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Rank Your 43 Eurovision Songs Now!

Eurovision 2018 – Thanks to the awesome Mr Gerbear we can now use the annual online Eurovision sorting tool to rank our top 43 songs in order in this year’s contest. You might know your top 10 and the bottom 5, but what about all those in the middle? Mr Gerbear does the hard work […]

Eurovision Betting Odds… Israel Storms up the Table

Eurovision 2018 – With only a few songs still to be announced in the next 48 hours, the betting odds have steadied, with a noticeable addition today of Israel crashing straight in near the top of many sites after the leaked song ‘Toys‘ by Netta was heard last night. 

Russia: Yulia Samoylova’s Entry to be Revealed Tomorrow

Russia – The Russian entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which will be sung by Yulia Samoylova, will be revealed on the Voskresnoye vremya program tomorrow, Sunday 11th March, at 19:00 (CET).

Belgium: Listen to Sennek’s ‘A Matter of Time’ Now

Belgium – The Belgian entry for this year, to be sung by Sennek (Laura Groeseneken) is now online. The song is called ‘A matter of time’. It was supposed to be revealed tomorrow morning but has leaked early. Sennek will perform in the first semi-final in Lisbon on  the 8th of May. 

Portugal: It’s Cláudia Pascoal to Lisbon!

Portugal – Portugal’s national selection, Festival da Canção 2018, concluded in the early hours of this morning and the winner, and this year’s Portugese representative in Lisbon on the 12th May is Cláudia Pascoal singing ‘O jardim’. 

Portugal: Festival da Canção Final Tonight

Portugal – The grand final in Portugal’s national selection, Festival da Canção 2018, takes place tonight. There are 14 acts in the final and you can watch the Grand Final of Festival Da Cançao 2018  from 22:00 (CET) on the RTP webcast. 

Cyprus: Eleni Foureira Reveals Her Song ‘Fuego’

Cyprus – Eleni Foureira has today released the full version of her Eurovision entry, ‘Fuego‘, along with the official video. The Greek singer was chosen internally by Cypriot national broadcaster CyBC.  The song was written by composed by Greek-Swedish Alex Papaconstantinou and Sacha Jean-Baptiste.