Ukrainian Streaker Could Face Prison Sentence

Eurovision 2017 – The Ukrainian prankster who mooned his bare buttocks during Jamala’s interval act draped in an Australian flag could face up to five years in prison.  Vitalii Sediuk has a history of gaining attention, usually at film premiers, having previously tried to bury his head in Brad Pitt’s and Leonardo Di Caprio’s crotches, kiss Will Smith, kiss Kim Kardashian’s bottom, lifting up Gigi Hadid and crawl under the dress of America Ferrera. He denied it was sexual assault by saying it wasn’t rape and says accusations of assaults on women are people being ‘over-dramatic’.

He also tried to crash the Grammy’s as Adele was accepting her gong. He was arrested and charged for the incident and was given a six month suspended sentence. Sediuk has previously been ordered to undergo a year’s worth of psychological counselling and had been sacked from popular Ukrainian TV channel 1+1.

Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has called Sediuk an “idiot” and said he brought shame on Ukraine. After 72 hours in prison, Sediuk will be facing trial under a charge of “hooliganism”. Avakov said,

“This is a disgrace to the country. He will be able to exercise [his] ‘hobby’ in a prison cell in a temporary holding facility.”He could receive any punishment from a fine to five years in jail.

Seriuk excuses his behaviour by saying “I’m doing this for attention, and the more attention I receive the bigger platform I can get to express my opinion on certain topics.”

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  1. Off-topic: Sobral has some tough competition now (lol): Madonna has been in Lisbon since last Sunday and rumours say she wants to buy a house and live here; her youngest son is training soccer in Seixal (Benfica’s training facilities) and she visited Lisbon’s French Lycée.

    Sheltering Sky ☀️🌈😂💙

    A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on

    • you promised no yellow press from you :-(

      • This is not yellow press, because it’s true. All the mainstream media are alluding to it. She visited Oceanário with her youngest daughters and no one recognized her; sources say she seems to like the absence of paparazzi around here. The Portuguese would actually allude to this event as pink news (news about celebrities).

  2. One last thing: according to a comment posted on ESC Portugal, Dami Im is following Salvador on Instagram (whatever that means lol).

  3. Top-10 songs from Portugal:

  4. And the 10 most watched videos on the official eurovision channel:

  5. our connection with Portugal, “Bingo” , as always, terrible words in Spanish i remember as a kid we danced to it bem bom hey!

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