Georgia: Song Released

Georgia – GPB, the national broadcaster, has released “Echo”, the song that  Iru Khechanovi will sing for them in Liverpool!

It’s Iru Kechanovi who won the talent show The Voice and was therefore selected to represent Georgia in Eurovision 2023! Now that they had their artist, GPB asked their usual JESC team to write her song (Georgia has done much better in JESC than in Eurovision): “Echo” is composed by George Kukhianidze and written by Beni Kadagidze and Iru herself!

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Liverpool?

448 thoughts on “Georgia: Song Released

  1. It’s official, I’ve been working too much thus falling ill. :( My doctor has sent home ordering me to rest for a couple of days. So be it. Latest news:very positive news for Sweden 23 – Loreen is now leading (new entry) the local Spotify viral top 50; Mimicat is 2nd, La Zarra 13th, Käärijä 14th, Alessandra 16th and Vesna 38th. This chart predicted accurately how the local televoters awarded their points.

  2. The ratings of FdC 23 were not among the best, the competition is getting bigger every year, but “”Ai Coração” is a hit. Even the private networks are starting to invite Mimicat to appear on their shows. She has sung live in all her appearances so far.

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