Belarus: It’s Navi to Kyiv!

naviband belarus small.pngBelarus – Hot on the heels of Georgia’s selection last night came the result of the Belarus final… and after a few tries the band Navi has been selected and will represent their country in May. The song will be ‘Historyja majho zyccia’ and will stay sung in Belarusian. Nuteki came second with ‘Take My Heart’. 

The song title means ‘The history of my life‘. Navi are a Belarusian indie pop duo. The group is led by Artem Lukyanenko (vocals, guitar) and Ksenia Zhuk (vocals, keyboards). Live members also include Vlad Cheschevik (bass), Alexander Tobolski (production), Vova Beger (drums). They entered the national selection process last year last year and finished 4th.


22 comments on “Belarus: It’s Navi to Kyiv!

  1. This is a cute song…I like it
    Still Albania is leading :)

  2. Until now, “Work Your Magic” and “Cheesecake” were my favourite Belarussian ESC songs with a rather miserable 6/12 each. This one is an 8/12 for me. Welcome to the first place on my Belarus in ESC list, NAVI. :)

  3. Good choice! It sounds true, believable and sincere. It’s my current nº 1. Good luck!

  4. Re-post (from the Belarussian thread)
    Nuteki made an impressive climb on my list. Still, Vlad had the most interesting song BY MILES imo. Navi Band & Nikita Hodas complete the top 4. I do like the winner, though it gets a bit repetitive and tiring towards the end. Still propably the 2nd best Belarussian entry to date. A pretty decent Belarussian NF for a change.

    My full ranking :

    1.Vladislav Kurasov (9/10)
    2.Nuteki (8/10)
    3.NAVI (7/10)
    4.Nikita Hodas (7/10)
    5.Anastasiya Sheverenko (6/10)
    6.Isaac Nightingale (6/10)
    7.July (5/10)
    8.Napoli (5/10)
    9.PROvokatsiya (5/10)
    10.Aleksandra Tkach (4/10)
    11.Angelica Pushnova (4/10)
    12.Kattie (4/10)
    13.Lermont x Julic (2/10)

    NF Average : 5.54

    • I agree with you, even though I would personally rank Nikita above Navi. The winning entry is hey-ho, happy clappy stuff and all the hey-hos get repeated to death towards the end. I also hope she stops with the incessant arm-waving when she gets to Kiev. Given the bizarre highly enthusiastic comments I see perhaps they are on to something good and a qualification is in order, so that;s good for Belarus. I also applaud the fact that they are singing in their own language.

      So far I prefer Georgia’s entry. A classic Shirley Bassey-style scorcher done with power and conviction. Albania leaves me completely cold and indifferent and therefore is third on my list.

  5. Quite enjoyable actually. It contains a lot of energy, and you get in a good mood listening to it. It ought to reach the final, and I think it will :-)

  6. Very my cup of tea! Well done Belarus! Number 1 so far!

  7. Yeah, they were my fave last year already (I forget if they even made it to the final?) and this year again. So glad for them and hope they keep it in Russian. My fave Belarussian esc entry!

  8. Its the best belarussian entry so far imo. She is the main reason for that. She is amazing. Personality, vocals, energy, passion, a genuine enthusiasm. I love her. He is rather underwhelming and drags the entry down imo. But as a whole this is vibrant and genuine which is a huge change for Belarus and its usual entries.
    That said I can see it making it to the final and deservingly so but I am uncertain about its future there.
    First on my list for now and good luck !

  9. Oh well, this is interesting from Belarus, indeed. They are good singers, but perhaps song isn’t for me. Anyhow, best of luck to the Navi and Belarus! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  10. NAVI were my favorite since I first listened to the songs. But, I never had much hope that they would succeed. So thank you to the juries for making a wise, and educated decision.

    The song is fun, cute, and different. I’m sure they will revamp the song (hopefully well), and I hope they keep it in Belarussian.

  11. When I discovered this entry, few months ago, I loved it from the very beginning..they are so charming, thy have that charisma, they are good singers and performers, they have that “X factor”! <3
    I hope they stick to the Russian language and don't change anything..language, composition, melody, it all should stay like this..maybe even outfit, i LOVE outfit, but I give them space for outfit for ESC, it always can be better! :D

  12. I loved this. So glad it won rather than those two twin boy things

  13. Still very happy about this :).

  14. Makes me smile – good entry!

  15. A pleasant and honest song, easily the best so far and among the best Belarusian entries. However, I find the chorus annoying and screechy. Unless the lineup is really weak I don’t see Belarus occupying my personal top10 May come.

  16. A high energy Belorussian folk song. Great job Belarus, best entry since Lanskaya. Don’t listen to anyone don’t waver and change it to English, thus rendering it ineffective and cookie cutter.

    Screw the points, let those that want to enjoy it enjoy it.

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