Slovenia: Semi Final One Qualifiers

sloveniaSlovenia – Last night was the first semi final of the Slovenian Selection EMA which saw eight acts compete for four places in the Grand Final next week. The second semi final takes place tonight completing the final line up

The four qualifiers were…

KiNG FOO “Wild Ride”

Nika Zorjan “Fse”

Sell Out “Ni Panike”

Omar Naber “On My Way”

Are Slovenia onto a good start? Is the best still to come in tonight’s 2nd semi final? Discuss below

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89 comments on “Slovenia: Semi Final One Qualifiers

  1. Vitaliy next!He’s gonna satisfy us all.lol

  2. Vitaly Kozlovsky – “I’m Your Light” : Hot boy seels his hotness well but he does not know how to dress apparently. I mean he looks..funny really.And those shoes..The song is basic the bisexual innuendo is cute though..This guy here was not satisfied Vitaly sorry :P – 3.5/10

  3. Vitaliy Kozlovskiy sings a rather empty and opportunistic song. Lyrics are comical to “Popular” level.

  4. Vitaliy Kozlovsky: He surely loves stage extravaganza and he’s a great performer.Really good verses but an underwhelming chorus.The production level is not up there. 8/12

  5. Kadnay – “Freedom In My Mind” : I feel like we’ve see quite a few such bands this year in the ukrainian preselection. I like these guys though. They can sing, they can properly stage a song and the song itself has a nice structure, interesting lyrics and a general artsy feel to it.There is a nice energy on stage. I can’t fault it on any level tbh – 7.5/10

  6. KADNAY: Great performers!The best so far but the song sadly,is not as good as they are. 8+/12

  7. Freedom In My Mind : Energetic performance of a rather predictable song

  8. Kadnay is best from Ukraine so far this season easily.

  9. Dima is an acclaimed model.

  10. MELOVIN is the winner of The Voice of Ukraine.

  11. Green Grey was mentored by Jamala in X factor it seems…Conflict of interest there ?

  12. Melovin – “Wonder” : This song felt very empty in terms of lyrics.No doubt he is a good performer but this hardly qualifies as a complete song imo – 4/10

  13. MELOVIN: Another potential finalist.He’s a good vocalist but the song is mehh…Ok versesmreally underwhelming chorus.He sings all the eehhhs in order to fill the void. 7.5/12

  14. Jamala just does not care if she looks biased does she ?

  15. Green Grey – “Future Is On” : Another rock band in this ukrainian nf..There were some diction issues but it was an ok performance overall. I prefer Kadnay though, the performance seemed more authentic. Overall though decent and well performed and 2nd best so far for sure – 7-/10

  16. Green Grey: What was that?A bad song,bad performers that the audience loved for some reason. 2/12

  17. Future Is On : Not a fan of this performance

  18. Iniy : Another “Fall like rain” case I’m afraid

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