Poll: Who Should Represent Belarus?

BelarusBelarus – Tomorrow will see two National Selections, one of which will be this years offering from Belraus. Some familiar names and new names will be taking part on the televised show where the winner will be voted for by the Public and a Jury.

There will be 13 finalists performing in the show and you will see from the list some very familiar names. NAVI, Nuteki and NAPOLI are pretty much a necessitate in the Belorussian final these days. Will it finally be time that one of these will be chosen to represent the Nation in Ukraine?

July “Children of the World”

Lexy Weaver “Be Stronger”

Vladislav Kurasov “Follow the Play”

NAVI “Historyja majho žyccia” (Story of my life)

Isaac Nightingale “On the Red Line”

Kattie “Wild Wind”

Nuteki “Take My Heart”

NAPOLI “Let’s Come Together”

Nikita Hodas “Voices In My Head”

Anastasiya Sheverenko “We’ll Be Together”

Lermont x Julic “Heartbeat”

PROvokatsiya “#mylove”

In 2016, Belarus was represented by Ivan who finished 12th in the 2nd Semi Final with “Help You Fly” failing to qualify.

Who would you like to see in Ukraine out of this bunch? Will Belarus make it back into the Grand Final after a two year absence?

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229 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Belarus?

  1. OMG the worst news this NF season, Maja Keuc withdrew!! OMG!! :(((((((((((((((

  2. Full televoting results on wikipedia (scroll down) :


    Vlad is 11th and got no points from televoting. Navi and Nuteki at a 6 and a 5 respectively but with a large margin between them and the top 4 (PROvokatsiya, NAPOLI, July, Anastasiya Shevernko)

  3. NAVI band won!

  4. NAVI won really ? wow Belarus !

  5. And we thought FiK results were “anti-climax”.

  6. I’ve been silent so as not to jinx it. I worked! Belarus 17 is my first nº1. Well done, Belarus!

  7. So Navi won thanks to the jury vote. I am happy that Belarus is sending a song in their own language. Let’s hope they don’t change it into english. It’s a happy song but I hope their staging in Kiev comes across as less naive and agitated. Good luck Belarus!

  8. The PROvokatsiya twins got a big fat zero from the jury which served them well.lol

  9. And Belarus soars to number-one on my list

  10. It’s the first belarussian entry that will get above a 7/10 from me and it’s their best entry to date imo.
    It remains to be seen how this will do in esc though. It is a good belarussian entry but the bar was low anyway. I love her though, I absolutely do.

  11. I have to mark this day in my calender, I gave Belarus a 12…finaly I can say…ooo thank you dear Lukashenko! <3

  12. Now, Iceland; today is their day, if I remember correctly.

  13. After watching Nuteki’s performance again i admit i was too harsh on them.In fact,they are up there with NAVI BAND for me.

  14. Just checked the live performances. Nuteki made an impressive climb on my list. Still, Vlad had the most interesting song BY MILES imo. Navi Band & Nikita Hodas complete the top 4. I do like the winner, though it gets a bit repetitive and tiring towards the end. Still propably the 2nd best Belarussian entry to date. A pretty decent Belarussian NF for a change.

    My full ranking :

    1.Vladislav Kurasov (9/10)
    2.Nuteki (8/10)
    3.NAVI (7/10)
    4.Nikita Hodas (7/10)
    5.Anastasiya Sheverenko (6/10)
    6.Isaac Nightingale (6/10)
    7.July (5/10)
    8.Napoli (5/10)
    9.PROvokatsiya (5/10)
    10.Aleksandra Tkach (4/10)
    11.Angelica Pushnova (4/10)
    12.Kattie (4/10)
    13.Lermont x Julic (2/10)

    NF Average : 5.54

  15. Not too bad. It’s actually okay but nothing really to write home about. She’s a bit over animated for my liking but with some work it should improve. Then again, it’s Belarus so we could still have a completely different artist and song before May.

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