Sekhmet Morgan

Eurovision Home Concerts – Episode 1

Eurovision 2020 – No competition this year! So a lot of projects were put on the table, from different broadcasters. BBC, Stefan Raab or SVT have planned some sort of recognition for this year’s entries. Meanwhile, “home concerts” are posted on the contest’s official youtube page.

Eurovision 2020 Cancelled

Rotterdam 2020 – The EBU has officially announced the cancellation all together of Eurovision 2020, a first in 65 years. They have also revealed why they decided not to postpone it or use the “plan B” of having each artist perform at home in a studio.

ET Premath 2020

Eurovision Times – It is time for our “Premath” contest! One of our regular readers (Gregor) is here to bring you yet again this amazing experience, that basically is a pre-chart for all us ESC fans on ET and is based on the contest’s infamous 1-8, 10 & 12 system.

Armenia Revamp Released

Armenia – After Albania, Czech Republic and Romania, while Russia finally released its entry, it was up to AMPTV to showed up with a promised revamp. Check out how the entry will sound in Rotterdam!

Revamps Released

Rotterdam 2020 – Already three countries have released their final revamps, Albania, Czech Republic and Romania, while Russia is still keeping their song hidden and has officially stated that they’ll reveal it Thursday.

Azerbaijan: Song Released

Azerbaijan – Ictimai, the national broadcaster, has revealed the song that they’ve picked for internally selected Samira Efendi: “Cleopatra” will represent them in Rotterdam!

Malta: Song Revealed

Malta – TVM, the national broadcaster, hosted the final of X Factor Malta, a talent show whose winner is then selected internally to represent the country in Eurovision. Without any surprise whatsoever, Destiny Chukunyere, won it! Now they revealed the song as well, called “All Of My Love“.