Georgia: It’s Tako Gachechiladze to Kyiv!

tako-gachechiladze-smallGeorgia – Georgia has just completed its selection of the representative for Kyiv and has decided to send Tako Gachechiladze singing a strong ballad ‘Keep the faith‘. Nutsa Buzaladze finished in 2nd place. The arrangement of the song could change before the finals in May. 

Tako was a member of the band Stephane & 3G who were selected to represent Georgia in 2009. They were disqualified however as their song ‘We Don’t Wanna Put In‘ was deemed to have broken the rules for being too political. Georgia may not get 12 points from Russia this year…




100 thoughts on “Georgia: It’s Tako Gachechiladze to Kyiv!

  1. Wow, this must be around 15 years behind our times and it’s so tedious too! I didn’t listen to the other songs in the NF but surely there must’ve been something better than this!

  2. Hmmm…
    A standard Bond ballad with gospel elements. Powerful vocal performance and in the same voting pool as Albania, though the latter is less “instant”/in your face.
    I like it less the more I listen to it. I thing there’s is something not so appealing in the way it reaches to a climax. Feels empty…
    This will either do very well (most possibly cause it’s a very obvious choice for both juries AND televoting) or will flop the way Cyprus 06 did (which I doubt cause it relies on a more sensitive message and the arrangement sounds more familiar for a European audience – less emphasis on the gospel)
    Without judging the visual backdrop (cringe-worthy) I will give Georgia a 7/10 ftm and there’s a triple tie on my 2017 rankings. I think I slightly prefer Albania, but Georgia will fare better.

  3. Ohhh I didn’t realize she was from Eurovision 2009 but she looked familiar cause of her hair lol. Eh her voice is great but the song is pretty bland :/,

    Yay NAVI!!! I am shocked they won and I guess it’s thanks to juries. This is my favorite of the 3 known entries so far. I will say the guy’s vocals are quite weak compared to the girl’s though :S.

  4. If only Georgia stopped giving messages to Russia (video showed in the back)
    An avarage song from Georgia…She is a good singer though…Albania is leading in my ranking atm

  5. Quited dated but it does cover all the (old) typical Eurovision cliches, World message, big ending and not a bad vocal imo. I like her hair and frock if that counts for anything…… ;)

  6. I’m pretty confident Georgia will be achieving its best result to date with this song/performance.
    I wouldn’t rule out a top 5, or even a victory (but it’s quite eraly to predict such stuff)

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