Croatia: Jacques Houdek to Kyiv

jacques-houdekCroatiaJacques Houdek has been internally selected by HRT to represent the Nation at the 2017 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. 35 year old Jacques has been performing for 17 years and has won numerous awards throughout his career.

In their second year back after a two year break, HRT have gone back to The Voice but has this time gone for the Coach that helped last years Nina Kraljić win the 2015 TV show.

He has tried to represent Croatia in 2002 where he took part in the National Final DORA with this song “Čarolija” which is where his career eventually took off.

About representing Croatia, Jacques said – “I am extremely happy and thank Croatian Radio and Television for the trust they have shown. Being a representative of Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest is a big honour for me and I’m grateful for the opportunity”.

Jacques song will be revealed in due course but what do you think of Croatia’s choice for 2017? Will he follow Nina’s footsteps and make the final?

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20 comments on “Croatia: Jacques Houdek to Kyiv

  1. Good singing voice; let’s hope he finds an equally good song. Good luck!

  2. Off-topic: Malta provides us with another bunch of predictable and quite boring songs. They do have one of the best ballads on offer though and it’s sung in Maltese. If Janice nails it live, I’ll be supporting it. ‘UnstoppzzzzZzzzZZZZZzzzzz’ is the big favourite, I imagine! ‘OMG!!!! stuff’ and nothing more, I’m afraid. I am still going through them.

  3. Good luck Jacques Houdek, I love this singer!!

  4. On Croatia’s choice I consider character integrity to be as important as talent so unless his extremely homophobic stated opinions are properly clarified I will be very skeptical here.

    • This needs to stop now. I have deleted your posts which were uncalled for.

      For the avoidance of any doubt, if people cannot treat fellow readers and the moderators who spend time writing for this forum with decency and respect we will take necessary action.

  5. Not a fan here. Waiting for his song to change my mind

  6. I don’t care if he’s a homophobe or whatever (of course I don’t condone it but it’s not gonna make me completely dismiss his song) but I really don’t picture myself liking him anyway. I generally don’t like male ballads and that’s really all he does. Unless he changes his style drastically then I probably won’t be impressed. Although, I am happy to see Croatia taking interest and sending their A-listers to Eurovision.

  7. Just read an article on Jacques’s participation. Apparently, HRT is “in it to win it” with a Swedish-produced song that takes influence from pop and opera.

  8. I can’t stand him as a singer or a performer. Hate his way of singing. And if it’s a Swedish popera, I can tell Croatia will sink once more. Bubye.

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