Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Levina (Germany)

Germany– Germany have been the poorest scoring of the Big Five for the past two years coming last in the Grand Final last year and getting the dreaded nil points the year before that. This year they need to get ahead but will Levina be the one to do it?

Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Demy (Greece)

Greece – After failing to qualify for the Final for the first time since the Semis were introduced in 2004. This year they have gone back to a formula that has proved well for them sending a female soloist. This year’s Greek Entry is Demy with her song “This is Love”

Riga Pre-Party Tonight. Watch Online!

Riga Eurovision Pre-Party – Tonight sees the start of the pre-parties leading up to Eurovision 2017, and the fun starts in Latvia. For the 4th year, the Latvia Eurovision OGAE fan club have organised the event. You’ll be able to watch proceedings online. 

Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Slavko Kalezić (Montenegro)

Montenegro – Montenegro have proved they can sucesfully reach the grand final with Ballads after Sergej Ćetković and Knez made it with very strong ones however when Montegro move away from this, they can fail quite badly. This year the eccentric Slavko Kalezić has been chosen.

Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Francesco Gabbani (Italy)

Italy – Next up in the Spotlight Series we visit the first of the Big Five Countries. Since their return in 2011 Italy have made the Top 5 four out of six times and this year they have the bookies favourite in Francesco Gabbani. He will be performing in the Grand Final on May 13th.

Russia: Yulia Samoylova Banned from Ukraine

Russia – Russia’s participation in the 2017 contest is now in question as today the host country Ukraine have decided to ban choice for Eurovision, Yulia Samoylova from the country. As such she will be unable to compete in the contest in May.

Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Svala (Iceland)

Iceland – After a shock result last year that saw Greta Salome fail to make the grand final, Iceland return with one of their most popular artists… Pop Star Svala. Svala will be performing in the first semi final on May 9th with her song “Paper” and here we will tell you some more about […]