Armenia: Song Released

Armenia – The national broadcaster AMPTV has released “Future Lover”, the song that Brunette will song to represent them in Liverpool!

Last year, Armenia qualified to the Eurovision Grand Final for the first time since Artsvik in 2017 and even though the final result was disappointing (20th), the song “Snap” ended up having a career thanks to TikTok, the contest official partner. There was therefore no real doubt they were going to drop their NF Depi Evratesil (2017-2020) and go back to that internal selection.

Brunette is a local popstar, with million of views online for her biggest hits such as Smoke Break”. AMPTV’s Executive Director Hovhannes Movsisyan emphasised the importance of entrusting the representation of Armenia to young and talented artists. Davit Tserunyan, the Head of the Armenian delegation, says they are currently working on the song and then on the video, so it’s offically not finished yet.

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Liverpool?

212 thoughts on “Armenia: Song Released

  1. Georgia: A blend of “Visionary Dream” and… “Warrior”!
    Not the best diction.
    Good luck!

    1. Spain

    2. Czechia
    3. Serbia
    4. Finland

    5. Malta
    6. Portugal
    7. Australia
    8. Slovenia
    9. France
    10. Azerbaijan
    11. Italy
    12. Germany

    13. Latvia
    14. Austria
    15. Sweden
    16. Switzerland
    17. Denmark
    18. Greece

    19. Armenia
    20. Moldova
    21. San Marino
    22. Georgia

    23. Ireland
    24. Estonia
    25. Iceland
    26. Albania
    27. Norway
    28. Cyprus
    29. Lithuania
    30. Belgium
    31. Netherlands

    32. Israel
    33. Ukraine
    34. United Kingdom
    35. Croatia
    36. Romania

    37. Poland

  2. Armenia: I didn’t much like her previous singles, so it was a pleasant surprise for me how much I liked this on first listen. Unlike Israel, this brings together many styles but they all stand good on their own and next to each other, from the poetic, romantic start to the Alina Pash-inspired “panic attack” in the middle and finally to the imposing, magisterial finish in the manner of Ivetta. The “be good, do good, look good” chorus and the ending in armenian are both gorgeous.

    Georgia: I knew this wasn’t going to go well when I saw the fake strawberry hair color on the promotion photo. This gives me a headache, it is simply hectic for the sake of being hectic. You can really tell that a Eurovision Junior team is behind this and her (heavily autotuned) vocals are a big turn-off. Apparently making too much noise for no reason signals ambition in Eurovision.

    Final ranking before I listen to all the songs again:

    1. Spain
    2. Norway
    3. Italy
    4. Finland
    5. United Kingdom
    6. France
    7. Sweden
    8. Portugal
    » 9. Αrmenia
    10. Serbia
    11. Germany
    12. Czechia
    13. Slovenia
    14. Cyprus
    15. Israel
    16. Austria
    17. Estonia
    18. Greece
    19. Latvia
    20. Australia
    21. Croatia
    22. Iceland
    23. Switzerland
    » 24. Georgia
    25. Romania
    26. Malta
    27. Moldova
    28. Ireland
    29. San Marino
    30. Netherlands
    31. Αzerbaijan
    32. Poland
    33. Lithuania
    34. Denmark
    35. Belgium
    36. Ukraine
    37. Albania

  3. So – what opens semi 2? Belgium or Romania?
    I’ll take a guess:

    1. Belgium
    2. Estonia
    3. Denmark
    4. Armenia
    5. Greece
    6. Iceland
    7. Romania
    8. Cyprus

    9. Lithuania
    10. Australia
    11. Albania
    12. Slovenia
    13. Austria
    14. San Marino
    15. Georgia
    16. Poland

  4. Theme of this year’s ESC is countries that struggle in televote picking THE BOLDEST FLASHIEST THINGS THEY CAN GET:
    🇦🇹 🇨🇿 🇬🇪 🇩🇪 🇭🇷

    • False alarm. It’s just this:

      • Apparently, they’ll retool it to have a “unique, stark arrangement”. Which TBH, they kinda need after the cold reception outside the border. They won’t win, but if Switzerland fails, they’ll be the only of its kind.

        • It’s Italy so Mediterranean juries and televoters will make sure this won’t flop. A SR ballad is always revered in the South even the average ones like this. Plus,Marco is charismatic. But i agree this is not a winner.

  5. My preliminary esc 2023 ranking :

    1. Sweden – 9.5/10
    2. Norway – 9.0/10

    3. United Kingdom – 8.9/10
    4. Switzerland – 8.8/10
    5. Estonia – 8.5/10
    6. Serbia – 8.4/10
    7. Denmark – 8.2/10
    8. France – 8.0/10
    9. Netherlands – 8.0/10

    –>10. Azerbaijan – 7.9/10
    11. San Marino – 7.8/10
    12. Germany – 7.7/10
    –>13. Armenia – 7.6/10
    14. Australia – 7.5/10
    15. Greece – 7.5/10
    16. Austria – 7.4/10
    17. Albania – 7.3/10
    18. Cyprus – 7.2/10
    19. Slovenia – 7.2/10
    20. Iceland – 7.1/10
    –>21. Georgia – 7.1/10
    22. Ireland – 7.1/10
    23. Ukraine – 7.0/10

    24. Latvia – 6.9/10
    25. Malta – 6.7/10
    26. Czech Republic – 6.6/10
    27. Italy – 6.5/10
    28. Lithuania – 6.5/10
    29. Portugal – 6.4/10
    30. Israel – 6.3/10
    31. Moldova – 6.0/10

    32. Romania – 5.6/10
    33. Belgium – 5.5/10
    34. Poland – 5.4/10
    35. Spain – 5.0/10

    36. Finland – 3.2/10

    37. Croatia – 1.2/10

    Overall quite a mediocre year with a lot of middle ground and little great (or awful for that matter) stuff. Loreen should have this in the bag if there is any justice.

  6. Georgia is over the top dramatic, but how can you take it serious with lyrics like “Love is a wordless”, “My love is not a fake”? Lol. Also it’s way too loud and unpleasant to ears.

  7. On Georgia – I so want to listen to it live. I do not dislike it, but it won’t bother my favourite songs. The stubborn option for the English does not help it at all. It will land near Armenia no my list. Good luck!

  8. SF2 ranking

    10.🇪🇪 – it has the potential to go higher if Alika delivers in May. For now I find her annoying.

    Had the top5 was in SF1 I would have still qualified them, however I can’t say the same for the rest in my top10. I can easily qualify Israel, Malta and Azerbaijan from this SF.

  9. My ET PREMATH top 10 will consist of four Semi1 finalists, four Semi2 finalists and two Big 5
    Can’t wait <3

  10. I see that several members have been discussing which songs will do well in May. It’s hard to predict who will win, but, atm, Sweden is the obvious candidate – the jury vote is in the bag and by a huge distance. Loreen’s problem lies with the televoters. SVT will have to change the stage presentation, so things may get better in that respect. Finland and Norway will do very well with televote, imo. As was said above, Italy will come across as an oasis of tranquility, showcasing his charisma and excellent vocals. Spain may come across as too intense and in your face. France and Portugal (if Mimicat manages to reach the final) will also sound different and not so “OMG, I need to see a shrink!”. The current odds are a product of well oiled pr machines. I do not trust them much and it’s clear that some youtubers promote who pays them. We will have to wait and see.

      • I wouldn’t say that. It’s just a reheated version of Sweden 12, which only shows that MF has run out of original ideas.

  11. Finland, Norway, Czechia and France are doing well on the local Spotify viral top 50 and this chart was accurate predicting the Portugues top televote points.

    P.S. – “Gladiator” has enteres the chart at n.º 45. Poland 23 is no where to be seen though.

    • It’s a more up tempo and diverse edition than some previous ones. Definitely not among my favorites ones atm.

      • There’s a lot I am looking forward to in this edition but the albanian Konitopoulos clan, belgian Boy George, azeri Beatles, danish vocaloid and maltese men-babies are particularly low points.

        Greece and Iceland are very boring back-to-back. They make Ireland sound interesting…

        • I strongly disagree regarding Malta. It’s unpretentious and pure fun meaning very unMaltese in esc. Also, I get you like Ireland but in no way it outshines Greece or Iceland.

          • I didn’t like it better than either of them but now I have second thoughts…

            As for Malta, I think that people are way too lenient on them because it’s different compared to what they have sent before but this sax thing has been done to death in ESC. Also their styling is horror.

            • I dont really like Malta, the sax feels joke, the song is annoying and the live messy. He’s very cute though.

              I can reveal (hope he wont be mad at me but he said it was ok for me to share his thoughts on esc songs before) that Marc P hates it lol

          • I like Malta, too; I was so glad they picked it instead of their usual screaming ballad woman. The others you mention are all totally boring to me. Lots of make-drinks-breaks this year.

            • the “rounder girl” of the year in Malta was, for once, male :p Brace yourself:

              it tied The Busker in jury votes (and both were tied second to Mtt Blck lol but it doesm ean both juries and televote wanted something else for Malta this year, and Ryan was runner up by default)

            • I’m really glad they’re doing something different this year. I seem to like their bands, the female singers not so much; guys can go either way (pun intended).

    • I am not exactly thrilled with many of the 2023 songs, but there are some very interesting proposals on the table. Waiting for the Liverpool live renditions.

  12. Georgia and Armenia are both messes, like Israel. Greece is boring. Sweden a carbon copy of Euphoria. I really like Portugal, I love the whole “Rita Hayworth walks into a casino in Montevideo” feel. Overall a terrible year, I really like just UK, FRA, SLV, POR – maybe MLT? FIN is fun but let’s face it, in what situation would you listen to it? Even Italy’s unusually dull.

          • I like it, I just don’t love it. I’m mainly into electro/dance right now, it’s happy and bouncy.

            • Dance music doesn’t get enough respect in this world :)

              I’m still in my Italian music phase but part of me thinks I’m falling back into new wave pretty soon

    • I like a few more songs than you. I also think that Lithuania 23 may do better than most expect, because the song has a hopeful and positive message. I think that the winner of the televote will be a song that manages to convey hope, fun and joy. Loreen will win the jury vote. People are tired of drama and bad news.

      P.S. – “Ai Coração” is all about southern and eastern European sounds. Yes, I can picture Rita singing that song, waving her red hair. :)

      • She’s the best, my favorite female film star. Guy is Cary Grant or William Holden.
        I’ll have to check out Lithuania again, I honestly don’t remember any of the Baltic songs. Agree the winner will be fun, people want and need distraction. Its a srrange year, it felt we had turned a corner the last 2 ESCs but now it’s sort of a mess.

        • I have several favourite film stars from that period. Rita Hayworth, Olivia de Havilland, Ida Lupino, William Holden, James Stewart, Gary Cooper, among others.

          We will find out what happens soon enough. Anyway, the best part of the season is over, imo.

          P.S. – Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers will always have a special place in my memories of old movies. I love watching those two dance in the extravagant movies they made.

          • All excellent though – unpopular opinion – I’m not a James Stewart fan; same with Tom Hanks, the “aw shucks” shtick doesn’t work for me. I perfer Gene Kelly to Fred Astaire, he was more athletic plus he did Brigadoon, which was a movie my Scottish dad also loved. I’ve gotten settled to talking about him in the past tense, still can’t do it with my mom.
            Olivie de Havilland really should have gotten an Oscar for Gone with the wind, her portrayal was heartbreaking. Weirdly underrated, not a classic leading lady is why I guess. People think of her as a supporting actress, wrongly IMO. I prefer her over her sister.

            • I love the Capra Stweart. De Havilland was always underrated, that voice and those eyes. I am a big fan of Kelly as well, but Astaire is pure class.

            • Speaking of class, I also like Audrey Hepburn. Their one film together, Funny face is unfarly obscure, it’s charming and hilarious. That, Some like it hot and Singin’ in the rain are probably my favorite comedies.

            • I love the bookstore sequence in the beginning, too. I love these 50s movies where it’s kind of a travelogue, usually France or Italy. Gorgeous to look at, beautiful people in beautiful places.

  13. We don’t usually do this but since everyone here speaks really good English, I’d like to promote EngIn. They connect you with a buddy in Ukraine who wants to improve their English. It’s just one hour a week though of course you can talk longer, whatsapp, etc. My buddy connected me with a friend of his who’s also gay, super pumped abot supporting a brother. They’re both in Kyiv, it’s really rewarding.

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