Ukrainian Streaker Could Face Prison Sentence

Eurovision 2017 – The Ukrainian prankster who mooned his bare buttocks during Jamala’s interval act draped in an Australian flag could face up to five years in prison.  Vitalii Sediuk has a history of gaining attention, usually at film premiers, having previously tried to bury his head in Brad Pitt’s and Leonardo Di Caprio’s crotches, kiss Will Smith, kiss Kim Kardashian’s bottom, lifting up Gigi Hadid and crawl under the dress of America Ferrera. He denied it was sexual assault by saying it wasn’t rape and says accusations of assaults on women are people being ‘over-dramatic’.

He also tried to crash the Grammy’s as Adele was accepting her gong. He was arrested and charged for the incident and was given a six month suspended sentence. Sediuk has previously been ordered to undergo a year’s worth of psychological counselling and had been sacked from popular Ukrainian TV channel 1+1.

Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has called Sediuk an “idiot” and said he brought shame on Ukraine. After 72 hours in prison, Sediuk will be facing trial under a charge of “hooliganism”. Avakov said,

“This is a disgrace to the country. He will be able to exercise [his] ‘hobby’ in a prison cell in a temporary holding facility.”He could receive any punishment from a fine to five years in jail.

Seriuk excuses his behaviour by saying “I’m doing this for attention, and the more attention I receive the bigger platform I can get to express my opinion on certain topics.”

508 comments on “Ukrainian Streaker Could Face Prison Sentence

  1. @Mr Alex Florea,

    Thank you for showing in the most impressively possible manner how right Salvador Sobral was.
    Thank you!!!

    • Thank you Alex for speaking up and showing to mr. Sobral that libel and offensive language is a two way street.

      We need more artists to speak up against him and his behaviour ! We already have a critical mass.

      Let’s teach this megalomaniac fool some manners finally.

  2. Oh dear. It seems this Eurovision will never end. So much negativity from all sides.

    Personally, I liked both Portugal and Romania. So peace please!

    • Two reasons are possible.

      They either felt offended by Salvador’s statement about fast-food music, or, his victory didn’t go down well with them.

      • Nobody is indifferent to cultural issues. And Eurovision is the perfect battleground for them. Global vs local, modern vs classical etc. The bigger it becomes, the bigger the conflicts unfortunately…

    • Eurovision was perfectly peaceful before a certain someone started the divisions and the bad mouthing of other artists and genres.

      Time he has a taste of his own medicine.

      As I said and I was right this issue is not going to die anytime soon.

      Sobral owns an apology yesterday. Not today, not tomorrow.

    • So do I. Michos, I think we are the true champions of diversity here 💪🏼

  3. Wow, the other Alex really lowered the boom on the winner. He found a use for the cannon it seems.

    Good to see someone breaking the mold and speaking their mind, and not giving PR friendly answers to everything. Even if I don’t agree with a lot of what he says, respect for saying it so bluntly.

    • I believe that both the pro- and anti-Salvador camp should seriously cool down. Him winning is neither the greatest wonder in the universe, nor the greatest catastrophe. He is neither the devil’s grandson who used every dirty trick in the book to win, nor are other artists talentless, trashy clowns who are simply jealous of his excellence. People should just chillax.

      • Definitely agree with this here.
        The man is arrogant, and his opinion on music is arrogant and wrong, but he legitimately won. I listened to his song 2 times and it’s not for me so I won’t listen to it again. Not everything is going to be euphoria, pun intended.

        You can attack his viewpoint without attacking the man.

        He isn’t the devil and he certainly isn’t the worst character we have seen at ESC.

        I do like that there was backlash against him though, as he brought it upon himself.

        Go back to the winners thread here. I was the first to comment that his speech was nonsense. But it still doesn’t take away from the fact that he won fairly.

        Besides, there is no such thing as good or bad music. It comes down to taste.

        Plus his win results in a trip to Lisbon. How is that a bad thing? I’m excited about a week in Lisbon.

        • But I don’t think his speech was nonsense. He laid bare the cultural faultlines that criss-cross the contest. And yes, he did it in a blunt way but I thought you liked that :)

          It is funny though. Up to now I thought all the tension in the contest was about Russia-Ukraine etc. (to a lesser extent about Australia’s place in the contest and the assertiveness of the juries) but it seems tension will crop up no matter what…

          • I disagree with it because music is about the show and the fireworks too. Especially when a stage like this is utilized. Make the most of it, bring out the cannons and the pretty girls and the gimmicks and the pizazz! Bring it all on.

            And yes, the devil in me would prefer an artist to stir the pot rather than give rehearsed answers.

            Plus a lot of people agree with him. He opened up a dialogue. Another positive.

            So because of him we are not only going to Lisbon, but also we have seen a lot more artists this year being more vocal in response.

            Plus let’s be totally real. When I’m in the veranda overlooking the water in a year, do you really think it’s even going to cross my mind once how arrogant or how childish and annoying those facial and hand gestures were? The answer is no. Lol

            • Τhat’s my point exactly. I may not agree or disagree with him 100% but dialogue should always be welcome.

            • For sure. Besides, how much fun would it be if everyone agreed?

              Also, how much fun would the show be with 26 Portugals? Not good.

              You also don’t want 26 Romanias and Moldovas either. There is such a thing as too much of that too.

            • This is true.No 26 Portugals and no 26 Romanias either.The irony is this year’s theme was Celebrate Diversity and they seem to forget that.

            • The show was very diverse this year.

              Semi final 2 was a legendary show.

              You had a throwback from the 50’s win, a yodel rap, EDM, standard pop, rock, ballads by males and females, easy listening, hip hop, ethnic from Hungary, alternative. Something for everyone.

              Plus people decided to let their hair down more this year, there seemed to have been more craziness than usual. A few entries were straight out of the glory days of the 2000’s.

          • I agree that his speech was not nonsense. If it was we wouldn’t bother. He was downright serious about what he said – he truly believed it was the time and place to say what he said the way he said. That’s what makes it enraging and troubling.

      • One more thing: Emelie won the contest after lying about her alleged royal anscestry. This got no press at all.

        People have lied, cheated and stole to win the contest.

  4. There is one person who can tone down the situation by taking on some form of media and issuing a heartfelt apology to every artist, inviting all genres of music to Lisbon and extending his respect to all the other contestants regardless of their music and stage presentation choices.

    Time’s up. Manbaby needs to grow and no sister can do it for him this time around.

  5. Francesco Gabbani has just received the “Golden Tapir” award for biggest fiasco of the year after failing to win ESC. He said he was glad to receive it because he is “a supporter of the unexpected” : “Nobody thought I would win San Remo and I did and then everybody thought that I’d win ESC and I didn’t!”

    I wish everybody was like him, taking things in stride, being a good sport and not taking everything about themselves and this mad world seriously. But alas…

  6. Backlash in Ireland too.The Irish Times describe the country’s esc performance in recent years as a national disgrace and the whole debacle reached the parliament.The main opposition party,Fianna Fail is asking via its arts and and culture supervisor RTE to clearly set its goals going into the contest.They want an honest discussion on what has been going wrong for years now and an honest discussion on the personnel and funds needed to become competitive again.A reform or a withdrawal he concluded.

    • Hope they’re not blaming Salvador for that, too…

    • I don’t think the irish entries were bad – not at all. I have no idea why they failed so bad – they shouldn’t imo.
      This year they had a very competent and proffesional team as well.

      • They were mostly below average.I only liked Ireland 2015.Their biggest problem was their singers.They usually aren’t charismatic performers.The only time they brought a fresh pop song,(which i didn’t like,by the way)they finished in the top-10(2011).Another problem is how they stage their entries.

        • I think Brendan is very charismatic and relatable – and definately stands out vocally, he has a memorable voice. I just believe it is semi circumstances year after year that hold them out of the final. E.g. this year Nathan had to compete with other charismatic male performers. Plus he didn’t do as bad as expected. 13th is a respectable result and he was close to Q score-wise.

          I am not sure what Ireland can do to improve that’s my point. Maybe their entries are out of phase with esc right now and maybe they will have better semi correlations next year who knows.

          At least they are discussing it…San Marino is probably withdrawing on the other hand.

          • If they hire me i know what they have to do.lol
            Brendan was cute and super nice but not really charismatic on stage.The whole stage approach was not the best and of course the biggest hurdle was the song.

            • You can send a CV to the irish broadcaster lol ;)

              The song was top 10 material imo, very well written :) The presentation needed to be more thought out for sure though. Backdrop was cool but the air balloon just did not kick in right from the beginning.

        • *Brendan had to compete with

    • I like that they take the issue seriously, but taking this to parliament is a bit too much in western Europe.

    • Yes and good news too. Hopefully this will gain momentum and RTE/MIchael Kealy will be brought to account to explain themselves and the thoughts behind their selection processes and decision making.
      Also on a separate topic. Our Taoiseach Enda Kenny has now retired from office so we are now in the process of finding a new leader for the governing party Fine Gael who will in turn be the next Taoiseach. Leo Varadkar (openly gay Minister for Social Protection) and Simon Coveney (Minister for Housing,Planning, Community and Local Government) are the two front runners.

    • it’s high times they reform: the late late show or the linda martin farce is long passed their prime

      • The Late Late Show is fine as a TV show (not my personal cup of tea, but it has its moments) however it should be kept away from Eurovision most definitely. As for Linda she’s fine as a former winner, promoting the event and doing her yearly panto but keep her away from the whole selection process too and also Louis bloody Walsh.

  7. My full 2017 post-contest list:

    01. Portugal
    02. Finland
    03. Belgium
    04. Hungary
    05. Italy
    06. Azerbaijan
    07. Armenia
    08. Belarus
    09. Norway
    10. Iceland
    11. Estonia
    12. United Kingdom
    13. Czech Republic
    14. Ukraine
    15. Ireland
    16. Sweden
    17. Latvia
    18. FYR Macedonia
    19. Bulgaria
    20. Germany
    21. Poland
    22. Moldova
    23. Austria
    24. France
    25. Romania
    26. Cyprus
    27. Lithuania
    28. Israel
    29. Albania
    30. Australia
    31. Netherlands
    32. Georgia
    33. Greece
    34. Malta
    35. Denmark
    36. Switzerland
    37. Slovenia
    38. Serbia
    39. Montenegro
    40. San Marino
    41. Croatia
    42. Spain

  8. My final top-42 for 2017 (pre-contest positions in brackets). No change at all in the bottom 8!

    #1 (1) Italy
    #2 (2) Portugal
    #3 (5) Belgium
    #4 (19) Hungary
    #5 (7) France
    #6 (16) Finland
    #7 (8) Azerbaijan
    #8 (12) Moldova
    #9 (4) Estonia
    #10 (10) Romania
    #11 (6) Sweden
    #12 (3) Armenia
    #13 (13) Bulgaria
    #14 (9) Israel
    #15 (11) Iceland
    #16 (14) Greece
    #17 (15) Latvia
    #18 (27) Belarus
    #19 (17) Austria
    #20 (19) Poland
    #21 (22) Ireland
    #22 (27) Switzerland
    #23 (22) Serbia
    #24 (20) FYRoM
    #25 (26) Georgia
    #26 (24) Ukraine
    #27 (30) Czechia
    #28 (25) Denmark
    #29 (32) Germany
    #30 (28) Montenegro
    #31 (21) Australia
    #32 (34) Norway
    #33 (33) Slovenia
    #34 (31) Malta
    #35 (35) UK
    #36 (36) Cyprus
    #37 (37) Spain
    #38 (38) San Marino
    #39 (39) Netherlands
    #40 (40) Albania
    #41 (41) Lithuania
    #42 (42) Croatia

    • there is only one big disagreement between us

      • Estonia :)

        • I genuinely would swap AT LEAST Estonia and Bulgaria! I dont have Romania, Moldova or Hungary in my top 10 either but I get them, and Israel, Greece or Armenia are too high too, but again I sorta get them (maybe not Greece)… but Estonia I never got, and the insult of a live should sink them for good.

          • Estonia: I did not understand those never-ending, unflattering close-ups and she looked seriously unwell (stunning dress though). Also the chorus lacked some serious oomph, probably because of the reported mix-up with the backing vocals. However it is one of the songs I am going to keep from this edition.

            Bulgaria had a nice song but the staging was very empty and cold and the whole package seemed very calculated. Also it made me think the song’s title referred to his hair :-P I think Belgium and Hungary were among the few who looked good staging-wise, and France had some good camera work.

  9. My general view is that if next year spurred by Portugal’s win some countries are motivated to choose a different approach this is only a good thing.This year,we only had 4 non English songs.The esc Cassandras should wait before predicting an ominous future for the contest.In 2016 we had an artsy winner but i don’t see how this translated in similar entries in Kyiv.Some more diversity is only welcomed for me.Other than that eurovision will go on in its own path.It’s EBU that calls the shots.Not RTP and definitely not one single winner.

  10. OK, here is my final 2017 list:

    1st PRT
    2nd ARM
    3rd HUN
    4th BEL
    5th ITA
    6th AZE
    7th FRA
    8th FIN
    9th BLR
    10th MDA
    11th UKR
    12th BGR
    13th POL
    14th CZE
    15th NOR
    16th CYP
    17th LVA
    18th LTU
    19th AUT
    20th ISR
    21st ISL
    22nd UKD
    23rd GEO
    24th MLT
    25th IRE
    26th EST
    27th NDL
    28th MKD
    29th HRV
    30th SRB
    31st DEU
    32nd AUS
    33rd SVN
    34th SWI
    35th ALB
    36th MNE
    37th GRC
    38th DNK
    39th SWE
    40th SMN
    41th ROU
    42nd ESP

  11. People are already making post-contest rankings? I haven’t been able to do so yet.

  12. Televoting-only selection for Malta again next year.
    France will air Mission Eurovision which will consist of many rounds and possibly take place in different cities.

    • One can only hope that it won’t be a mess Lithuania style. LOL
      Alas, back in the old days the French televoters sucked as much as the Germans do.

      Malta is being silly. They need the juries if they want to make it to the ESC final imo because Maltese taste is simply too special. They would have sent Kevin Borg etc. if we hadn’t had the juries to pick among the best that were on offer.

  13. OK, here is an attempt, but it may change later on. I usually revise it when I receive the contest on DVD.

    1 Portugal
    2 Czech Republic
    3 Belgium
    4 Armenia
    5 France
    6 Belarus
    7 Norway
    8 Finland
    9 Hungary
    10 Austria

    11 Latvia
    12 Iceland
    13 Azerbaijan
    14 Macedonia
    15 Italy
    16 Australia
    17 Cyprus
    18 Moldova
    19 Ireland
    20 Malta

    21 United Kingdom
    22 Estonia
    23 Poland
    24 Serbia
    25 Netherlands
    26 Israel
    27 Bulgaria
    28 Germany
    29 Sweden
    30 Ukraine

    31 Spain
    32 Slovenia
    33 Romania
    34 Switzerland
    35 Denmark
    36 Greece
    37 Albania
    38 Georgia
    39 Montenegro
    40 Lithuania

    41 Croatia
    41 San Marino

  14. Most probably San Marino is going to withdraw for ever :( ” Dr Carlo Romeo, Director General of San Marino’s broadcaster San Marino RTV has questioned the country’s continued participation in the contest after Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson failed to qualify for the country in Eurovision Song Contest 2017 he stated “There is no place for micro-states in the Eurovision Song Contest “.

    • It’s really sad to hear that. The same goes for some of my favourite ESC countries, such as Monaco or Luxembourg. I’d love to see them in the contest again.

    • I think that there is a place for microstates in ESC but like most other countries, they need a strong entry if they want to make it to the final. They almost did last year but this year’s song was dull, dated and lazy (aka Siegel song …). They should give it one more try and send Valentina with a strong jazzy number next year.

      • But why does it have to be Valentina? (sorry for the question, but I haven’t been following ESC for a very long time, so, for me, some of the names mean nothing… :()
        Surely San Marino or any other country can invite composers from other countries, no?

        • Valentina is a fine jazz singer (there are some YT cips available) but went to ESC only with Siegel cr*ps. I want her rehabilitated. Alas, there aren’t many singers in tiny San Marino. Miodio, who came last when SMN participated first in 2007 are a band from San Marino but Senit and Serhat are Italian and Turkish.

  15. There is an interesting and civilized discussion on the use of language in ESC on Wiwibloggs. Must be the first time I enjoyed reading the comments there. :)

    • Read it as well. I would love the native language rule being brought back.

      Also, before you ask, no it was not me that posted the comment about eating Alma for lunch. Lol

      • Alma is insanely hot. Even I feel that LOL. And it was not me posting that a return of the native languages might reflect the renationalization we have in parts of the political discourse too.

        • No matter how hot any Alma is, I still miss Amandine.

          Alma is a fling.
          Alma would cheat on me after a while, but I would have cheated on her before then anyway so I can’t complain. Lol

          Amandine has character as well. Nobody has come close to her and her performance for France, before or since.

          • To this day, Amandine got the biggest applause of any ESC entry at my parents’ party. :)

            • Well deserved applause too.
              Make her the permanent entrant of France, the French Valentina.

              PS Nobody better cheat on our sweet Amandine.

            • In my house everybody thought she was very full of herself…:-P

            • That’s what artists need to be imo. Otherwise they are just entertainers … ;)

            • My #2 for that year and one of the most underrated entries of all time.
              It’s one of those cases where the running order played a crucial role.

            • And I was so hopeful when San Marino gave 8 points voting first. Alas, there weren’t many to follow. LOL

            • True :)

    • I am waiting to see if diversity (not nationalism) will be celebrated next year. Let’s hope so!

  16. Lots of overreaction by Ireland.
    Ireland has been sold recently. There is no need to change anything except maybe the jury any televoters.

    Ireland had the most poignant ballad this year. Spot on with the lyrics. You don’t know, or can’t promise, that a relationship will be successful but it doesn’t hurt to try. But be warned, it may fail.

    Bottom line, they were better than Bulgaria without question. But Ireland doesn’t have the machine behind them now.

    Germany dropped the knowledge as well. Life is a struggle, mistakes will be made but you never stop the struggle, and keep going. It is a perfect life to live life to its fullest. It’s the song I’m listening to most. Very inspirational as well as being a kick ass song. No pun intended, just realize me what article I’m commenting on.

    Also, someone should give UK a prize. Poor Lucy wasn’t given much to work with but she elevated the song, and the song had to be dragged kicking and screaming. I’m sure we will hear she developed back issues having to carry a 50 kilo sack of average around. Well done Lucy, maybe you can return one day with a song on your level.

    Of course, she wasn’t rewarded on the scoreboard for any of the above, but she won in our hearts and minds.

  17. Wow back here after some time away and the fun continues! Here most people are still wondering how we got those 5 televotes !! Porque queridos vizinhos por quê?!!

  18. About to go watch Behrang Miri perform at the pride pre-event here :) ! And De Vet Du will be coming as well the next days haha :) Mandatory photo with DJ hunk of course ;)

  19. Here’s the pimba version of ‘Amar pelos dois’ (Salvador Sobral opened the door and RFM did not waste the chance…):


    • Pimba stuff has crossed borders (obviously) especially here in Barcelona we got a lot more Pimba stuff, maybe trend here too is towards Brazilian /South American sounds

  20. it seems Spanish research/recollection regarding Portugal after Portuguese win suggests Portugal 1979 song is our favourite song according to various criteria! :-)
    here with preview video and bed/sea/nigthdress/terry wogan etc

  21. Hoping TVP will bring us back the orchestra and songs in native language too :-)

  22. The dates for esc 2018 will be announced after June 13.RTP general director Gonçalo Reis said that next eurovision will be one of quality,elegance and simplicity.

  23. as I mentioned above, such an opportunity to go back to the essence of ESC for at least 1 year with an orchestra and all songs in native language, it has happened so many times in ESC history that I feel it is time for TVP to insist on the same again especially after Salvador’s win

    • I don’t think we’re going to get all that, unfortunately. Maybe some more songs in native languages and more quality on the selections maybe! That would already be a good thing to start.

      • You are right but I hope Salvador started at least some kind of trend in ESC, and to win in both jury/televote shows there is more to ESC than just banal songs in crap English

      • I hope you are right – only few cases of lingual nationalism and even fewer cases of dated music in national finals would be ideal but I am afraid the opposite will happen.

        The good thing is if dated nationalistic trends dominate contemporary songs with pan european after contest potential will stand out even more – and hopefully then the contest will be back on track

      • And I certainly hope credible and reliable in terms of quality national finals like MF and DMGP dont fall for those trends. Eesti Laul seems already a lost cause – a pity if they realize their plans for lingual and genre limitations – they will ruin one of the most progressive nfs throughout the years.

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