Interview: Jedward Arrive in Vienna

interview Interview – John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward (Ireland 2011, 2012) flew into Vienna this morning to take part in The Lifeball alongside Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014) and Dana International (Israel 1998, 2011). The former Eurovision stars are helping raise awareness of AIDS at the annual event.

Dana International had flown in an hour earlier, but it was Jedward that attracted a crowd of fans to greet them, with welcome signs, and the paparazzi waiting with their zoom lenses.

John Jedward

It wasn’t a planned interview, they just took over our iPhone, as only Jedward can…

If you are in Vienna on Saturday and want to catch a sight of the stars, the Lifeball magenta carpet will be in the City Hall Square, and is free of charge starting at 8.15 p.m. A live stream of the event will be able to be viewed here.

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