Israel: Rising Star Show Picks Eurovision Act Tonight

Israel – The long running Israeli show, HaKokhav HaBa, or Rising Star, concludes tonight and the winner will be the representative of the host nation In Tel Aviv at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The winner tonight is guaranteed a place in the Eurovision Grand Final on May 18th. 

The song will not be revealed until 10th March 2019.

The HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion final starts tonight at 20:15 (CET) on Keshat 12. It has been running for 4 months and over 30 shows so far. Keshat wants to market the format to other countries.

It will be hosted by one of the ESC 2019 hosts, Assi Azar, and Rotem Sela. A jury will comprise of Asaf Amdurski (Israeli singer, songwriter and producer), Keren Peles (Israeli singer and poet), Shiri Maimon (Israel, 2005), Harel Skaat (Israel, 2010) and Static & Ben-El Tavori, pop duo.

The first part of the show sees the four finalists paired off to fight it out in two duels as follows:

  • Ketreyah ‘Locked Out of Heaven‘ (Bruno Mars cover) vs Shefita  ‘My Way‘ (Frank Sinatra cover)
  • Kobi Merimi ‘Let It Be’ (The Beatles cover) vs Maya Buskila ‘Alive‘ (Sia cover)

The two winners will go to the super final, along with one of the losers that the jury choose. All three will then perform a solo song (unannounced at the moment) and it will be a jury/televote split for the winner. Viewers around the world can vote via the Mako App.

Shefita’s selection would not be without controversy. Her on stage persona (her real name is Rotem Shefy) is not popular with Israeli-Arabs and she has been accused of blatant cultural appropriation. You can read more about that here.

Check out some of the finalists previous performances here and let us know who your favourite is.

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169 comments on “Israel: Rising Star Show Picks Eurovision Act Tonight

  1. I can feel “Made Of Stars (part II)” coming…. :/

  2. I think I can like a lot piano ballad in Hebrew language for him.. :)

  3. If they get the wrong song it could sound terribly dated imo. Seems a very safe and almost boring choice after Nadav, Hovi, Netta. I’m just glad Shefita didn’t win. I don’t even understand her and she annoys the hell out of me.

  4. So Kobi won? I switch in while he was singing his date ballad and felt he wasn’t that strong. Hm…

  5. In previous 5 years hosts ranked:

    2014 – Denmark 9th
    2015 – Austria 26th (0 points) – so underrated
    2016 – Sweden 5th
    2017 – Ukraine – 24th – a bit underrated
    2018 – Portugal – 26th – criminally underrated

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