Vote for the Barbara Dex Award Now!

Barbara Dex Award – It’s time to vote for the annual post Eurovision award, the Barabara Dex Award. This is for the worst dressed representative(s) from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It’s now hosted in its new home of songfestival.be. You can start voting now, until Sunday May 21 12AM (CET). 

The award is handed out by the Belgian website Songfestival.be, who took over from the Dutch founders Rob and Edwin (House of Eurovision). The voting procedure got a make-over. For all 42 contestants there is a photo included of their outfit.

‘We are extremely proud and excited to organize this award. We hope to get a lot of votes, more than ever before. And of course we hope Barbara Dex herself will vote too’, says Jasper Van Biesen, one of the founders of Songfestival.be.

The Barbara Dex Award is named after the Belgian Eurovision contestant in 1993. She wore a dress she designed herself, a creation that caught the eye of a lot of critics. Sadly not because it was so beautiful…



61 comments on “Vote for the Barbara Dex Award Now!

  1. Triana Park for me. Although Svala and Timebelle were a close jont second.

  2. Lindita FTW

  3. Lindita!

  4. “We are extremely proud and excited to organize this award”

    Oh my, did they actually say such thing?… :/

    PS: Barbara’s dress back then was just fine.

  5. Marta closely followed by Lindita and Triana.

  6. Timebelle

  7. It was between Lindita and Lucie for me, but went with Lindita in the end

  8. I’d vote for the half and half mess of Croatia. The Leather daddy/Oscars aesthetic was dire.

    San Marino though… oh no baby what is you doing?

    Czech made the less sense, but wasn’t as bad per se, so was Albania’s. And Triana Park is out of the picture, they have always dressed as such,

  9. Off-Topic: HELLO EUROPE (and ET) :P

    Gonna give my opinion on the show real soon, but I had a mad blast! Hope you enjoyed it as much and, if it is still a thing, can’t wait for the next ETSC, I had a blast with those :)

    Fact: Only two women were in the top 10 overall, (one as a duet). That was crazy :O

  10. I have just been to the supermarket and they played “Amar pelos dois there”. :)
    Today is the last day of my ESC holiday. It is a beautiful summer day, and thus I visited the fortified and historic vilticultural village of Hoheneck, which is perched on a tiny stretch of land between the Neckar and the steep vineyards. Nowadays, Hoheneck is part of Ludwigsburg and a popular spa destination. Luckily, the spa is outside the village centre which is characterized by half-timbered houses (15th to 17th centuries) and a pretty gothic church that has wild vine on its main façade. Hoheneck is also the Swabian Hay-on-Wye … second-hand bookshops wherever you go. :)

  11. Why does it have to be a woman? The only one I can vote for is Jacques. Everything else pales in comparison…

  12. By the way I thought Tijana’s nightgown was much worse than Lindita’s. And Slavko was worse than both of them put together. Latvia: the boots were a big no-no, but the deconstructed maid’s uniform was cool.

  13. And I am surprised nobody mentions Cyprus because that jacket he wore looked so cheap and ugly.

  14. I quite liked the outfit of the Latvian singer actually. Eurovision is the world of the polished and streamlined, so it was quite liberating with something a bit punky :-)

  15. Off-topic: Andrea Fabiano, the director of RAI1 who was in Kiev in person for the contest, stated yesterday that despite Francesco not winning they are very satisfied with the ratings the contest achieved at home (up to 14 million viewers, beating all competition on Saturday night). He added that Italy was very interested in hosting, with Bologna, Florence and Turin being the main contenders in case Italy won. Finally, he said that in terms of technology and spectacle, they want San Remo to become more Eurovision-y in its approach and they are already in talks with the city of San Remo for a new venue, due to the limited size of the Ariston theatre.

  16. Went through semi 1 again today. Too traumatic (Finland-wise).
    A few thoughts:

    Latvia didn’t deserve that last placing.
    Poland, Kasia’s vocals were strong but rather pretentiously strong (aka screaming quality).
    Australia was bad. Like bad.
    Czech Republic: It’s a pity. A rather nice song, well sung by Martina, but with such poor staging.
    I really liked Iceland.

    • Iceland would have been top 10 material in Vienna or Semi 2 in Stockholm. This year it just kind of paled, the cold electropop piece we are all now acquainted with.
      Allegedly Australia was amazing in the jury rehearsal. I liked the song, but man that disparity.

      Good news with Czechia is that they said they want to be Eurovision regulars and build the music scene (so it’s a yes in 2018!)

  17. Where’s Patrick btw? He has been silent the entire eurovision week :o

  18. hmm, so many contenders this year: Estonia, Switzerland, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Finland, Montenegro, Germany, Malta, Lithuania, Slovenia, Netherlands, Uk, Iceland… there were more ugly looks than hot ones imo, and France, Portugal, Bulgaria stand out as rare cases where the artists looked actually really good. Czech Rep and Spain looked poor but at least worked inside a concept so I’ll forgive them.

  19. I was never a big fan of this award; Albania and Serbia are obvious candidates. I am not voting though.

    I prefer to state that France had the best dressed female singer of the evening. Moldova and Hungary would in in the male category, imo.

  20. Off-topic: I have written an article about the recent development of Eurovision and the new winner in relation to it. https://escsongreviews.com/2017/05/16/amar-pelos-dois-a-turning-point-for-eurovision/

  21. I was between Albania, Montenegro, Belgium and Switzerland, voted for Albania in the end..

    My favorite styling, I cant say the best one cause it is subjective, is Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Norway, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Belarus.
    If I have to pick one that would be Martina Barta.

  22. I hope Poland will organize NF festival in 2018 and send FANTASTIC ballad once again, maybe even in Polish language, with great vocals! Or smth like Kasia Cerekwicka – “Na kolana” from 2008 Piosenka dla Europy.
    Warsaw 2019! <3

  23. Montenegro won the 2017 Barbara Dex award, followed by LVA and CZE!

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