU and enter the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest as part of the microstate’s 300 year celebrations.